Aug 30 2014

Raja Natwarlal- Movie Review


Emraan Hashmi has done better movies in the past with decent performances and sadly Raja Natwarlal disappoints not because of him but because the screenplay lacks the kind of writing one would expect from a con film.

Rating- 2/5


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Jun 28 2013

Ghanchakkar- Movie Review


Ghanchakkar-posterPut Vidya Balan in a movie and you know it’s going to be worth your time and money. Ghanchakkar is a film that must be watched for its twisted story. Here’s more.

Sanjay (Emraan Hashmi), a thief is married to Neetu (Vidya Balan) who loves dressing up in the most outrageous clothes, picking up ideas from fashion magazines. An offer to make a huge sum of money by being a part of a bank robbery gets him and Neetu tempted and he decides to do it so that he wont have to steal again for a long time and can chill in his house doing nothing. The stolen money is hidden in a secret place which only he knows about. Three months after the robbery he finds himself forgetting things including where he hid the money. It becomes a matter of concern when the two men who robbed the bank with him threaten to kill him and his wife if they don’t get the money in a week.

Director Raj Kumar Gupta has made movies like Aamir and Noone killed Jessica in the past and has been much appreaciated. With Ghanchakkar, he’s attempted comedy along with thriller and has done a good job. The concept is bizarre of course! You can’t imagine anyone marrying a thief knowing he’s a thief who just sits at home the whole day. So yes, the entire concept it fun and different but I wish the screenplay was a bit tighter. It is a bit lengthy for my liking even though you wont really find yourself getting bored. Better editing could have done the job. There are some really funny scenes which are both subtle and loud. The entire robbery scene was hilarious because of something as simple as face masks of popular actors. Also, the thrilling aspect continues to make you think till the very end and somehow, you wont be able to guess the climax which is the point of a thriller.

The look of the film is real and believable even though Vidya’s clothes are not. I get that the character is fictitious and is meant to look like that but I think it was overdone somehow. Emraan Hashmi’s small ponytail and worn off look don’t suit him at all. The cinematography by Setu is good.

The music by Amit Trivedi is ok in this film even though he’s given us some brilliant music in the past. The background music could have been better.

This is not the first time Vidya Balan and Emraan Hashmi are seen together but this time they lack chemistry. Even the kissing scenes are quite blah. Both are capable actors that have done good work in the past, especially Vidya Balan but in this film their acting comprises of yelling at each other. They’re both ok. The stars of the film are Namit Das and Rajesh Sharma who play Idris and Pandit and are just hilarious! They probably have the best lines in the film but even with just expressions they’re superb!

Overall, Ghanchakkar is fun but could have been better in terms of pace and better screenplay.

Rating– 3/5

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Apr 19 2013

Ek Thi Daayan- Movie Review


Ek thi daayan posterHorror movies are not everyone’s cup of tea; but for me they’re just another genre of entertainment. I hadn’t seen a single trailer of the film but knowing the cast made me want to watch it. Konkona Sen Sharma, Emraan Hashmi, Kalki Koechlin and Huma Qureshi are actors who wouldn’t work together otherwise and I just had to see what made them come together, especially for a horror film! Here’s my review.

Emraan Hashmi plays Bobo the magician who is in love with Huma Qureshi and has adopted a son with her. During one of his tricks, he gets hallucinations of his little kid sister who had died (when she was young) crying for help. He freaks out and meets his psychiatrist who hypnotizes him and takes him to his past life to find out what’s making Bobo see strange things. He goes back to when he was eleven years old and finds out that there was a ‘daayan’ who  pretty much messed things up back then for him. Now that he’s old enough and understands what happened back then, he understands that ‘Daayan ki saari shakti uski choti mein hi band rehti hai’ and that’s when he decides to end all the drama!

When you watch the film, you will realize that the story in the film is different as compared to other horror films. There are no tantriks or priests to make the ghost go away. So yes, the story works to a large extent except for the ending which is really stupid. The last twenty minutes were so bad that it would make you wonder if there was a separate writer just for writing such a dumb climax. The director Kannan Iyer has done a decent job otherwise as he keeps the pace going and doesn’t bore you. Cinematographer Saurabh Goswami has avoided the typical creepy angles like the one RGV loves and thankfully that works in the favour of this film. The lighting is lovely. The good thing is that the background score is not the only reason for you being scared in the film. You wont be that scared also, don’t worry!

Coming to the performances… Emraan Hashmi has acted better in the past. In Ek Thi Daayan, he’s ok and looks dull and worn out in most scenes. A little more effort could’ve helped him perform better. Huma Qureshi was a surprise package! She not only looks good in the film but also acts well. She’s convincing throughout. Konkona Sen Sharma has always acted well and there’s no doubt that in this film too, she’s done a great job! Kalki Koechlin barely has anything to do. She’s so-so. The child actors acted decently well.

The music by Vishal Bhardwaj doesn’t do much. In fact, the songs in the film slow down the pace a bit.

Ek Thi Daayan is not that good and not that bad. Just about ok. Watch it for Konkana Sen Sharma, Huma Qureshi and a slightly different horror concept.

Rating– 2.5/5


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Sep 6 2012

Raaz 3 (3D) – Movie Review


Raaz 1 was epic, Raaz 2 was ok and s Raaz 3 was ummm… you’ll find out soon. Read on.

So, Bipasha Basu plays this insecure actress who can’t imagine being anything but the best. When Esha Gupta wins the best actress award, Bips can’t take it and so goes to this creepy man from hell whose aatma bhatkos in India and he can help Bips make Esha suffer. By suffering I mean scary things. And yes, Emraan Hashmi is a lallu director who helps Bips (his girlfriend who treats him like shit) make Esha suffer.

