Sep 26 2013

Cocheta Chocolates, Khar- Review


Cocheta Chocolates

I’ve tried atleast 5 new places in the last 3 weeks, 2 being dessert places. Cocheta Chocolates is one of those dessert places that makes the best Tiramisu I’ve ever had! Read on.

What I had– COCHETA CHOCOLATES specializes in custom chocolate gift boxes, baskets and high quality business and promotional gifts for almost any event. I had the opportunity to sample some of Cocheta’s desserts and I’m quite excited to tell you how my experience was.

Cocheta chocolates KharChocolate Cake Bite (Rs. 20) – Being the first dessert I tried, I thought it was just ok and was hoping everything else was only better.

Peanut Butter Cake Bite (Rs. 25) – If you’re a peanut butter fan, you must try this. It was superb! Must have!

Date Walnut Muffin (Rs. 70) – Rich with walnuts! It would be a great tea accompaniment.

Moist orange carrot cupcake with cream cheese (Rs. 70) – This one is very well made. The cream does not overpower the muffin and even on its own, the muffin tastes great.

Choco Walnut Fudge Bites (Rs. 370 per 500 gms) – This one took me back to Lonavla! The fudge bites tasted just like the Lonavla fudge and trust me it was absolutely delicious! A must have!

Truffle Torte Dessert shot (Rs. 60) -This looked really nice but tastewise it was alright. Could have been more chocolaty.

Tiramisu Dessert Cup (Rs. 100) – This was out of the world! The best I’ve ever had! Highly recommended!

Chocolates- Oreo (Rs. 750/kg)Nice, Roasted Almonds (Rs. 950/kg) – Not the best roasted almond chocolates I’ve had but not bad either, Hazelnut (Rs. 1100/kg) – Alright, Coffee Fudge (Rs. 950/kg) – Amazing! Melt in your mouth types.

Where?  Cocheta chocolates has their workshops in Khar and Wadala but delivers anywhere in Mumbai. You can call them on 09322244043 to place your order.

Verdict– The packaging of the products varies according to your order but I wish they’d design boxes with proper branding. Apart from that, some of the desserts that I loved and recommend are the peanut butter cake bites, the moist orange cupcake with cream cheese , the Tiramisu and the choco walnut fudge bites! Good stuff Cocheta!

Rating– 3.5/5



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Jul 13 2013

CocoaPod, Worli- Review


CocoapodCraving something sweet? Not sure what to have? Call CocoaPod and your sweet cravings will be answered!

What I had- The box of desserts was delivered to my place when I was at school. My brother sent me pictures and I was so tempted to gobble them up that I could barely concentrate at work. Here are the goodies I got to try! They customize cakes and items from the menu as you please so feel free to place your orders as per how you wish!

Cocoapod cupcakes Mini Cupcakes (Rs. 25 each) Mango– Nice cream but the cake could have been softer. Blueberry– Loved the cream. Mint– So good that one just wont be enough! Vanilla Choco-chip – Delicious! Chocolate– The best!

Royal Red Velvet mini cupcake (Rs.30) – Yummy in my tummy!

Gooey Chocolate Brownie, Gooey Walnut Brownie (Rs. 60 each) – Taste-wise both were very good but they weren’t soft or gooey. The crust was hard. The walnut brownie was definitely much better than the chocolate brownie.

Cake Pops (Rs. 40 each)Strawberry– It had a chocolate coating and was soft and scrumptious! Loved the cake inside! Chocolate– It looked great but on the outside and the white chocolate layer tasted ok but inside it was fantastic!

Oreo Chocolates (Rs. 25 each) – Great idea and it also tasted nice but I wish it was less sweet.

Dark Chocolate lollipops (Rs. 25 for small, Rs. 30 for medium) – Perfect! It would be even better with nuts inside.

Cocoapod worli dessertsWhere? CocoaPod is located at Worli, Mumbai so all you Worli people are lucky to get it delivered for free to your place. For everyone else, you need to order for a minimum amount of Rs. 500 or Rs. 1000 depending on how far you stay from Worli. You can call them on +91-98338 91456 or +91-98201 08366 to place you order.

