May 19 2014

Pure Sin Chocolates, Khar (W)- Review


Pure Sin Chocolates,  kharWhoever said ‘Chocolate makes you put on weight’ was right. Well no wonder chocolates are considered to be a ‘Pure Sin’.  What an apt name for this particular brand of chocolates which I tried very recently at Khar. Here’s my review.

What I had- Being a chocoholic, I wanted to pick up every chocolate from the store and stuff it in my mouth but the owners Sanjay and Aarti were sweet enough to let me try all their flavours. Ooh I was sooo excited! Now, since I tried 35 different flavours of Pure Sin chocolates, I’m going to make your selection easier so you can pick the best from the rest.

Pure Sin 1The ones I LOVED! (Must Haves):

1)      Almond Rock- A classic. Simple awesome.

2)      Dark Mint Rises-Now, if you’re an ‘After 8’ fan, this one’s pretty close. The difference is that the mint in the chocolate has a grainy texture and that feels great in your mouth.Pure sin 2

3)      White Espresso- The white chocolate and coffee play ping pong in your mouth. If you love coffee, you must not miss this! What a beautiful chocolate this was!

4)      U crack me up- This one’s got a fantastic aftertaste! With caramel and a biscuit-y, malt-ish texture, its crunchy and an absoulte delight to have!

5)      Baby Latte- Milk chocolate ganache in milk chocolate. This is one of those chocolates that you call the-melt-in-your-mouth’ types. Eat it when its semi soft and taste heaven.

6)      Pista Rocks- This one’s awsome because of the crunchiness of the pistachio and most importantly, they dared to sprinkle a good amount of salt on the pista which give the overall chocolate more character. So this one scores bravery points!

7)      Rock me hazy- Roasted hazelnut in dark chocolate. Pure Sin nails this one for sure! Yummers! Undoubtedly one of my favourites.

8)      Mrs. Brown– This one’s a simple, creamy milk chocolate and it doesn’t go wrong. Creamy and amazing!

9)      Burnt Sugar Cups- Gooey caramel and rich dark chocolate. Yummazing!

10)   Charlie Brown- For all the peanut butter fans, this one will make u go nuts! Loved it!

11)   Biscuit coated in milk chocolate- Simple, classic and delicious! You would want to have many more!

The ones I liked (So-so):

12)   Daze of hazel– This one’s got hazelnut cream inside the chocolate. It’s nice but would have tasted better if the hazelnut taste was a tad more prominent.

13)   Chinoz in Brown– Cinnamon and coffee lovers will love this. There’s equal importance given to the chocolate, coffee and cinnamon and that balance is what makes this one worth a bite.

14)   The Big O– This one was dark chocolate with orange and cranberry. The combination was nice but I would have liked more cranberry and less orange.

15)   Berry Got D’ Blues– Blueberry cheesecake in chocolate? Quite tasty I say!

16)    Karma– Crunchy caramelized roasted almonds dipped in chocolate. Well, it was good but I prefer the classic Almond Rocks.

17)   Chip off the Block– Have it slightly melted and taste the goodness of little chocolate bits in creamy rich chocolate. This one will remind you of Cadbury’s Silk.

18)   Cashew Rocks- It was nice but crunchier cashews could have made all the difference.

19)   Almond Mudpie– A paste of almonds in chocolate. Nice!

20)   Mr. Brown– This one was just a simple dark chocolate.

21)   Berry got D’ Crunch– Raspberry flavoured, crunchy biscuit in chocolate. Pretty cool.

22)   Biscuit coated in Chocolate Caramel- Decent.

The ones I didn’t like:

23)   Tangerine Tango- I thought it was too sweet and orangey. Yeah, I’m just not a fan of orange in chocolates.

24)   Nuts about you- If you’re a Fruit n Nut fan, and especially love raisins you might like this. I thought the raisins were too overpowering.

25)   One Square Inch- This one is filled with peanut nougat. It only sounds fancy but tastes like Lonavla’s Peanut chikki with barely any chocolate taste.

