Sep 15 2013

Saffron Bay, Chowpatty- Review


Saffron Bay I remember going to Saffron Bay in the first week of its opening less than a year back. Unfortunately I didn’t think it necessary to carry cash and they didn’t accept cards so we had to walk out without eating and decided to go to Cream Centre instead. Less than a year later, they still have a problem with their credit card system. Ummm… well, getting to my review.

Food– If you look at their menu it comprises of mainly Mughlai food but they also have continental food for the ones who would like some variety in food. For starters we tried the Malai Corn Tikki, a very different kind. The outer layer is covered in fried almonds and inside you’ll find a mixture of corn, paneer and cheese, chocolate sauce as accompaniment. Interesting yet strange combo. The tikki looked great on the outside and even tasted decent without or without chocolate sauce but was very bland. For main course we tried the Paneer Butter Masala which was tasty but the overpowering ginger taste could have been avoided. With that we had the Garlic butter naan which was nice and crisp with the right amount of garlic but slightly bland and Roomali Roti which was just right. We called for a Fresh lime soda and asked them to split it one by two. They went a step ahead and gave us almost two full glasses instead and it tasted great. For dessert we had the ‘dessert of the day’ which happened to be the Swiss Chocolate pastry. Now taste-wise it wasn’t out of the world but the quantity was perfect for two people. Overall the food was very well presented and the quantity wasn’t disappointing at all.

Saffron Bay2 copyAmbience– Now here’s a venue that’s at a prime South Mumbai location- Chowpatty. Saffron Bay is bang opposite the Girgaon Chowpatty beach. Several restaurants and Banquet halls have come and gone to replace the very famous ‘Revival’ that was known a long time ago. The restaurant is beautifully designed, keeping it contemporary with an Indian touch. I love the ceiling lights and overall colours in the restaurant. I just wish they played better music. When we just came in, they had some early 2000s Hindi music playing. A while later they had English pop music from the end of 90s playing. Neither of the two goes with the theme of the place but I excuse them because there was no one at the restaurant apart from us and the poor souls put that music for themselves and probably didn’t think to change it. Anyway, it’s a great place for a nice quiet dinner as there are several booths that make your experience more personal.

Service– Since we were just two of us, we had all the attention. Our food arrived after about 15-20 minutes of placing the order which is normal. Good staff and good service overall.

Prices– When you look at the prices you would estimate a spending of atleast Rs. 750-800 but once you order the food you will realise that the prices aren’t just for the heck of a fine dining experience. The Malai Corn Tikki starter was for Rs. 250, Paneer Butter Masala was for Rs. 350, Garlic Butter Naan and Roomali Roti for Rs. 50 and Rs. 45 each, Fresh Lime Soda for Rs. 100, Dessert of the day for Rs. 180. With taxes our bill came to Rs. 1136. Not bad at all.

Verdict– A nice experience overall apart from a few things that need to be worked on.

Rating– 3/5

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Mar 13 2012

Ice Cream Works, Chowpatty- Review


Ever since Gelato shut down at Chowpatty, I was wondering what would replace it. When I saw it from outside, I was like “Shit not another ice cream place!”, but then Ice Cream Works by Cream Centre sells more than just Ice Creams which made me want to go check it out!

What do you get there?  Ice creams, ice cream sunadaes, cassatas, Ice cream cakes, snacks like nachos, fries, rolls, sandwiches, pizzas and pastas. They have some really interesting flavours like Gajar Halwa, Sticky Chocolate, Hazelnut, kulfi, paan, etc. My brother and I had Nachos and a Nutty Sundae which basically had chocolate ice cream, nuts and chocolate sauce in a chocolate waffle cup. The cheesy nachos were yum and the sundae was chocolicious! I wish we could’ve tried more…the ice cream cakes looked super tempting!

Ambience & Service– Located bang opposite Chowpatty beach, near Café Coffee Day, Ice Cream Works by Cream Centre is a lovely place! Lots of white and light blue has been used with chic and classy furniture. They have place to sit in case you want to sit down and enjoy your ice cream or have a small snack before your dessert. The service is good.

Prices– The Ice creams start at Rs. 38 and up depending on the flavour you choose. The Sundaes are for Rs. 120 and up. The snacks are all between Rs. 98 and Rs. 148. We paid Rs. 256 for Nachos and the Nutty Sundae and both were totally worth it! The pricing is just right.

Verdict– I loved what I had and can’t wait to try more! If you’re an ice cream person, totally go and try Ice Cream Works! You’ll love it!

Rating– 4.5/5


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May 30 2011

The Terrace, Chowpatty- Review


I recently went to not -just -another “terrace” with a couple of friends to see what it was like and here’s what I thought of it.

