Dec 18 2012

Piccoli Tortini, Bandra (w) – Review


Piccoli TortiniThanks to Burrp I got to go try the very classy cafe- Piccoli Tortini in Bandra. Here’s my review.

Food– Piccoli Tortini means small tart in Italian and the place sure does live up to its name. As we were expected to come drop in from our Christmas trail, the menu was pre-decided for us. We tried their Veg paninis- tomato, mozzarella and basil which were yum. Next, we tried the chocolate cupcake which was decent and the ‘piccoli tortini’ which was made of ricotta cheese and was just the right amount of sweet! Now that was definitely the highlight and I think you’ll love it too! The Pumpkin spiced cupcake was not bad either. I didn’t like the cinnamon taste in it though. The cold coffee was very ordinary and could have been better. And of course, since this is an Italian cafe, you’ll find pizza, pasta, starters here besides the regular coffees and teas.

Ambience– Located at Bandra west on Hill road, Piccoli Tortini just like its name, is a tiny place hidden behind a bus stop, very close to Mocha Mojo. Very classy, very pretty and very feminine, the cafe is an ideal place for girlfriends to catch up and relax. The interiors, furniture, the cutlery, menu and even tissues are lovely!

Service– The staff seem courteous and seem to be settling in as of now. We however had the opportunity to be served by the owner herself so we obviously got more attention and gave her our feedback on the spot.

Prices– Ok so this cafe is definitely on the expensive side. The cupcakes which are medium sized cost Rs. 90 each, a Veg panini costs Rs. 195, the little tortini costs Rs. 70, a cappuccino costs Rs.185 and all this plus taxes amounts to quite a bit. So to have an evening out with the girls might just turn out to be a high ended affair. The quality is definitely good but the sizes don’t justify the costs and that is where the problem lies.

Verdict– Piccoli Tortini is a beautiful cafe in Bandra that oozes warmth and love but all at a price. You must have the little ricotta cheese tortini!

Rating– 3/5




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May 28 2012

Di Bella Coffee, Bandra (W) – Review


Di Bella Coffee is an Australian brand with a chain of cafes in Australia, China and now India. I finally got a chance to try it and I’m glad I did!

Food & Drinks– Di Bella has a variety of coffees and drinks that sets it apart from other cafes. For example, Peanut Butter Iced Choccie, Whipped Chocolate Frappe, Danish Toffee Chocolate Frappe, Crispy Chocolate Pearls, Coconut Chocolate, American Marshmallow Chocolate, etc. For food they have sandwiches, salads, snacks, muffins, pastries, croissants, etc. I decided to have a normal Iced Coffee (a mix of their signature coffee, scoop of vanilla ice-cream with milk over ice, finished with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles.) It was yum but I wish there was more coffee to drink and less ice. My friend Irfan had a Cappuccino which was nice and strong. I wanted to have a dessert but a couple sitting at a table near the counter suggested I try the Chocolate Croissant so I did just that. Now, it had chocolate sauce filled inside it and on top but it just wasn’t chocolatey enough. I wouldn’t recommend it. I had one problem though. I was thirsty and wanted to have water but I was told that I need to buy a bottle or drink tap water. I was ok with tap water because I didn’t want to break my Rs. 500 ka note but otherwise, imagine if you were to have a Green tea or something that needs water… They’d use tap water? It just made me think. On another occasion, I tried their Peanut Butter Choccie which was quite nice… those who love peanut butter will love it!

Ambience– We went to the one in Bandra (west) at Turner road, close to Tawa restaurant. The café actually comes under the roof of Title Waves, a bookstore. They have an inside as well as outside section. I would obviously not recommend the outdoor in this garmi but otherwise it would’ve been quite nice and it will be so in the rains for sure! The décor is simple and nice. What’s awesome is that they have the menu on Samsung galaxy tablets!

Service– The service is good and they’ll come to the rescue if you’re stuck with the Samsung tab.

