Aug 26 2015

Apsara IceCreams, Powai- Review


Apsara Icecreams PowaiApsara Ice creams has been around at Walkeshwar since longer than I can remember. The Roasted Almond ice cream was undeniably one of the richest and creamiest I had had. Apsara has been known for its sancha ice cream (Handmade, without preservatives or added flavours). So when I was invited to try the ice creams at the Powai branch, I just couldn’t say no.

Flavours– They have a whole range of flavours from sorbet to chocolate-based to fruit based, even sugar free and apart from that have Kulfi and thick milkshakes. Karan and I were super excited to dig into all the flavours so we actually tried each and every one. The Guava sorbet has to be my favourite. It was light and filled with fruity goodness. It was served with masala on top! So cool! Killer Kiwi and Watermelon Wonder were alright. The Mosambi flavour was slightly bitter. Paan Pasand would be a better and in fact an amazing replacement for real Paan.

Now coming to the flavours we had. I had Funky Ferrerro- a lethal combination of the sinful Ferrerro Rocher chocolate, Vanilla and a hint of chocolate. I thought it was good but could have been more chocolatey. Karan had Mint Marvel which is Apsara’s version of the famous ‘After Dark’. With a not-so-over-powering taste of mint and just a hint of chocolate, this one too was so-so. Apart from ice creams they also have milkshakes and I couldn’t resist trying those either, considering what a big sweet tooth-greedy bugger I am. I loved the Orange Blossom milkshake; bits of orange mixed with milk and barely any sugar. It also had the thickness one would expect from a milkshake. Their cold coco is out of the world! An absolute must have! I must thank the staff there for being so patient and letting us try so many flavours. Apart from Powai and Walkeshwar, they also have an outlet at Vile Parle, Matunga and Thane and have a free delivery service to homes close by.

Pricing– I like that Apsara doesn’t differentiate between their flavours in terms of pricing. All flavours are priced at Rs. 55 for a cup and Rs. 65 for a cone. The milkshakes are priced at Rs. 70 for a glass. Their family packs are for Rs. 250.

Verdict– Apsara is here to stay and after this I am sure I will go back to indulge in some Cold Coco and Roasted Almond Ice cream. Slurp!

Rating– 4.5/5

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Jul 16 2014

Jamjar Diner, Versova- Review


Oh I can’t tell you how badly I wanted to try Jamjar Diner since the time it opened. Unfortunately, the distance (South Mumbai to Versova) was just too much. Luckily, I had to go shopping that side and so Fash and I just decided that we’d just go! Bahut ho gaya!

Jamjar diner  foodFood– Jam Jar serves Italian, American and Mexican food apart from various drinking options. We had gone for lunch and were super hungry so we decided to quickly call for a starter that they recommended – JJ’s Chili Cheese toast. Ok so it was nice but not the best I’ve had. With ketchup, oregano and chilli flakes, it tasted better. For main course I decided to call for the Basil Pesto+ Feta+ Roasted Veggies sandwich. Now it smelled really good and was stuffed with veggies but tastewise, it was quite bland and there was barely any feta. After having half the sandwich I decided that some more feta was needed to improve the taste and thankfully, it got a lot better. Fash had the Chimichurri Grilled chicken and she loved it. For drinks, I had a good old Chocolate milkshake. Trust me; it was just too good to be true! One glass just ain’t enough! Fash decided to go healthy and had the Carrot+Apple+Ginger juice which was nice and refreshing. She also called for the Smoked Paprika Fries which were just perfect. After eating so much we were quite full but couldn’t go without trying a dessert. We wanted to try the Flower Pot Surprise (Brownies, marshmallows & ice cream) but ended up having the Dark Chocolate & Salted Caramel Mousse which was absolutely delicious, especially the salted caramel at the bottom! So, the food overall was tasty, well presented but slightly bland.

Ambience– Located at Versova, Andheri West, Jamjar Diner place gets full marks for its ambience. Skillfully decorated, you will find something new to look at everytime you go there, especially because there is so much to see! Lots of vintage and classic looking furniture and accessories with lovely colours everywhere. The vibe is positive and fun and that translates into an experience that is such. You’ll find randome things like a Jukebox, Mango Bites, a gramophone, old Tv set, ancient looking barni, pots, pans, plates, tools, a goldfish in a glass bowl and so much more. All of it adds character and makes Jamjar Diner an interesting place to kill time, especially if your friend’s late.

Jamjar diner, VersovaService– I was quite happy with the service. These guys know their stuff and will help you choose something nice, especially if you’re there for the first time. Our waiter was nice. We were stuffed and still wanted to have the Flower Pot dessert. He told us that it would get too heavy for us so go for something lighter; which is exactly what we did.

