Dec 23 2011

Don 2- Movie Review


You know, I was really really looking forward to watching Don 2, not because I love Shahrukh Khan but because I loved Don. Let’s see if this sequel is as good as the real shit.

In this movie, Don, a.k.a SRK gets himself arrested to join Vardhan (Boman Irani) in prison obviously because he has something big in mind. He wants to rob currency printing plates from a German bank and Boman Irani is the key to doing that with the help of a hacker (Kunal Kapoor). Roma (Priyanka Chopra) is a cop and obviously trying to get hold of Don not only because that’s her job, but also because she ‘laaouuus’ him.  So it’s basically based on the line, ‘Don ko pakadna mushkil hi nahin, naamumkin hai’.

First of all, Shah Rukh Khan already gave us one stupid film this year- Ra.One. Second of all, Don was so good, but somehow Don 2 just lacks everything that could have made one hell of an awesome film! Farhan Akhtar is a good director and has an amazing eye for the way a film should look but he just isn’t good enough. The story lacks the thrills and freshness we saw in Don. The whole plot of the movie goes for a toss. Most of the movie is predictable.

Shahrukh Khan is getting older by the day and it shows- in the way he looks and the way he acts. The way he said his dialogues in the earlier Don were a 100 times more effective than in this one! His romantic scenes with Priyanka Chopra were good though. In fact, she was pretty good- not too loud or heroine-type. She played her part well. I also liked Boman Irani even though he had a small role.

The music is ok, not as good as Don’s. Even then, the look of the film (clothes, cinematography, and sets) is classy and looks very International!  Kudos to Farhan Akhtar for that!

Oh story for you! My friend and I had gone to Eros to watch the theatre. The crowd was crazy! People were yelling for most of the first half of the movie,there were drunk men dancing with fake guns on stage later they got slapped and dragged out by cops and to watch that half the theatre went out. So you can imagine what was more interesting to watch!

Rating– 2.5/5


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Jul 30 2010

Once upon a time in Mumbaai- Movie Review


The trailer seemed pretty interesting on watching it the first time. Actually, it was more of the music in it and the retro look that got me interested in watching it.

So, as it’s said in the trailer, it’s about a reigning Bollywood starlet (Kangana Ranaut), a smuggler (Ajay Devgan), an innocent & stupid girlfriend (Prachi Desai) and a wanna-be Don (Emraan Hashmi).  The wanna-be Don wants to be the richest & most powerful man in Mumbai by learning from the smuggling king.

Lots of efforts taken to add a retro look and feel to the settings and actors but somehow I just didn’t feel it. Kangana Ranaut’s hairdos and outfits were definitely spot -on and Prachi Desai looked pretty but Ajay Devgan and Emraan Hashmi just looked like idiots. Randeep Hooda who has a small role in the film looked smoking hot and is a very good actor too!

The story has many weak points and the movie drags in many parts. It could have been so much better if the love angles were not given so much importance. The songs ‘Pee loon’ and ‘Tum jo aaye’ are lovely but don’t cover up for the numerous faults in the movie. The background music is kickass! I want that one awesome track they keep playing during the course of the film as my ringtone or something!

Overall, Once upon a time in Mumbaai is a good effort by Milan Luthria but could have been better. A one time watch.

Rating- 2.5/5

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