Verdict– Try CocoaPod for their mouth watering cupcakes, chocolates and cake pops!

Rating– 3/5



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Jun 19 2013

The Little Chocolate Shop, Goregaon (E)- Review


The Little Chocolate Shop, GoregaonGet ready to try a smacking new dessert place in the ‘burbs! This one’s called ‘The Little Chocolate Shop’ and they’re based in Goregaon. Lucky for me, I got some goodies delivered at home in town! Here’s my review.

Desserts– When you have tons of patisseries and dessert shops opening up, the competition is tough. The Little Chocolate Shop offers everything you’ve tried before in their own little scrumptious way. The items on the menu include baby cakes, petit fours, tarts, brownies, biscuits, bite-sized desserts and chocolates all made to order.  Now here are the items I got to try.

Salted Butter Caramel Tart (Rs.42) – I tried it in a melted state but it was yummy! The tart was perfectly baked and the caramel blended very well with the chocolate. Delectable!

Chocolate Brownie with Chocolate Hazelnut Frosting (Rs. 42) – Gooey, chocolaty, mindblowingly delicious and an absolute must have! Easily the BEST brownie I’ve ever had!

Mini Banoffee Tart (Rs. 42) – The bananas made a very strong presence even though the tart did a good job of balancing the taste. For some reason I don’t enjoy bananas in desserts and so I thought it was ok.

Chocolate Baby cake (Rs. 50) – The cream was very good but the muffin bit was quite grainy. Didn’t enjoy it much.

Where? The Little Chocolate Shop for now is a kitchen and they deliver the goodies to your home for free if you stay in and around Goregaon/ Malad. If you’re located further away, you’d have to order goodies for a minimum of Rs. 1000. A minimum of 12 pieces of most items need to be ordered. You can call them on +91 75060 13831.

Verdict– You must, must, must try their brownies! Out of this world and highly recommended!

Rating– 3/5


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May 19 2013

Icing on Top, Kemps Corner- Review


Icing on top 1

Icing on Top has been around for some time now but not many people knew about it. I’m one of the lucky few who’ve gotten to try their stuff and let you in on it. Here’s my review.

Desserts- I remember trying their Red Velvet cake slice at an exhibition and thought it was exceptional! I really was looking forward to trying all their other desserts and I’m glad I did! All the ‘pure veg’ people will be very happy to know that all the desserts at Icing on Top are eggless.  

Cake Pops (Rs.30) – In general, soft and tasty and also a great idea! I tried Red Velvet- The outer layer wasn’t as good as the cake inside. The Double chocolate cake pop was Chocorgasmic! A must have! Oreo was Oreoliciously good!

Oaty Caramel Crunch cookie (Rs. 100 for 100gms) – If you’re health conscious or love granola bars, this one’s for you. Crunchy and wholesome.

Mini Cookies (Rs. 100 for 100gms) – A great idea to have bite sized cookies that you can pop one every hour and not feel guilty! I tried the Cinnamon mini cookies – Not a fan of cinnamon but these were just fantastic! Melt- in-your-mouth types!  Chocolate chip mini cookies – Yum! Lemon mini cookies – Addictive! Can’t stop at one!

Chocolate Mud Pie (Rs.150) – Gooey, rich, amazing!

Red Velvet pastry (Rs.125) – Sinful indulgence! Easily the best item on the menu! A must have!

Hazelnut shot glass (Rs.50) – Divine! Like a creamier version of nutella!

Blueberry shot glass (Rs.50) – Great mix of blueberry with a crushed biscuit base.

Chocolate shot glass (Rs.50) – Ok. The least favourite of them all.

Icing on top 2I didn’t get to try the cupcakes (Rs. 30) which I’ve heard good things about. But I’m definitely going to stop by when I’m at Kemps Corner next and give it a shot!