Prices– The prices are slightly on the higher side. You would end up spending about 800 bucks per head without alcohol. Jamjar’s Chilli Cheese toast was for Rs. 225 which I felt was a bit overpriced. The Veg sandwich that I had was for Rs. 295. The Chimichurri Grilled Chicken was for Rs. 312. The Smoked Paprika fries were for Rs. 156. The awesome Chocolate milkshake was for Rs. 156 and the Carrot, apple and ginger juice was for Rs. 174. The dark chocolate & salted caramel mousse was for Rs. 174. So our bill came up to Rs. 1720 including taxes and service charge.

Verdict– Jamjar Diner is sweet and has such a positive vibe that you’d want to visit again and again even though the food is slightly bland and the prices a little high. You must have their chocolate milkshake!

Rating– 3.5/5

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Jun 28 2014

Kirith’s Patisserie, Byculla- Review


I’m a total junk food and dessert person so it was no surprise that I was super excited to try Kirith’s Patisserie at Byculla.

What I had:

Kirith's pastries1 Chocolate heaven (Rs. 70) – Rich chocolate pastry that’s hard to share! Truly heavenly! Must have!

Death by Chocolate (Rs. 65) – Not as deathly as I wished it was. The cake was not very soft and it didn’t taste that great.

Black & White Forest (Rs. 60) – Soft, creamy and nice. Lots of cherries!

Walnut Brownie (Rs. 60) – Not the best brownie I’ve had but this one’s loaded with walnuts and is quite tasty. Not bad for the price.

Chocolate tart (Rs. 50) – Yum! Worth having for sure!

Kirith's tarts1Veg puff (Rs. 40) – Superb! Loved the crispiness of the puff and the taste of corn, spinach and cheese inside. Really good!

Veg pizza slice (Rs. 50) – The bread was a little chewy but not bad overall.

Green Goddess Burger (Rs. 50) – Avoidable. I’d go eat the burger from Mc Donald’s instead.

Kirith's savouriesWhere? I had called for all the items at home but was not too happy with that service so it would be better to just go to their outlet. They’re located at Byculla, near St. Mary’s school, opposite Mazgaon court. You can call them on 022 67303649.

Verdict– Kirith’s Patisserie is a bit of this and that. If you happen to be around Byculla, do go there and have their Chocolate heaven pastry or Veg Puff.

Rating– 2.5/5

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Jul 13 2013

CocoaPod, Worli- Review


CocoapodCraving something sweet? Not sure what to have? Call CocoaPod and your sweet cravings will be answered!

What I had- The box of desserts was delivered to my place when I was at school. My brother sent me pictures and I was so tempted to gobble them up that I could barely concentrate at work. Here are the goodies I got to try! They customize cakes and items from the menu as you please so feel free to place your orders as per how you wish!

Cocoapod cupcakes Mini Cupcakes (Rs. 25 each) Mango– Nice cream but the cake could have been softer. Blueberry– Loved the cream. Mint– So good that one just wont be enough! Vanilla Choco-chip – Delicious! Chocolate– The best!

Royal Red Velvet mini cupcake (Rs.30) – Yummy in my tummy!

Gooey Chocolate Brownie, Gooey Walnut Brownie (Rs. 60 each) – Taste-wise both were very good but they weren’t soft or gooey. The crust was hard. The walnut brownie was definitely much better than the chocolate brownie.

Cake Pops (Rs. 40 each)Strawberry– It had a chocolate coating and was soft and scrumptious! Loved the cake inside! Chocolate– It looked great but on the outside and the white chocolate layer tasted ok but inside it was fantastic!

Oreo Chocolates (Rs. 25 each) – Great idea and it also tasted nice but I wish it was less sweet.

Dark Chocolate lollipops (Rs. 25 for small, Rs. 30 for medium) – Perfect! It would be even better with nuts inside.

Cocoapod worli dessertsWhere? CocoaPod is located at Worli, Mumbai so all you Worli people are lucky to get it delivered for free to your place. For everyone else, you need to order for a minimum amount of Rs. 500 or Rs. 1000 depending on how far you stay from Worli. You can call them on +91-98338 91456 or +91-98201 08366 to place you order.

Verdict– Try CocoaPod for their mouth watering cupcakes, chocolates and cake pops!

Rating– 3/5



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May 19 2013

Icing on Top, Kemps Corner- Review


Icing on top 1

Icing on Top has been around for some time now but not many people knew about it. I’m one of the lucky few who’ve gotten to try their stuff and let you in on it. Here’s my review.

Desserts- I remember trying their Red Velvet cake slice at an exhibition and thought it was exceptional! I really was looking forward to trying all their other desserts and I’m glad I did! All the ‘pure veg’ people will be very happy to know that all the desserts at Icing on Top are eggless.  