26)   Roses are Brown- Rose + biscuit. This one reminded me of the Rose milk I used to have as a kid. Didn’t like it much.

27)   Baby Brown– Super sweet dark chocolate truffle.

28)   Cherryookie- As the name suggests this one’s a mix of buttery cookie and crushed cherries. Tasted like Jim Jam biscuit.

29)   September Crush- Apricots in chocolate. Naaa! Not my type at all!

30)   Oh Fudge! – Walnut fudge in chocolate. I prefer the Walnut fudge from Cooper’s, Lonavla.

31)   It’s Dark on Marz- Marzipan in dark chocolate. I didn’t enjoy this one too much.

32)   Berry D’ Cheez- Strawberry cheesecake & biscuit dipped in chocolate. Very ok.

33)   Hello Sunshine- Lemon juice in chocolate. Somehow this combination didn’t work for me too much.

34)   Orange flavoured Chocolate biscuit– It would have definitely tasted better if the biscuit was crunchier.

35)   Hazelnut flavoured chocolate biscuit– Would have liked more hazelnut flavour.

Now that you’ve read all about the chocolates, let me make all the pure Veg people happy. These chocolates are all eggless and they’re perfect for gifting!

Pure Sin 3Where? There are two outlets in Mumbai. There’s one at Churchgate and the newly opened one at Khar, near LSD (Off Carter Road). In Pune, Pure Sin is available at B.T. Kawade road, Off Sholapur road.

How much? Most of the chocolates are priced like this- 250gms for Rs.396, 500gms for Rs. 743 and 1 kg for Rs. 1485. A few in the premium range such as Pista rocks, Rock me hazy and U crack me up are priced at almost double. The biscuit coated ones are priced at Rs. 35 per piece.
You can call them on 98204 41589 or 99201 33066 for more details.

Verdict- Yummy chocolates, well packaged and ideal for gifting!

Rating- 3.5/5

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Jul 13 2013

CocoaPod, Worli- Review


CocoapodCraving something sweet? Not sure what to have? Call CocoaPod and your sweet cravings will be answered!

What I had- The box of desserts was delivered to my place when I was at school. My brother sent me pictures and I was so tempted to gobble them up that I could barely concentrate at work. Here are the goodies I got to try! They customize cakes and items from the menu as you please so feel free to place your orders as per how you wish!

Cocoapod cupcakes Mini Cupcakes (Rs. 25 each) Mango– Nice cream but the cake could have been softer. Blueberry– Loved the cream. Mint– So good that one just wont be enough! Vanilla Choco-chip – Delicious! Chocolate– The best!

Royal Red Velvet mini cupcake (Rs.30) – Yummy in my tummy!

Gooey Chocolate Brownie, Gooey Walnut Brownie (Rs. 60 each) – Taste-wise both were very good but they weren’t soft or gooey. The crust was hard. The walnut brownie was definitely much better than the chocolate brownie.

Cake Pops (Rs. 40 each)Strawberry– It had a chocolate coating and was soft and scrumptious! Loved the cake inside! Chocolate– It looked great but on the outside and the white chocolate layer tasted ok but inside it was fantastic!

Oreo Chocolates (Rs. 25 each) – Great idea and it also tasted nice but I wish it was less sweet.

Dark Chocolate lollipops (Rs. 25 for small, Rs. 30 for medium) – Perfect! It would be even better with nuts inside.

Cocoapod worli dessertsWhere? CocoaPod is located at Worli, Mumbai so all you Worli people are lucky to get it delivered for free to your place. For everyone else, you need to order for a minimum amount of Rs. 500 or Rs. 1000 depending on how far you stay from Worli. You can call them on +91-98338 91456 or +91-98201 08366 to place you order.

Verdict– Try CocoaPod for their mouth watering cupcakes, chocolates and cake pops!