Prices– Normal high end café prices; not CCD type but Costa type. My Iced coffee was for Rs. 100, the cappuccino was for Rs. 90 and the Chocolate Croissant was for Rs. 65. The bill came up to Rs, 287 with taxes. The peanut butter choccie with taxes came up to Rs.169 which I think is a little steep but then it would be expected.

Verdict– Di Bella Coffee is good but I wish they’d increase the quantity of the coffee a bit to actually get to enjoy it more and they should serve regular drinking water.

Rating– 3.5/5


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Mar 21 2012

Love & Latte, Bandra (w) – Review


I was randomly passing through Waterfield road when ‘Love & Latte’ caught my eye. It looked like a cafe I had to try!

Food– It’s just another café with the same stuff- coffees, teas, smoothies, coolers, milkshakes, sandwiches, rolls, paninis, waffles, desserts, etc. I decided to have a choco latte (pretty good) and a chilly cheese garlic bread (yum) while my friend had  a passion fruit lemon iced tea (Interesting and nice) and a choco chip cookie (bad- must have got like 10 choco chips in it!). The quantity and presentation of what we had was good.

Ambience– Located in Bandra west at Waterfield road, Love & Latte has replaced ‘Amore’ the gelato place. The décor is pretty with a great choice in colours and wallpapers. We sat in the inside which was a little clustered as compared to the outside section that looked pretty chilled out. But somehow, the café as a whole is not cosy looking or the kind where you could hang out for long.

Service– The service is good. The cookie they got us was the wrong one and on pointing that out, even though half eaten, they replaced it with the right one immediately.

Prices– The prices are alright. The passion fruit lemon iced tea was for Rs. 85, the Chilly cheese garlic toast for Rs. 75, Choco chip cookie for Rs. 35 and the Choco Latte for Rs. 95. With taxes it came up to Rs. 326 which is decent.

Verdict– Somehow, I just didn’t feel the ‘love’ at Love & Latte. Hard to explain but a café must have that warmth to make you come back again and again and I just didn’t get that feeling there.  Otherwise, it’s just your regular café in a different avatar.

Rating– 3/5

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Sep 19 2011

Wich Latte, Colaba- Review


Staying in Colaba I still hadn’t checked out this place! Hawww! Good thing I finally did; and here’s what I thought of it.

Food– Sandwiches and coffees. That’s what this place is all about and hence the name ‘Wich latte’. They also serve soups, salads, desserts, etc.  My brother and I decided to go and check it out today and this is what we had: Paneer Tikka sandwich (Paneer tikka with onions, capsicum, lettuce and mint chilli coriander mayo in grilled multigrain bread). We also had the Michigan Spread sandwich (Mozzarella cheese, capsicum, tomatoes and veg parsley garlic dressing in grilled multi-grain bread). Both of us thought that the Paneer Tikka sandwich was way better but the Michigan Spread wasn’t bad either. I had wanted to try their Mexican bagel but unfortunately they had run out of bagel breads. Anyway, since both he and I had eaten a bit before coming, we decided to have a Blueberry Cheesecake as dessert. It was so-so. Could have been better (it was more like Blueberry mousse). But the sandwiches were very good nonetheless and would be great with a cup of coffee.

Ambience– Tucked away in Colaba Causeway, opposite Cusrow Baug, it’s a small eatery which is barely noticeable among the tons of shopping stalls lined up in a row. Once you step in, you’ll be filled with the aroma of fresh bread and bright, young looking interiors with green, purple and white being the café’s colours. I think it’s a fun place to be at for a nice evening snack with a close friend or even for a meeting.

Service– The service is decent but I just thought they should keep tissues at the table and get drinking water without you having to remind them to get it.