Cake Pops (Rs.30) – In general, soft and tasty and also a great idea! I tried Red Velvet- The outer layer wasn’t as good as the cake inside. The Double chocolate cake pop was Chocorgasmic! A must have! Oreo was Oreoliciously good!

Oaty Caramel Crunch cookie (Rs. 100 for 100gms) – If you’re health conscious or love granola bars, this one’s for you. Crunchy and wholesome.

Mini Cookies (Rs. 100 for 100gms) – A great idea to have bite sized cookies that you can pop one every hour and not feel guilty! I tried the Cinnamon mini cookies – Not a fan of cinnamon but these were just fantastic! Melt- in-your-mouth types!  Chocolate chip mini cookies – Yum! Lemon mini cookies – Addictive! Can’t stop at one!

Chocolate Mud Pie (Rs.150) – Gooey, rich, amazing!

Red Velvet pastry (Rs.125) – Sinful indulgence! Easily the best item on the menu! A must have!

Hazelnut shot glass (Rs.50) – Divine! Like a creamier version of nutella!

Blueberry shot glass (Rs.50) – Great mix of blueberry with a crushed biscuit base.

Chocolate shot glass (Rs.50) – Ok. The least favourite of them all.

Icing on top 2I didn’t get to try the cupcakes (Rs. 30) which I’ve heard good things about. But I’m definitely going to stop by when I’m at Kemps Corner next and give it a shot!

Where? Based out of Masjid Bunder where the main kitchen is, they’ve very recently started a small counter inside a shop called Besos at Kemps Corner near Cumballa Hill Hospital. So you can either go grab a bite or doggy bag a bunch of things to try at home; if not get it delivered.

Verdict– Reasonably priced eggless desserts that taste very good! Must haves- Red velvet pastry, chocolate mud pie, mini cookies, Chocolate cake pop. I look forward to trying their cupcakes and other pastries!

Rating– 3.5/5



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Oct 4 2012

The Chocolate Heaven, Vile Parle (W) – Review


So, this was one of those random, unplanned visits. Actually that’s not new, considering it’s me. So yeah, after snacking at Ice n Rolls at Vile Parle, my friend and I decided to go have some dessert at The Chocolate Heaven. Was it as heavenly as it sounds? You’re just about to find out!

Food– Ok so they have some really cool desserts here. Pastries, chocolates, sundaes, waffles, pancakes, shakes, coffees, teas, cold drinks, chocolate fondues are just among the desserts and drinks. They also have pizzas, sandwiches, pasta and garlic bread. Phew! Now, since we’d already eaten food, we decided to share a Nutella Waffle (2 pieces) which came with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. The waffle was nice and thick but the sauce on top was not the original Nutella sauce. I could make out from the taste. It was definitely fake Nutella sauce and didn’t taste that good and more so because it was too thin. It could have been a big hit otherwise! For sure! They also had these Chocolate shots which fascinated me and so I decided to try one with Hazelnut syrup. It came in a small shot glass and trust me it was incredibly sinful. I actually had it as a shot and loved it! I recommend that for sure! Also, my aunt said that their pizzas are superb so I’ll probably try them the next time I’m there.

Ambience– Located at Vile Parle west, opposite Bhaidas hall and next to NMIMS, The Chocolate Heaven is a sweet cafe with an outdoor and an indoor section. It’s the perfect hang out for all the college students who want to get out for a quick bite. They’ve got some really awesome quotes on the walls which every chocoholic will agree with.

Service– They’re nice and pretty quick and efficient with their service.

Prices– The Nutella waffle with ice cream was for Rs. 149 and the Chocolate shot was for Rs. 45. The chocolate shot is totally worth it, the Nutella waffle can do with some improvement (Original Nutella sauce). With taxes, the bill came up to Rs. 216 which is decent for what we had.

Verdict– The Chocolate Heaven is here to stay with reasonable rates and good food on their menu. Chocolate shots are a must have! Go try!

Rating– 3.5/5


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Sep 29 2012

Ne’thing for Chocolate, Charni road- Review


I’m sure by now you know what a chocoholic I am and how excited I get at the mere mention of the word ‘chocolate’ or ‘dessert’. So it’s pretty obvious why I went and tried ‘Ne’thing for Chocolate’ in the first place!

