Mar 13 2015

NH10- Movie Review


NH10 posterThere’s a lot more to NH10 than Anushka Sharma’s funny looking lips. Let me tell you.

Plot in short– Married couple Meera (Anushka Sharma) and Arjun (Neil Bhoopalam) are off on a holiday for Meera’s birthday and they are looking forward to being away from the chaos of work and the hustle bustle in Delhi. While they’re on their way, they get involved in a very nasty mess, a very bad situation. Will they be able to get out of it?

The Good– I knew this would be a brilliant film the moment I saw the trailer. I am so glad I saw it first day first show although watching it first thing in the morning may not be the best thing because of how gory, dark and intense it is. So unless you’re ok with it being a heavy morning, I suggest you watch it right before dinner. As a film, NH10 is extremely gripping. The screenplay does full justice to the story and everything else falls in place perfectly. Director Navdeep Singh has executed the story to the best of his ability. The cinematography, background score, music, styling and setting all are top notch and in perfect sync with the script. Coming to the performances, I love Anushka Sharma more than ever before! She’s badass and has everything in her an actress should have (not the post lip job lips).  Her performance in NH10 deserves an award or two for sure. Certain scenes like towards the end when she pulls out a cigarette from a pack on the floor, lights it and smokes it slowly while the killer of her husband is lying on the floor, bleeding and struggling to get up. The moment she’s done smoking, she gets up and beats him to death, in style. Neil Bhoopalam has a small role in the film and is not bad but not outstanding like Anushka either. Darshan Kumaar who plays the villain a.k.a actor in a negative role is good. He could have been more evil. All the other supporting actors have played their parts well.

The Not- so- good– To be honest I can’t think of what I don’t like about the film. The one hour fifty five minutes just went off without any distractions or dull moments.

Verdict– An absolute must watch NH10 is another intense film in early 2015 after Badlapur that is making Bollywood and us Indians proud. Go watch it today!

Rating– 4/5


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Jan 9 2015

Tevar- Movie Review


Tevar movie posterMost of us women are looking for that ‘hero’ in our life who will sweep us off our feet, protect us, care for us, even sing songs and dance with us and make us feel like a princess. The existence of such heroes is all because of Bollywood and let me tell you that Tevar’s lead man Arjun Kapoor is surely going to make you swoon!

So glad to be back on Roochster and write my reviews again after a long wedding break! Now here’s my take on Boney Kapoor’s Tevar.

Plot in short- Pintoo a.k.a Ghanshyam (Arjun Kapoor) is a master at Kabaddi and bashes up any street lafanga who tries to mess with the women in Mathura. On a random day when he’s on his way to go and play kabaddi, he gets his hands dirty by crossing Gajender Singh’s (Manoj Bajpai) path. Now Gajender Singh is this corrupt politician’s brother who has the hots for Radhika (Sonakshi Sinha) and is on a mission to marry her whether she wants to or not. Will Pintoo and Radhika be able to match up to Gajender’s influence and power around town and free themselves from the chase?

The Good– The screenplay earns the film most points as you wont find yourself bored at any given point apart from a few long action scenes. Good direction by Amit Ravindernath Sharma for putting together a good end product. Some dialogues stand out but that’s because Arjun Kapoor shines. He’s acted very well and leaves you wanting for more. His character is perfectly sketched and he’s been lucky enough to get a role like this where the ‘hero’ of the film gets up even after being stabbed in his back, stomach and arms. No matter how silly and cliché that is, it’s a true Bollywood masala film that the masses love. Sonakshi Sinha too has acted well. She speaks volumes with her eyes and is convincing enough to play the damsel in distress with all the drama in her life. Together she and Arjun Kapoor sizzle on screen. Manoj Bajpai who plays the bad guy is perfect! All the supporting actors such as Raj Babbar, Deepti Naval, Arjun Kapoor’s sister, Kaakdi and all the other actors support beautifully. The music overall is just ok. My favourite number is the duet love song- Joganiyan and I also like Superman which is so typically a Sajid-Wajid number and has been choreographed well by Remo Desouza. Top notch cinematography by Laxman Utekar who has been working on every other film in Bollywood these days. But he is that good.  The background score by Clinton Cerejo is also well paced and takes the film forward. As much as I dislike action scenes, I have to say that the stunts are all well designed and the action sequences come off as well choreographed overall.

The Not-so-good– There aren’t many downfalls in the film apart from the fact that it is slightly longer than my liking. There could have been fewer action scenes and definitely 1-2 songs less to cut the length short. I would have liked better songs too in the film.

