Jan 22 2016

Kya Kool Hain Hum 3- Movie Review


Basically Kya Kool Hain Hum 3 is a badly made adult comedy that makes no sense whatsoever and isn’t any fun to watch starring out of work actors and models with big tits.

Rating- 1/5

kya-kool-hain-hum-3 poster

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Jan 31 2014

One By Two- Movie Review


one-by-two posterWhat happens when Dull Jack meets Damsel in Distress? Love! Well, that’s what the movie One by Two claims! Here’s my review.

Amit Sharma (Abhay Deol) has a dull life. Computer work that he does not enjoy and a 5 yr long relationship that ended because his girlfriend was bored of him. Samara Patel (Preeti Desai) on the other hand lives with her single mother and dreams of being a dancer but faces no luck until her only chance is by entering a reality dance show. While both of them try to find meaning in their life, they find themselves, apparently.

Director Devika Bhagat has lost the plot. Literally! I understand there being two stories in one but both are uninteresting and so much so that I was sitting and planning what to do tomorrow while I was watching the movie.  The progression of the story is not only slow paced but also lacks proper flow. While there a very few funny scenes, mostly there are scenes that will make you want to doze off. Basically, the badly written screenplay doesn’t do much to save the film. The characters don’t show any growth and continue to bore you throughout.

There’s been a good effort where styling and art direction is concerned. The actors don’t dress over-the-top and the houses they live in don’t look like palaces. The cinematography by Sameer Arya is well done and the frames are beautiful to look at. I also thought that the background music was pretty good.

The music in general doesn’t strike a chord. I can’t name one song that I really liked in the movie. The background score though was not bad at all.

Abhay Deol who’s known for his unconventional method of acting disappoints in One by Two. He looks disinterested and even stoned in some scenes. Being subtle doesn’t work here. He’s a great looker but that doesn’t do much for him. The actress Preeti Desai with her accent should go to acting school. She would have done great if she just stood in the background instead. Lilette Dubey as usual delivers a great performance and so do Rati Agnihotri and Darshan Jariwala. Jayant Kripalani is natural and a delight to watch.

I wish I had something nice to say but unfortunately I don’t. The film is neither romantic nor comedy. I think it would be sensible for you to miss it and hope Abhay Deol makes smarter choices in the future (Ahem!).

Rating– 1.5/5


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Apr 12 2013

Commando- Movie Review


Commando posterI never thought I’d end up watching and out and out action film because that’s just not my kind of genre. But guess what? The keeda in me made me go watch it. That too alone! Ha! Here’s my review.

Remember movies where the villain wants to forcefully marry the heroine and she escapes into a jungle where she finds a hero who saves and protects her from the baddies. He also does chivalrous things like skillfully making a makeshift bed for the night, hunting for fish to eat, etc.? Well, Commando is all of that and more! In this, the hero (Vidyut Jammwal) is a Commando who beats up the villain’s men left, right and centre, set booby traps to protect the pretty Punjabi kudi (Pooja Chopra) who he randomly met at a bus station and of course for that one important goal- to get rid of all the baddies in India to make it a safer and better nation.

There’s obviously no importance given to the story because the film is all about Vidyut Jammwal’s amazing body and stunts. The director Dilip Ghosh is very clear with what he wants his audience to see and leaves no stone unturned to make Vidyut do the best fight scenes, almost like what you’d see video game characters do. In the beginning itself, they mention that all the stunt scenes by Vidyut Jammwal are done by him without any harness or safety gear, except for one scene where he jumps down from a valley. The biggest credit in the film would go to Action Director- Franz Sphilhaus who’s choreographed every move brilliantly, making it look natural and smooth. The cinematography by Sejal Shah is outstanding! All the forest scenes, especially the ones taken in pure sunlight are beautiful. I’d also like to specially mention that the Editor- Amitabh Shukla too has done a fantastic job and would remind you of the editing done in Ghajini’s action scenes where you enjoy every cut and transition. Some of the locations they’ve shot at are breathtaking and the credit goes to the production designer for that.

I wish there was more to the story that just plain action but I guess most guys enjoy such movies. It was fast paced but seemed more like watching a video game. Also, in today’s day and age, a villain who looks like that with his background story seems a bit outlandish. Some dialogues are very good and if Salman Khan said them, the entire nation would go crazy, but coming from Mr. Jamwal, with barely any expression on his face, came across as made up.

