Dec 31 2010

Gulliver’s Travels- Movie Review


There are only two reasons why people would watch this movie- 1- Jack Black and 2- One of those childhood stories you wont forget. For me, both these reasons apply.

Inspired from the famous children’s book, Gulliver’s Travels the movie is set in the modern times where Gulliver goes to Bermuda Triangle to do a travel story to impress the girl he loves at work. Circumstances bring him to Lilliput, a place where tiny people live. The movie is about Gulliver’s adventures in this new place and how he gets back home.

Jack Black is known as a funny guy, who hardly makes sense. He’s been a part of some really corny movies in the past and not everyone likes him. I think he’s fun though, so this movie was not bad for me.  Also, Marshall from ‘How I met your mother’ is in it. He’s a great actor and has done a good job in this movie! As I said in the previous paragraph, the movie is set in the modern times so there are a lot of changes made in the story. After the interval, it does seem a little long but I guess the director wanted it that way. There are some jokes which you may not find funny at all because they’re super kiddish so most will not like the movie. But this is not about most; it’s about what I think of the movie.

I think its ok and you should watch it if you like Jack Black and his kinda movies otherwise, just give this a miss.

Rating– 3/5

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Dec 13 2010

The ‘Classic’ look


She’s classy, sophisticated and rich but knows when to let her hair down and have a good time!

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Sep 25 2010

Beauty and the Beast (3D) – Movie Review


Shame on me! I missed Beauty and the beast when I was a kid! Of course, now I knew the fairytale and all of that but I hadn’t seen the movie! Theek hai yaar I finally saw it at the age of 24 yrs! Koi gal nai!  Dekha toh sahi! Hai na?

For those even more shameless than I am, this beautiful fairytale is about a prince who is cursed by a spell that turns him into a beast. He can turn back into a prince only when he falls in love with a girl who loves him not for his physical appearance but his heart.

Sometimes I wonder… what would life be without fairytales? The stories are so beautifully crafted that from a young age itself you learn a lot of values besides dreaming of “prince charming”!

This movie in particular which is marketed as “The most beautiful love story ever told” is definitely well told but the music is a little annoying! Also, there was no need for them to make a 3D version of it! The movie has a beautiful story with a message, emotions, music and great characters and animation which make it what it is…a classic!

So, those who haven’t yet seen it, call for a DVD or go watch it somewhere! This one’s a must watch!

Rating– 4/5

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