Jun 16 2013

Man of Steel- Movie Review


man-of-steel-posterLook! It’s a bird… It’s a plane…No its Superman! We’ve heard, read and watched so many stories about him. He’s truly a man of steel and has left us all in awe of him. I’ve always loved Superman, much more than Batman or any other superhero. So when I first saw the trailer of this Christopher Nolan produced ‘Man of Steel’ I was really looking forward to watching it. Unfortunately, I was a bit disappointed. Read why.

The 2013 version of Superman, titled ‘Man of Steel’ is mainly about his origin and discovering himself and his past. Clark Kent has lived in a small town called Kansas all his life with his parents. He’s always known he’s special and has powers that noone else has. When he grows up his intrigue leads him to his true origin. He finds out that the planet he came from- Krypton was destroyed and his parents had sent him to Earth to save him from Zod, a man who will destroy everything including Earth to save his race.

I don’t know why but director Zack Snyder in trying to make the film rich in graphics and fresh in look has forgotten to bring out the soul of Superman and all that he does for people. The graphics are very good; no doubt about that but what lacks is depth in the story. It all seems too mechanical with so much action. I don’t understand the big fuss about Imax 3d either because even in 3d it was nothing great. I would have been ok with watching it in normal 2d because the cinematography is beautiful.

Henry Cavill as Superman might look the part and even be good at this craft but somehow seeing him in the Superman costume doesn’t do much. You wont be awestruck or excited to see him on screen. I preferred his bearded, simple guy look in the movie.  That’s not his fault though. I preferred watching Michael Shannon as Zod who played the bad guy very well. Amy Adams as Lois Lane is ok. Her chemistry with Henry Cavill is almost non-existent. Russel Crowe as Jor-El definitely stands out. He’s got an important role and has the confidence to carry it out well.

This is not the kind of superhero film that’s fun to watch. It lacks the light moments, the romance and the fact that Superman has a soul, forget the red chaddi! I wish there was atleast good background score everytime Superman was on screen. Oh sorry, ‘Man of Steel’.

Rating– 2.5/5

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Jul 20 2012

The Dark Knight Rises- Movie Review


After months of waiting, the Dark Knight (Batman) finally rose and that too more than once in the movie! Haha here’s my review of the biggest movie of the year!

Christopher Nolan’s third movie and final in the Batman trilogy is about the Dark Knight’s comeback. After the death of District Attorney Harvey Dent, Bruce Wayne (Batman) takes a backseat and stops making a difference to society as Batman because he takes the blame of Dent’s death. But Bane, a scary looking masked terrorist is on the loose and he’s planting bombs all over Gotham city. And so, the Dark Knight rises.

The man that makes the trilogy so good is Christopher Nolan. No offence to the actors and the others, but this director is the genius behind the legend ‘The Dark Knight’. He’s in a way given Batman a new look, a new image without taking away the image of our childhood superhero.  His thought process is great and he makes any film look like magic. I loved the effects, the cinematogprahy and the look of the film. However, the editing could have been crisper because 2 hrs and 45 minutes is a little too long and to be honest, I did get a little restless in the second half of the movie even though the first half was superb. The build up to the part where we finally see Batman is great! I just had to hoot when I saw Batman on screen, that was something everyone was eagerly waiting for!

Christian Bale as Batman is perfect! His physique, height and acting make him the best choice! Anne Hathway came as a pleasant surprise to me with her role and the way she acted it. We’re so used to seeing her as this sweet, beautiful looking actress in happy roles, always smiling. But she effortlessly played the character of a jewel thief and it was probably her best performance yet! Tom Hardy (Bane) was good and looked threateningly scary with his body and mask but there’s no comparison to our favourite villain- The Joker (Heath Ledger) from The Dark Knight. All the other performances were good. I also thought Jospeh Gordon-Lewitt who played Detective John Blake has great screen presence and played his part very well. Somehow, the Batman-Selina combination reminded me of our very own Aishwarya-Hrithik jodi in Dhoom 2. Some of you who’ve seen the movie might agree with what I’m saying.

Overall, The Dark Knight Rises is a great movie which most people will love. I was a little disappointed with the length of the movie; I would give an extra star had it been a 2 hour movie, which would even leave me wanting more, but for now I’ll stick to 4 out of 5 stars.

Rating– 4/5


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Jul 17 2012

The Dark Knight Rises- Teaser


That’s my version of the ‘Batman’ Dance! Like?


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Jul 16 2010

Inception- Movie Review


A dream in a dream in a dream in a dream… I can go on and on. Inception is one of those movies that will confuse the hell out of you and make you feel mentally challenged…Ok it atleast made me feel that way!

Christopher Nolan’s Inception is by far the most mind-bending movie I’ve ever seen! If you ask me what the story is all I can say is that Di Caprio plays a thief who can get into people’s dreams, their subconscious and steal their secrets. This power somehow gives him a lot but also take away a lot from his life, including his wife.  Now there’s this one man who gives him a chance to get his life back, provided he  does the reverse of what he’s been doing all this while- Inception. He needs to plant an idea and not steal one.

I’d like to say that Leonardo Di Caprio is a bloody lucky actor! He gets to work in the best of films with the best directors! Now, of course, he is a great actor too but somehow he’s got the best movies! As a lot of people are saying, you can’t watch this movie just once! You need to watch it atleast one more time to understand it better, or read up about it online! What frustrates me at this point is that I couldn’t quite understand everything in the movie! But you won’t hear even one person say that the movie is not interesting! It’s different. The story, the way the story has been executed and everything overall.

I really liked the movie and would recommend it to all those who like movies that play with your mind!

Rating- 3.5/5

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