First of all, I was totally freaked out! This is probably the scariest movie I’ve seen in the past one year.  Raaz 1 might have had just one or two scary scenes, but Raaz 3 was full of them! The broad story was good but the screenplay and direction was as shaky as watching a 3D movie without the 3d glasses. Some of the 3D effects were good but otherwise it was just a gimmick to draw audiences, especially to a paid preview show (which I went for). The ghosts’ make up was like ulti with worms even though the sound effects were very good. The set design was very good though. There was this one scene to wards the end where the bad ‘aatma’ tells Bipasha that if she wants to kill Esha, “Tumhe mere saath woh sab karna padega jo ek zinda aurat ek zinda aadmi ke saath karti hai”. And he’s got all these worms all over his body and flies and mosquitoes over his head. So yeah, it was pretty gross and pointless also.

Coming to the performances, Emraan Hashmi as the hero was good. Bipasha Basu also acted well but looked quite old even with all the skin show. Esha Gupta looked gorgeous but was alright. She can’t dance, that’s for sure!

The music is not that great. There’s just one song I liked- Deewana kar raha hai by Javed Ali which is quite melodious.

Jo bhi ho, for me Raaz 3 might not be the best horror movie to watch but it served its purpose. I was bloody petrified and it was entertaining to an extent. If you’re a horror movie fan and like Bollywood’s corniness, go watch Raaz 3.

Rating– 2.5/5


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Jun 11 2012

Shanghai- Movie Review


Slightly heavy but a well made film with a real setting and superb performances (pleasantly surprising to see Emraan Hashmi try something different).  

Rating- 3/5

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May 4 2012

Jannat 2- Movie Review


The second half is decent, Randeep Hooda is fantastic and the song ‘Tu hi mera’ is nice to listen to apart from which the entire movie is very blah including Emraan Hashmi!

Rating- 2.5/5

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Jan 28 2011

Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji- Movie Review


To be honest, I didn’t expect much from this movie. The trailer, which I had seen just once, was quite sad; so the only reason I went for it was Madhur Bhandarkar. I really like his kind of movies. Errr this one…was different.

The story- 3 house mates-Ajay Devgan (the divorced simple man), Emraan Hashmi (the player) and Omi Vaidya (the bhola guy who works at a matrimonial site but is a poet at heart) meet women of different ages and backgrounds and fall in love with them. Unfortunately, things don’t quite happen as planned. Bas I’m not saying more! It’s quite stupid anyway and I’m also feeling lazy to type.

Where do I start from…so many things about the movie sucked!  The ‘Chatur’ we all loved in 3 Idiots was just not convincing enough as the character he played in this movie. All the actresses were bad except for Tisca Chopra who looked lovely and acted ok! Ajay Devgan and Emraan Hashmi were very ok. The music by Pritam wasn’t that good in spite of Emraan Hashmi being a part of the movie. Madhur Bhandarkar’s direction unfortunately seems directionless. Apart from a few scenes which cracked me up, there wasn’t much to get entertained with.

So, yeah the movie is quite bad. But not as bad as Yamla Pagla Deewana!

Rating– 2/5

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Oct 8 2010

Crook- Movie Review


My brother happens to be an Emraan Hashmi fan because of which I was treated to watch this stupid movie! Uhhhmmmm….well, let me just get on with the review!

The main story revolves around all those “racism” incidents that have taken place in the recent past in Australia and how many Indians and Pakistanis have been victims of that. And of course, there’s a love triangle too (not surprising, considering the Serial Kisser is the lead actor).

The film is about 2 hrs long and when I say long, I mean it! Waise toh Emraan Hashmi is a decent actor and looks pretty good but somehow this movie just didn’t click! Jannat was comparatively better. The new actress Neha Sharma looks pretty and her acting was ok. The girl who played the Aussie stripper was there just to add some “sex appeal” to the movie. Unfortunately, that lacked too! The story was just too predictable and there was nothing to look forward to. I didn’t see myself reacting to any of the scenes or dialogues. I usually do! But I like whoever’s done Emraan Hashmi’s styling. His clothes look fab and his hairstyle really suits him!

The music is pretty good too, except for a few songs. The problem was that there were too many songs in the movie, that too full length!

So, according to me, this movie was a complete waste of time and money (for my brother). Please avoid watching this one!

Rating– 1.5/5

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Jul 30 2010

Once upon a time in Mumbaai- Movie Review


The trailer seemed pretty interesting on watching it the first time. Actually, it was more of the music in it and the retro look that got me interested in watching it.

So, as it’s said in the trailer, it’s about a reigning Bollywood starlet (Kangana Ranaut), a smuggler (Ajay Devgan), an innocent & stupid girlfriend (Prachi Desai) and a wanna-be Don (Emraan Hashmi).  The wanna-be Don wants to be the richest & most powerful man in Mumbai by learning from the smuggling king.

Lots of efforts taken to add a retro look and feel to the settings and actors but somehow I just didn’t feel it. Kangana Ranaut’s hairdos and outfits were definitely spot -on and Prachi Desai looked pretty but Ajay Devgan and Emraan Hashmi just looked like idiots. Randeep Hooda who has a small role in the film looked smoking hot and is a very good actor too!

The story has many weak points and the movie drags in many parts. It could have been so much better if the love angles were not given so much importance. The songs ‘Pee loon’ and ‘Tum jo aaye’ are lovely but don’t cover up for the numerous faults in the movie. The background music is kickass! I want that one awesome track they keep playing during the course of the film as my ringtone or something!

Overall, Once upon a time in Mumbaai is a good effort by Milan Luthria but could have been better. A one time watch.

Rating- 2.5/5

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