Jan 5 2013

Silent protests against ‘Rape’


‘Rape’- The crime of forcing another person to submit to sex acts, especially sexual intercourse.

An unfortunate incident took place on 16th December 2012 in Delhi. A 23 year old young girl was brutally raped and physically abused by 6 men in a moving bus. Her friend was also beaten up with an iron rod when he tried to protect her. The girl and the boy were then thrown off the bus naked and badly injured on the cold streets. Several cars passed by but noone stopped to save them. On 29th December 2012, the girl succumbed to internal injuries and passed away.

We read the papers and we know that these heinous crimes are taking place every single day in large numbers. All these years we’ve read, grimaced and moved on only to read more such articles in the newspaper the next day. As horrible as it is, it has become a harsh reality of life that is difficult to overcome. Delhi’s always been known as unsafe for women be it at day or night because of the number of rape cases reported and the unknown number or rapes going unnoticed because of fear of what the society will say.

We’ve let it go all these years but there needs to be an end to this. This little girl wanted to live. If I was in her place, I’d prefer to die. Being called a ‘rape victim’ can make a person feel very very small. Indeed she was a brave girl and so India called her Nirbhaya. She’s been an inspiration to many of us in India and abroad. People started voicing their opinions on blogs, Facebook, Twitter and even in huge protest rallies all over India.

This had to happen some day and I’m glad it finally did. In order to set things straight we need to speak up. I as a woman need to be feel secure about going out at night without any fears. To be able to go out wearing whatever we want is our right and nobody can force us into anything. We’d like to feel safe without having to need another man to protect us.

There have been so many protests in all parts of the country since that day. The rapists should be punished in the most horrible way. All those sick bastards who shamelessly strip a woman of her respect and dignity should be punished. Fast track courts will never be fast enough for India because by then the woman who’s been raped might just kill herself or die because of the harm already done.

One can only hope and pray that these things don’t happen and the ones who’ve committed these crimes be punished in a way they rightfully deserve.

A friend and I were hanging out at Carter road on the 1st of Jan 2013 and we randomly came across these silent protestors. Thought I’d share my views and the pictures in my own way.

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Dec 11 2010

Band Baaja Baaraat- Movie Review


You’re probably wondering why I went for a movie which has a star cast without stars. Well, I went for it because it’s a Yash Raj film. Simple. Anything romantic, colourful and filmy attracts my attention and so I went for Band Baaja Baaraat (BBB) alone! Yes! Alone because most of my friends would just make a face at the mention of the film’s name or actors in it.

So yes, BBB is full of shaadis. How Shruti (Anushka Sharma) and Bittoo (Ranveer Singh) want to be the best wedding planners in Delhi and so start a Wedding Planning company called ‘Shaadi Mubarak’ . Their rule is that “Agar karna hai vyapaar, toh na karo pyaar” or something like that. They love working together and depend on each other to make all the weddings successful. BUT one night they get drunk and sleep together and before she knows it, Shruti’s in love with Bittoo. Uh Oh!

Yeah yeah, pata hai predictable hai lekin sadela film nahin hai. Like I said earlier, I love Yash Raj films and the dhinchakness is just awesome! The sets look beautiful and vibrant and so do Anushka’s costumes. It makes you wish that your wedding would look as beautiful as their sets.

Amar Singh’s son Ranveer Singh is not bad for his first film but I’d rather watch him as a side actor. Anushka Sharma looks gorgeous in the film. I also think she’s a great actress, very natural. So that way the director’s done his job pretty well, especially cause he wasn’t working with “stars”. The dialogues in some scenes were good but otherwise could have been better. Also, I think the music could have been way better… I just liked one song-Ainvayi Ainvayi. The background score was good though.

So overall, BBB is not mahaan but it’s not bad either. I liked it because it’s entertaining. Time pass movie.

Rating– 3.5/5

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Oct 12 2010

Do Dooni Chaar & Eat Pray Love- Movie Reviews


Ok too much laziness happened since the past few days because of which I’m writing 2 reviews (super short) in 1.

Do Dooni Chaar– Sweet, simple story about a middle class family from Delhi. They can’t afford the luxuries in life that they dream of because of Santosh Duggal’s meager salary he gets from teaching. The challenge ahead is to buy a car within 15 days to prove to his children that he is not a failure.

A little slow in parts but Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh cover up and make the movie extremely enjoyable. The setting is very real and unpretentious.  There are a lot of light moments that make this movie fun to watch. There’s a lovely message at the end that makes us realize that what we are depends to a great extent on the values and lessons we learn from our teachers. A must watch for all teachers!

Rating- 3/5

Eat Pray Love– Unhappy with her life, Elizabeth decides to leave everything and travel to Italy to “eat” and enjoy life, India to “pray” and find her inner peace and finally Bali to find happiness and “love”.

I’m sure the book was better! Julia Roberts looks beautiful but somehow this movie was just too dull for an actress like her. Super slow and boring, I almost fell asleep. I hate the way they’ve portrayed India with mosquitoes, heat, traffic, etc. but their locations in the movie throughout are beautiful.  The story is lovely with lots of meaningful quotes and messages to learn from but it all has just not been executed well enough. But this movie does make me want to read the book now and also travel to Bali and Italy.

Rating– 2.5/5

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