Where? Based out of Masjid Bunder where the main kitchen is, they’ve very recently started a small counter inside a shop called Besos at Kemps Corner near Cumballa Hill Hospital. So you can either go grab a bite or doggy bag a bunch of things to try at home; if not get it delivered.

Verdict– Reasonably priced eggless desserts that taste very good! Must haves- Red velvet pastry, chocolate mud pie, mini cookies, Chocolate cake pop. I look forward to trying their cupcakes and other pastries!

Rating– 3.5/5



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Sep 22 2012

Love Sugar & Dough (LSD), Khar (w) – Review


I’m not a big fan of cupcakes but the “trend” has somehow made me want to try them from different places and see which ones are really good. Not everyone can get cupcakes right. Is LSD one of the better cupcake places? You’re just about to find out.

Desserts– Love sugar & dough is what they claim their desserts have and to see that, I decided to try 6 different mini cupcakes (eggless). All the cupcakes I had were really soft and fresh!

Oreo cupcake- Tasty but could have had a more distinct Oreo taste which it didn’t.

Red velvet cupcake with cream cheese- Yummy in my tummy! Must have!

Rich Chocolate cupcake (blue) – Ok. It didn’t live up to its name.

Choco -vanilla cupcake- Good.

Strawberry cupcake- So-so. I would’ve preferred a better muffin base.

Red velvet butter cream cupcake- Yum!

There were so many other pastries staring at me in the face and I was super tempted to try them but decided to wait till the next time I go there; and I will for sure.

Where? LSD is located in Khar west. You take the main (Food lover’s, you know which one I’m talking about!) Carter road lane, cross Olive, go down the slope and you’ll see LSD right there on the left. It’s a small outlet right next to Butterfly cupcakes. They have a super small seating arrangement upstairs for 3-4 people as a mezzanine floor in case you want to sit and enjoy your dessert.

Prices– The prices are normal. Just like any other dessert shop. I got 6 mini cupcakes for Rs. 100 which is not bad at all. If you go for the normal sized cupcakes, they’re for Rs. 60 minimum and more if you want fancy ones. They also have pastries, cheesecakes and coolers at their outlet at decent prices.

Verdict– Lots of ‘mmmmmms’ happened while having the cupcakes which means it definitely is a good place for desserts. You can say there’s a lot of love mixed with the sugar and dough. Go try!

Rating– 4/5

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Aug 11 2012

Cocolicious, Mahim (W)- Review


This was a totally random visit. I had crossed it on my way to Bandra a couple of times and was pretty curious to try their cupcakes. So one day, when I was at Mahim market, I decided to stop by and try it out. Here’s my review.

Desserts– Their small outlet at Mahim sells mainly cupcakes, chocolate mousse and pastries. They also make cakes on order. I tried ‘Dark Desire’ which was basically a chocolate cupcake and the lady at the counter’s recommendation. I tried ‘Dark Desire’ which was basically a chocolate cupcake and the lady at the counter’s recommendation. I thought it was very ok. The cream was not tasty and the muffin/cake part was blah. I also tried the Oreo cupcake which look very tempting but when I tried it, I found out that the top part was just the cream that comes in an Oreo cookie and there was too much of it which made it extra sweet and the cupcake as a whole tasted quite bad! Also, the Oreo on top used to make the cupcake look good was naram. After trying these 2 cupcakes, I decided not to try any more. They look really good when you see them, but taste-wise they come into the category of average-tasting cupcakes and hence do not make it to my ‘Must have cupcake’ list.

Where? The small outlet is located at Mahim Causeway, next door to Baskin Robbins. There’s no place to sit. You’ll have to eat your cupcake on the pavement or parcel it and take it home.

Prices– The cupcakes are priced at Rs. 50 each which is so not worth it! I wouldn’t pay more than 30 bucks for them.

Verdict– Cocolicious doesn not live up to its name. The cupcakes might look good but looks can be deceptive. Avoid.

Rating– 2/5



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