Rating– 3/5



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Jun 19 2013

The Little Chocolate Shop, Goregaon (E)- Review


The Little Chocolate Shop, GoregaonGet ready to try a smacking new dessert place in the ‘burbs! This one’s called ‘The Little Chocolate Shop’ and they’re based in Goregaon. Lucky for me, I got some goodies delivered at home in town! Here’s my review.

Desserts– When you have tons of patisseries and dessert shops opening up, the competition is tough. The Little Chocolate Shop offers everything you’ve tried before in their own little scrumptious way. The items on the menu include baby cakes, petit fours, tarts, brownies, biscuits, bite-sized desserts and chocolates all made to order.  Now here are the items I got to try.

Salted Butter Caramel Tart (Rs.42) – I tried it in a melted state but it was yummy! The tart was perfectly baked and the caramel blended very well with the chocolate. Delectable!

Chocolate Brownie with Chocolate Hazelnut Frosting (Rs. 42) – Gooey, chocolaty, mindblowingly delicious and an absolute must have! Easily the BEST brownie I’ve ever had!

Mini Banoffee Tart (Rs. 42) – The bananas made a very strong presence even though the tart did a good job of balancing the taste. For some reason I don’t enjoy bananas in desserts and so I thought it was ok.

Chocolate Baby cake (Rs. 50) – The cream was very good but the muffin bit was quite grainy. Didn’t enjoy it much.

Where? The Little Chocolate Shop for now is a kitchen and they deliver the goodies to your home for free if you stay in and around Goregaon/ Malad. If you’re located further away, you’d have to order goodies for a minimum of Rs. 1000. A minimum of 12 pieces of most items need to be ordered. You can call them on +91 75060 13831.

Verdict– You must, must, must try their brownies! Out of this world and highly recommended!

Rating– 3/5


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May 19 2013

Icing on Top, Kemps Corner- Review


Icing on top 1

Icing on Top has been around for some time now but not many people knew about it. I’m one of the lucky few who’ve gotten to try their stuff and let you in on it. Here’s my review.

Desserts- I remember trying their Red Velvet cake slice at an exhibition and thought it was exceptional! I really was looking forward to trying all their other desserts and I’m glad I did! All the ‘pure veg’ people will be very happy to know that all the desserts at Icing on Top are eggless.  

Cake Pops (Rs.30) – In general, soft and tasty and also a great idea! I tried Red Velvet- The outer layer wasn’t as good as the cake inside. The Double chocolate cake pop was Chocorgasmic! A must have! Oreo was Oreoliciously good!

Oaty Caramel Crunch cookie (Rs. 100 for 100gms) – If you’re health conscious or love granola bars, this one’s for you. Crunchy and wholesome.

Mini Cookies (Rs. 100 for 100gms) – A great idea to have bite sized cookies that you can pop one every hour and not feel guilty! I tried the Cinnamon mini cookies – Not a fan of cinnamon but these were just fantastic! Melt- in-your-mouth types!  Chocolate chip mini cookies – Yum! Lemon mini cookies – Addictive! Can’t stop at one!

Chocolate Mud Pie (Rs.150) – Gooey, rich, amazing!

Red Velvet pastry (Rs.125) – Sinful indulgence! Easily the best item on the menu! A must have!

Hazelnut shot glass (Rs.50) – Divine! Like a creamier version of nutella!

Blueberry shot glass (Rs.50) – Great mix of blueberry with a crushed biscuit base.

Chocolate shot glass (Rs.50) – Ok. The least favourite of them all.

Icing on top 2I didn’t get to try the cupcakes (Rs. 30) which I’ve heard good things about. But I’m definitely going to stop by when I’m at Kemps Corner next and give it a shot!

Where? Based out of Masjid Bunder where the main kitchen is, they’ve very recently started a small counter inside a shop called Besos at Kemps Corner near Cumballa Hill Hospital. So you can either go grab a bite or doggy bag a bunch of things to try at home; if not get it delivered.

Verdict– Reasonably priced eggless desserts that taste very good! Must haves- Red velvet pastry, chocolate mud pie, mini cookies, Chocolate cake pop. I look forward to trying their cupcakes and other pastries!