Coming to the performances… Vidyut Jammwal is definitely the One man army with his chiseled body and action-packed performance. actually does action scenes like a true martial artist and not just an action star like Ajay Devgan, Akshay Kumar, etc. However, he barely speaks anything or shows any emotions on his face which make him seem like one of those ‘Brawn without brain’ actors. Pooja Chopra looks pretty and acts well in a few scenes but her character is done to death and you wont go back and remember her for this performance. She’s just okay. The villain, Jaideep Ahlawat is superb! He not only looks scary with his white eyes but also plays his part very well as the bad guy.

The music by Mannan Shaah is ok except for the song ‘Saawan bairi’ sung beautifully by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, shot exceptionally well in slow motion and choreographed amazingly! The song doesn’t even go with the theme of the movie but both the actors look stunning and just as a music video, it works wonders!

If you’re an action movie fan, watch Commando for Vidyut Jammwal’s mind-boggling action sequences and for those who are not, just go with an open mind and you might just think the movie is not that bad.

Rating– 2.5/5

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Mar 22 2013

Aatma- Movie Review


Aatma posterIt seems like Bipasha Basu has taken over an entire genre in films. Just like Ajay Devgan and Akshay Kumar are our action heroes, Bips has become Bollywood’s horror (horrific?) heroine. Its funny how in every in horror film the use of the word ‘aatma’ is most common and then you see a film named that! Anyway, here’s my review of the film.

Bipasha Basu plays the role of a loving mother of a daughter and a helpless wife of a man who was violent and crazy. Her husband died in an accident but comes back to take their daughter with him. His body is dead but his ‘aatma’ still alive and ready to kill anyone who says or does anything against his daughter or him. Will Bipasha be able to save her daughter from her dead husband and give her a good life?

The last few movies that have come have all been horrible! Director Suparn Verma has made a film that is not as over-the-top or gross or creepy as the type Ram Gopal Verma makes. Just to make you jump from your seat, he doesn’t unnecessarily have scary looking props or weird angles or ridiculous sound effects like a child’s laughter or a witchy laugh, etc. He doesn’t even have the clichés that you’ve seen in most horror movies. Aatma is relatively subtle and more believable as compared to other horror movies and that’s what makes it a decent watch although I wish it was scarier. The cinematography by Sophie Winqvist is top notch and beautiful. The story is good but the last half an hour is quite stupid and thus deters it from being a decent horror film. The production design is lovely and so is the styling. The background score is good.

The performances are good. Bipasha Basu looked stunning and acted pretty well. Way better than her performance in Raaz 3. Nawazuddin Siddiqui didn’t have much to do and I think any other actor could have done his part. He was aright but looked odd as Bipasha’s husband. The little girl Doyel Dhawan was ok for a child. I personally think child actors shouldn’t be a part of a scary movie. I also thought Darshan Jariwala who is a brilliant actor was wasted in the film. He could’ve done a better role. The actress who plays Bipasha’s mother has done a good job too.

Luckily there’s no music in the film because then the momentum of the film would have been broken. However, Sangeet and Siddharth Haldipur have made a beautiful song which plays in the start with the credit roll.

My verdict is that Aatma is not bad. If you’re a horror movie fan, go watch it.

Rating– 3/5


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Oct 26 2012

Ajab Gazabb Love- Movie Review


Good music, choreography, styling and performances with a few funny scenes but weak story and screenplay make it a ‘watch- at- home- if- you’re- bored’ kind of movie.

Rating- 2.5/5

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Apr 1 2011

F.A.L.T.U. – Movie Review


Chaar bajj gaye lekin party abhi baaki hai! was all that I had heard/seen of the movie. From the name only I thought it’d be a stupid faaltu movie! Now, how faaltu is the question. Read on!

A group of 4 friends are rejected by all the colleges as they they’re the ‘don’t-give-a-shit-about-studies type. When their parents grill them about getting into a good college so they can have a bright future, they create a fake college for a day to get out of the mess. What follows is a lot of crazy stuff which I will not enlighten you with here in my review.

So, if you’ve watched the Hollywood flick ‘Accepted’ you might just think this movie’s a waste of time. I was just hoping they’d be a little original! But if you’re in college and went to watch this with your friends, you’ll enjoy it. The movie has flop actor Jackie Bhagnani whose papa is the producer of the film. He’s actually quite a sweet boy but doesn’t know anything about acting! Arshad Warsi, Riteish Deshmukh, Darshan Jariwala and Boman Irani were great and the other actors don’t matter much.

Even though the song’s aren’t that great, except for one, Remo Desouza’s choreography is outstanding, especially the last dance sequence with all the neon lights n all. Superb! It’s supposed to be a comedy film but I didn’t really find any of their jokes that funny.

But all in all, it’s a light hearted film with a good message in the end for college kids. For everyone else, watch ‘Accepted’ instead. Lekin itna bhi faltu nahin hai.

Rating– 2.5/5

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