Food– If you’re planning to eat hardcore, this is not the place for you. Just like WTF! The Terrace serves starters and drinks only. They have an entire menu containing alcohol choices and for food they didn’t have a menu yet ‘cause they had just opened;  but they have starters such as French Fries, Pizza, Bruschetta, Burgers, Sandwiches, Chilly Mini Potatoes, Spinach & Mozarella tikis, etc and no non-veg ‘cause the landlord of the building doesn’t allow non-veg.  Since there were only starters we decided to call for 4-5 different ones. The Grain pizza was the strangest of them all! It didn’t look like a pizza but tasted good anyway. It had a thick wheat base with Bell pepper, Cheese, a Basil leaf and an Artichoke. The cutlet in the Burgers tasted like Kanda bhajiya with corn but it was good nonetheless. Next we tried the Spinach Mozarella thing with sev around it. That was ok. The Mini potatoes were also just ok… the taste of the potatoes overpowered the sauce. So the food was ok. I thought the quantity was very little. We were not even half full! Basically, it’s a place for those more interested in drinking and have starters on the side so make sure you don’t go there just for food. But one thing that I must add is that they’ve made an attempt to introduce new dishes and make them look different so kudos to them!

Ambience– Lovely place. Open air with comfortable seating- chilled out chairs and bean bags to sit on with amazing breeze slapping your face. The best part is that you’ll see our very own Chowpatty beach on the opposite side. So yes, they’ve got the right location with very simple and yet classy décor and furniture which makes the place just awesome and fun to chill!

Service– The service is fine nothing spectacular about it!

Prices– I’d say the prices are fine but the quantity of food is not. So they should do something about that. A Kingfisher beer costs Rs. 180, the pizza cost us 300 bucks and it wasn’t worth the money at all! The mini burgers plate cost us Rs. 225, the spinach Mozarella thing cost us Rs. 275 and the Mini potatoes cost us Rs. 245. So 4 starters, 1 beer and 2 Fresh lime sodas, adding 10% service charge, the bill amount came to Rs. 1460 among the 4 of us. But mind you we weren’t full at all!

Verdict– The Terrace is a great place to hang out with your friends, have a couple of drinks and just enjoy the weather is good ol’ Mumbai. The food, service and pricing is ok. If they make a few changes in the quantity and introduce more things to eat, I’d definitely be coming here more often! It’s worth a shot for sure so go try it asap!

Rating– 3/5


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Mar 5 2011

New Wave, Chowpatty- Review


Another New Yorkers/Cream Centre in the same area? Well, you’re just about to find out!

Food– Mexican, Italian, Continental, Indian, Oriental and all of it mixed with a little bit of ‘Gujuness’ is what you’ll find at New Wave Multicuisine Restaurant (Veg). Not that it’s a bad thing but not everyone will like it. We were 6 of us and decided to go all out and call for anything that sounded interesting. And so we ended up calling for so many things! Ok here’s what I thought of all that we ordered (had to get the bill back to remember all that we had):

Bendi Kurkure– Nice for those who like fried bhindi.

Blue Sea– Blue Curacuo and soda- good

Cheese Balls– More like paneer corn balls but great nonetheless.

Jalapeno Chilly Cheese Toast– Yum but only 5 pieces.

Dal Bookhara– Very ok

Fresh Lime Soda– I’ve had better!

Home made Nachos– Good but too little quantity-wise.

Laccha Paratha– Good

Paneer Makhani– Yum! Excellent!

Pesto Cream Pasta– Very good!

Pudina Paratha & Roomali Roti– Nice

Tomato & Basil soup– Very good!

Strawberry Punch– Tasted like Virgin Pina Colada. Ok

Enchiladas– Not bad but could have been better.

Vietnamese Spring Roll– Sushi-like, not worth having, the plum sauce that came with it tasted like what we Gujus call ‘Chhunda’

Overall the food was ok. Very little quantity so you can’t help but call for more items. Not cool! The Indian was great though so I suggest you try that instead of the other stuff. For the other stuff, go to New Yorkers/ Cream Centre/ Relish, etc. I loved the ending to our dinner though- they gave us 3 complimentary Blueberry Yoghurts among the 6 of us and that was yum! Tasted like Blueberry Cheesecake. And yes, the food presentation was very good too!

Ambience– Located at Chowpatty, you can expect a lot of family crowd here. The restaurant is simple and looks decent. Nothing different about the interiors but simple is good.

Service– They served us well. No complaints there.

Prices– The food is moderately priced but the chindi quantity of the food does not make it worth it. We paid Rs.2651 (including 10% service tax) for all that we ordered but were not fully satisfied. I think they should work on their starters and new items on the menu to make it more appetizing and definitely increase the quantity!

Verdict– New Wave is ok because everything about the place is ok. But if they can work a little on the food aspect- quantity and quality, and emphasize on their Indian food which is their forte, they can do well. They have the potential.

Rating– 2.5/5

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