Verdict– Tevar has the right amount of attitude, romance, action, drama and comedy to make it a ‘paisa vasool’ entertainer for the masses. Arjun Kapoor is the next best thing! It was awesome to see a typical Bollywood film after so long! Jaake dekho!

Rating– 3.5/5

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Jan 10 2014

Yaariyan- Movie Review


yaariyan-posterExpect Yaariyan to be the kind of film where couples come to make out! Uhhh…ok let’s just get down to my review.

The story is something like this. So a bunch of students from an Indian college in Sikkim must compete with an Australian college in order to save the college property from being sold to a foreigner intending to make a resort (Student of the year?). During the course of these challenges, they learn about love, friendship and strengths.

This is Divya Khosla Kumar’s debut directorial venture and I must say she is far from original. There are too many similarities to Student of the year and other Karan Johar films. The start of the film itself is so typically Karan Johar that it will remind you of Kuch Kuch hota hai. Even the characters are so similar. Sadly, there’s nobody else to blame but her for the story, screenplay and direction but Mrs. Divya Kumar herself who needs to get more creative and be a better writer. Everything in this movie is OTT! Lots of scenes in the movie don’t make sense at all or seem completely out of place.

Its funny how all the actors look like they’ve been bathed in make up and gotten out of a factory all dolled up with fake eyelashes, powdered cheeks and glossy lips. The styling is mostly good apart but ridiculously fake and its unlikely to see students wearing the kind of clothes the actresses are wearing in the movie.

The cinematography has a fresh streak and beautiful locations have been selected to shoot at which adds to the look of the film in general. Sameer Arya deserves a pat on his back for making all the frames look so good.

The background score and music of the movie deserve praise though. Several music directors deserve credit for it. Pritam, Mithoon, Yo Yo Honey Singh, Arko Pravo Mukherjee, and Anupam Amod have made music that people are loving. When the song ‘Sunny sunny’ came, there were a bunch of school kids in the theatre who got up to dance! No jokes! The song ‘ABCD’ is also quite fun. I’m pretty sure these two songs are a rage at night clubs. Among the romantic or slow numbers the songs ‘Baarish’ and ‘Allah waariyan’ are great.

Keeping in mind that all the actors are new, I can say Divya Kumar hasn’t done that bad a job. Some of them can barely act but then in an average movie like this, they’re ok. Himansh Kohli who plays the lead in the movie does not have the looks of an actor and can do with a haircut but is surprisingly not bad. Rakul Preet, the lead actress is good. She’s got lovely big eyes. All the other supporting actors and actresses are alright. Deepti Naval is as simple and natural as always and so is Smita Jaykar.

The main target audience of this film is the youth and I feel old just saying that because I did not enjoy it very much. I like the music and the beautiful locations. Apart from that its just a below average film.

Rating– 2/5

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Jan 20 2013

Inkaar- Movie Review


inkaar posterThe trailer looked interesting and that is what made me want to go watch the movie. Also, Sudhir Mishra and Chitrangda Singh are reasons enough.

Maya (Chitrangda Singh) joins an ad agency where Rahul (Arjun Rampal), the CEO, helps her take her career to greater heights. Her confidence increases and she starts doing very well, so much so that she is promoted to be the National Creative Head. In the middle of all this, she falls in love with him and they have an affair that’s sizzling. Now in a workplace, there can be competition and jealousy among other things. Maya accuses Rahul of sexually exploiting her and reports it to a Social worker who then forms a committee from the agency itself to help sort out the issue.

Sudhir Mishra’s made his own version of Madhur Bhandarkar’s ‘Corporate’ and the entire premise is well established. There are a few loopholes in the story, especially in the second half but the flow of the screenplay is good and there wont be a dull moment. Sure, you will feel a little restless at some moments and the film might feel like a drag then but the performances keep you gripped. What makes me wonder is… where is the ‘sexual harassment’ in the story? You’ll just find it like a cat and mouse game where one is trying to beat the other at their game and at the end of it, both can’t do without each other. The styling is good and so is the cinematography.

Coming to the performances… Arjun Rampal who usually acts with his dead pan expressions surprisingly did a good job in this one. I didn’t think he was that great in Rock On but Inkaar is his best performance according to me till date. He easily convinces as an egoistic, arrogant and yet charmingly good looking ad guru. Chitrangda Singh as we all know is a stunner and no doubt she looked drop dead gorgeous in this too but her performance wasn’t as good as it has been in the past. Not that she wasn’t good at all but she could have acted better.

The music by Shantanu Moitra is average. I like the title song that plays in the beginning when both of them are in the water and also the song ‘Maula tu maalik hai’.

Inkaar could have been a great film only if the story was cut short and the ending made not to please but to pleasantly surprise. The performances are the saving grace.

Rating– 2.5/5


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