Rating– 3.5/5



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Nov 17 2012

Love and Cheesecake, Khar (w) – Review


Love and Cheesecake was on my ‘To try’ list ever since I read about it and I was pretty excited to go dig into their cheesecakes! Here’s my review.

Desserts– As the name suggests, if you love cheesecakes, this place is for you. You’ll get a variety of cheesecakes here- chocolate, hazelnut, lemon, New York style baked, Bailey’s, coffee, etc. We tried 3 different cheesecakes.

1) New York style baked cheesecake. Now that was superb! Super soft, rich cheesecake with the right amount of sweetness and a yummy Oreo biscuit base! A must have!

2) Lemon Cheesecake- This had a sponge cake base and was strictly ok.

3) Bailey’s Cheesecake- This one’s for all the Bailey’s fans. It’s got the right amount of Bailey’s but the overall taste and sponge cake base are not as good.

Actually we had only asked for the Baked and Bailey’s but they gave us Lemon by mistake instead of Bailey’s and that’s how we also got to try Lemon. (Lucky us ;)) I’d definitely like to try more of their baked cheesecakes though which I think I will love. One advice- If you’re having a cheesecake, warm it for 10 seconds and feel the love. Cold doesn’t taste as good.

Where? Love and Cheesecake is located in Khar, Linking Road (main road), right next to the Guess showroom and a nail spa, Kusum Kunj building. It’s not a cafe where you can sit and enjoy your dessert. You either have to parcel it and eat at home, ask them to deliver or buy and eat in the building premises. We had no option but to stand and eat in the building premises as we weren’t prepared to enter a kitchen straight up as we entered the red door of Love and Cheesecake.

Prices– Now the quality of the cheesecakes is top notch no doubt and so are the prices. We were all planning to have a cheesecake each until we heard the price of the baked cheesecake. That is when we decided to share. The baked cheesecake slice was for Rs. 180 and so was the Lemon (which we got free). The Bailey’s one was for Rs. 250. So yes, they are quite expensive and I do hope they get their prices down and make it more affordable for us dessert junkies.

Verdict– Better pricing, a biscuit base instead of sponge cake and some sort of seating arrangement for at least about 4 people can make Love and Cheesecake one of the best places for cheesecakes in Mumbai. I recommend their New York style Baked cheesecake and I want to try more of their cheesecakes super soon!

Rating– 3/5

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Sep 22 2012

Love Sugar & Dough (LSD), Khar (w) – Review


I’m not a big fan of cupcakes but the “trend” has somehow made me want to try them from different places and see which ones are really good. Not everyone can get cupcakes right. Is LSD one of the better cupcake places? You’re just about to find out.

Desserts– Love sugar & dough is what they claim their desserts have and to see that, I decided to try 6 different mini cupcakes (eggless). All the cupcakes I had were really soft and fresh!

Oreo cupcake- Tasty but could have had a more distinct Oreo taste which it didn’t.

Red velvet cupcake with cream cheese- Yummy in my tummy! Must have!

Rich Chocolate cupcake (blue) – Ok. It didn’t live up to its name.

Choco -vanilla cupcake- Good.

Strawberry cupcake- So-so. I would’ve preferred a better muffin base.

Red velvet butter cream cupcake- Yum!

There were so many other pastries staring at me in the face and I was super tempted to try them but decided to wait till the next time I go there; and I will for sure.

Where? LSD is located in Khar west. You take the main (Food lover’s, you know which one I’m talking about!) Carter road lane, cross Olive, go down the slope and you’ll see LSD right there on the left. It’s a small outlet right next to Butterfly cupcakes. They have a super small seating arrangement upstairs for 3-4 people as a mezzanine floor in case you want to sit and enjoy your dessert.

Prices– The prices are normal. Just like any other dessert shop. I got 6 mini cupcakes for Rs. 100 which is not bad at all. If you go for the normal sized cupcakes, they’re for Rs. 60 minimum and more if you want fancy ones. They also have pastries, cheesecakes and coolers at their outlet at decent prices.