Prices– The prices are pretty reasonable. The paneer tikka sandwich was for Rs. 100, the Michigan Spread was for Rs. 140 and the Blueberry Cheesecake was for Rs. 55. The non-veg sandwiches are priced at Rs. 95 and upwards. The coffees are for Rs. 35 and up. Not bad at all. They accept Sodexo Meal Passes and that was a good thing cause that is what I used there to pay.

Verdict– I’m glad I went to Wich Latte. In case you’re thinking where to stop by for a quick bite, this is a great place to go to. I recommend!

Rating– 3.5/5

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Jan 2 2011

Sky Café, Fort- Review


Accidental love. That is what this place is for me. I accidentally noticed this place just last week when I went to check the show timings of Tees Maar Khan at Sterling and just when I turned, I saw a lovely open air restaurant called Sky Café. It was love at first sight!

Food– They serve Italian, Continental and Oriental cuisine here along with desserts and mocktails. Let me tell you honestly, we had pizza, pasta and potato wedges among the two of us and taste-wise it was a little above average. The good thing is that they were ready to split the toppings on the pizza-half n half for my friend and me. The desserts were ok. We tried the Rich Gooey chocolate cake and Chocolate Mousse. If you plan to go for coffee, they have a nice 4pm to 7pm offer where you can have unlimited filter coffee for only Rs.45 per person.  They’re also planning to introduce breakfast there which I can’t wait to try!

Ambience– Located opposite Sterling theatre at Fort, Sky Café is an open air restaurant, (very rare in South Mumbai) which not only surprises you but also makes you feel at home. The décor is simple and sweet. There’s no snobbish air around to make you want to run out; in fact, you’d feel like chilling there for a long time. I think the love at first sight thing happens because of the first appearance of the place…but I think its too charming to lose its charm. I just have one complaint- their huge white umbrellas cannot take the pressure of the wind and while chilling there, we saw 2 of them fall. Luckily no one was sitting where they fell. So yeah, that definitely needs to be taken care of. Other than that, the setting is perfect for a date! Super romantic!

Service– This is one of their minus points. They are really sweet and try their best to make sure everything goes right, but the food takes forever to come! I think it’s the kitchen staff that takes so long (45 minutes for a pizza) but in the end it’s the overall service level that goes down. So they need to be a little more careful about getting food in atleast 20 minutes.

Prices– I think the prices are perfect. Not too much and not too less. Totally worth the food, though the food ka taste could be better. All food items (pizza, pasta, etc.) are priced at around 160 bucks. Toppings are about 20 bucks each. The desserts are about 90 bucks each. In case you want to go chill in the afternoon, the unlimited coffee offer is great priced at only Rs. 45 per head! So not bad at all! It came up to only 350 bucks per head and we were super full!

Verdict– Town really needed this place. I love it and totally recommend it to everyone! The food’s decent, the ambience is awesome and overall its paisa vasool!

A word of caution for snooty people– In case you only chill in places with A/C or places which charge a bomb for bad coffee, please don’t ever come to Sky Café…its better off without you! [Yeah, I just tend to get a little defensive about everything I love]

Rating– 4/5

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Sep 16 2010

Brewer’s Café, Andheri (West)- Review


It was a random plan, as usual. I wanted to try out a new place and it was a close friend’s birthday so we decided to go to Brewer’s Café in the afternoon to chill till dinner.

Food– Brewer’s Café serves your typical café food. Sandwiches, pizza, pasta, coffees, granitas, slushes, tea and the like. The reason I chose this place over the usual CCD, Barista, Candies and Costa Coffee was because this place had more food on the menu! We were 3 of us and ordered a Chopped Veg Cheese sandwich which was ok…the cheese wasn’t enough and overall, I wasn’t satisfied. Then I called for a Chocolate Granita which I wont recommend cause it was not chocolaty and tasted like Bournvita. My friends called for a Choco Frappe, Americano and Cheesy Fries. The coffees were good but the cheesy fries were again not cheesy enough and the cheese was quite dry. So overall, the food was very ok! I wanted to try out their pizza but unfortunately it wasn’t available!