Verdict– Lots of ‘mmmmmms’ happened while having the cupcakes which means it definitely is a good place for desserts. You can say there’s a lot of love mixed with the sugar and dough. Go try!

Rating– 4/5

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Aug 29 2012

Daffodils, Andheri (W)- Review


Another new dessert place has been tried. Man I love my life! 😛 Here’s my review of Daffodils, Andheri.

What I had– I had the opportunity of trying samples of their cupcakes, chocolates and the very interesting Brownie Pizza. Here’s what I thought.

Cupcakes (minis): Chocolate (Rs. 40)- Nice, soft and creamy. Strawberry (Rs.42) was my least favourite and didn’t have that awesome strawberry flavour I was looking for. Mint (Rs.42)- Was a little bitter but not bad. Hazelnut (Rs.47)- my favourite! I loved it and totally recommend it! Coffee Walnut (Rs.47)- I like coffee and was expecting more of the coffee flavour but it was good nonetheless. Their cupcakes are really soft and fresh.

Brownie pizza 5” (Rs.225)- A moist brownie pizza topped with chocolate chips, mini marshmallows, nuts, and chopped Snickers, Milky Way, or Twix candy bar, with melted white chocolate for a finishing touch. It looked too good to eat but I ate it anyway because I just couldn’t resist. It was gooey and chocolatey.

Chocolates (Rs. 1300/kg)-Almond, hazel,  coffee, caramel, brittles- Can’t decide which one I liked the most! Loved them all! Yummy and mind blowingly awesome! Must have and perfect for gifting!

Where? Daffodils is located in Andheri West in Shastri Nagar, Lokhandwala. They have a small workshop from where they operate and take orders minimum one day prior. You can find them on Facebook- Daffodils.creations to check out some of their work and contact them to place your order.

Verdict– If you love chocolates, you MUST try theirs! Absolutely, chocoliciously, melt-in-the-mouth-ly awesome! Their products are a bit on the expensive side but they’re good and I definitely want to try one of their cakes!

Rating– 3/5


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May 17 2012

6th Street Yogurt, Kemps Corner- Review


Yogurt has never been a part of my choice in desserts. I prefer ice creams or milkshakes to gelato or yogurt. 6th Street Yogurt was not on my ‘To try’ list but since I was in the area, I thought of trying it anyway.

Flavours & Toppings– We went on a day when they had just three flavours of yogurt- Original, Cranberry-Watermelon and Orange Cheesecake. I tasted all 3 and chose to have Cranberry- Watermelon and my friend Fash had the Original. Waise toh they have more flavours but that day some machine had gotten spoilt because of which we could only make a choice from 3 flavours. Both flavours tasted great and were thick and creamy. They have a good variety of toppings- chocolate-based to real fruits to marshmallows, etc. I chose the Ferrero Rocher sauce which was yummy yum yum with my Cranberry-Watermelon yogurt and Fash chose MnMs with her Original yogurt which was quite nice too. They don’t do kanjoosi with toppings which is a very good thing. They also have smoothies, waffles and parfaits which I would like to try some time for sure.

Ambience & Service– Located at Kemps Corner, near Gangar Opticians, 6th Street Yogurt is a small place where you can just buy your yogurt and get out. The staff is courteous and let you try the yogurt and even toppings before you make your choice.

Prices– They have various sizes of cups to choose from depending on how much you want to have. Rs. 40 for a small cup, Rs. 70 for a medium one, Rs.140 for a large one and Rs.180 for an extra large one. We both had the one for Rs. 40 and that much was perfect for a dessert after our meal. Toppings are Rs. 20 for Regular and Rs. 25 for Premium ones.  So, we paid Rs. 65 each for our respective yogurts with a topping each. Now, considering other yogurt places, this one’s not only good taste-wise but the most reasonable too.

Verdict– Value for money and Yummy in my Tummy! I recommend!

Rating– 4/5

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