Ambience– Located near Mega Mall and 5 Spice at Oshiwara, this sweet little café is a great place to hang out. We had gone in the afternoon and so sat inside, in the air conditioned section; but there’s an outside section too which is nice in the evenings! You can chill there for a long time and relax with your coffee. The entire atmosphere there is quite chilled out.

Service– The service is decent. The guys working there are pretty sweet and don’t take too long to get your food. They even allow you to charge your phone.

Prices– Normal café prices but not as expensive as Costa Coffee or Coffee Bean. I’d say its value for money only if the food is made better but otherwise, I think you can do with a regular coffee or something. My sandwich was for Rs.70 and the Chocolate Granita was again approximately at the same cost. The Americano was around Rs. 50 which is decent. So after having 2 Americanos, 1 Chocolate Granita, 1 Choco Frappe, 1 Sandwich, 1 Cheesy Fries and 2 bottles of Mineral water, our total bill summed up to Rs. 303 which is not bad at all!

Verdict– The place is chilled out, especially outside and maybe the food isn’t that great but it’s not bad either. I wouldn’t say it’s a place you have to try but if you stay at Andheri or close by, you could go and try out Brewer’s Café just to hang out with your buddies.

Rating– 3/5

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Jul 29 2010

Pali Village Café, Bandra -Review


There have been mixed reviews of the place so far so in order to find out the real deal, I had to go there myself! So, I finally went to the most talked about café opened recently- Pali Village Café in Bandra.

Food– Ha! Where do I start from?! They serve Italian, European and Mediterranean food. They also have a huge range of wines to choose from. Since we went in the evening at around 5, we thought we’d stick to coffees and light snacks. So I called for a Goat cheese & garlic Pizza slice and since I’ve heard their desserts are great, I called for a cake that looked nice in their display. My friends called for a Sweet potato gnocchi and coffee. Ok the coffee was strong and good but the rest of the stuff was quite bad! My pizza slice was more like 2 large Tortilla chips with cheese on top. So basically I had a pizza without the pizza sauce. Is that how pizzas are supposed to be in Italy? After I looked at the sweet potato gnocchi which were barely 4 tiny pieces with some sauce, I could not imagine eating a meal here. I mean, do they think people have pea-sized appetites or do they think everyone is anorexic?! It felt like you’re being offered prasaad from a temple, man! The dessert was a huge disappointment too! The cake was not warmed well and the ice cream had a strand of hair in it!  Although they changed it, the taste didn’t make up for it one single bit unfortunately!

Ambience– Located at Pali Hill near Janata Lunch Home, Pali Village Café is one of those hoity-toity places meant for those who don’t really care about cost, quantity or quality of food and are more concerned about being there just ‘cause it’s one of “those” places. The place if you see has an interesting décor, different from other places you’ve seen. I’ll give them credit for that. The dim lights, Italian flooring, classy furniture and old frames on rustic walls give the place a very unique look. They play old classic European music which sets the right mood for the place. There’s just this one annoying wall near the stairs that looks really bad! I wish they’d do something about that…well…Ok maybe that’s just me.

Service– These guys really need to buck up with their service! My friend had to ask 3 different waiters to get her a sachet of sugar for her coffee! Also, if you ask them what the dish contains, they haven’t a clue!

Prices– Ridiculously priced! The goat cheese & garlic pizza slice costs Rs. 110! We called for 3 cups of coffee, 1 pizza slice, 1 starter and 1 dessert. The bill came up to 1100 inclusive of tax! That’s almost 300 per person just for an afternoon snack… not even a snack, actually! I’m not complaining about it being expensive…I’m complaining because it’s not worth it at all!

Verdict– Pali Village Café might be extremely popular as of now, with people making reservations to go there but I think the place honestly needs to change a few very important things; namely- food quantity, prices and service! I don’t think I can go back there if these things don’t change!

Rating– 2/5

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