Food– From thick shakes like Oreo, choco walnut, tender coconut, toblerone, ferrero, snickers, etc.  to sandwiches like choco chilly, roasted almond, double decker, etc.  to Mini Pizzas in different crusts with white choco, choco banana, etc. this place has some pretty interesting chocolate food ideas. I decided to try their basic Chocolate shake- Choco Blast. To be honest, I didn’t enjoy it. It was very ok. It’s similar to Cad-B so if you’re a fan of that, you’ll like it. Somehow the chocolate just didn’t taste that good. I also tried the Chocolate sandwich. Now that was good. It was basically made by grilling 2 triangular breads with chocolate inside and chocolate on top. Just the crust of the bread should have been cut because it was too hard. I’ll probably try their Choco Pizza next time I go there.

Where?– It’s a small little place located at Charni Road, in the same line as Central Plaza theatre and right next to Jawed Habib’s Hair Xpress. They don’t have place to sit so you can either pick up what you want or ask them to deliver if you stay close by.

Prices– The pricing is proper. I paid Rs. 40 for the Choco Blast milkshake and Rs. 40 for the Choco sandwich (2 separate occasions). The most expensive thing on the menu is the Ferrero shake which costs Rs. 90 apart from which everything else is very reasonable. College students from nearby colleges such as Hinduja go there in large numbers!

Verdict– Even though it’s reasonably priced, I wish their chocolate tasted better. It didn’t make me go ‘mmmmm’ like I do when I enjoy my desserts.

Rating– 2.5/5

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May 28 2012

Di Bella Coffee, Bandra (W) – Review


Di Bella Coffee is an Australian brand with a chain of cafes in Australia, China and now India. I finally got a chance to try it and I’m glad I did!

Food & Drinks– Di Bella has a variety of coffees and drinks that sets it apart from other cafes. For example, Peanut Butter Iced Choccie, Whipped Chocolate Frappe, Danish Toffee Chocolate Frappe, Crispy Chocolate Pearls, Coconut Chocolate, American Marshmallow Chocolate, etc. For food they have sandwiches, salads, snacks, muffins, pastries, croissants, etc. I decided to have a normal Iced Coffee (a mix of their signature coffee, scoop of vanilla ice-cream with milk over ice, finished with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles.) It was yum but I wish there was more coffee to drink and less ice. My friend Irfan had a Cappuccino which was nice and strong. I wanted to have a dessert but a couple sitting at a table near the counter suggested I try the Chocolate Croissant so I did just that. Now, it had chocolate sauce filled inside it and on top but it just wasn’t chocolatey enough. I wouldn’t recommend it. I had one problem though. I was thirsty and wanted to have water but I was told that I need to buy a bottle or drink tap water. I was ok with tap water because I didn’t want to break my Rs. 500 ka note but otherwise, imagine if you were to have a Green tea or something that needs water… They’d use tap water? It just made me think. On another occasion, I tried their Peanut Butter Choccie which was quite nice… those who love peanut butter will love it!

Ambience– We went to the one in Bandra (west) at Turner road, close to Tawa restaurant. The café actually comes under the roof of Title Waves, a bookstore. They have an inside as well as outside section. I would obviously not recommend the outdoor in this garmi but otherwise it would’ve been quite nice and it will be so in the rains for sure! The décor is simple and nice. What’s awesome is that they have the menu on Samsung galaxy tablets!

Service– The service is good and they’ll come to the rescue if you’re stuck with the Samsung tab.

Prices– Normal high end café prices; not CCD type but Costa type. My Iced coffee was for Rs. 100, the cappuccino was for Rs. 90 and the Chocolate Croissant was for Rs. 65. The bill came up to Rs, 287 with taxes. The peanut butter choccie with taxes came up to Rs.169 which I think is a little steep but then it would be expected.

Verdict– Di Bella Coffee is good but I wish they’d increase the quantity of the coffee a bit to actually get to enjoy it more and they should serve regular drinking water.

Rating– 3.5/5


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May 9 2012

Roochster Recommends: Tiffany Cream Wafers


What? Chocolate flavoured cream wafers manufactured in Dubai, UAE.

Flavours– Chocolate, Strawberry, Orange, Hazelnut, Vanilla, Mango, Coconut & Pineapple.

Taste– Yum! If you’re a Pik-Wik fan or looking for something other than the usual biscuits, go get Tiffany Cream Wafers instead! The chocolate inside is tasty and the wafer covering is crisp.

Where? You can get them at most supermarkets. I usually get them from Mahatma Phule Market at a very good price.

How much? The MRP would be more than Rs.50 but at Mahatma Phule Market you’ll get it at Rs. 40 max for a 175gms pack.

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Mar 13 2012

Ice Cream Works, Chowpatty- Review


Ever since Gelato shut down at Chowpatty, I was wondering what would replace it. When I saw it from outside, I was like “Shit not another ice cream place!”, but then Ice Cream Works by Cream Centre sells more than just Ice Creams which made me want to go check it out!

What do you get there?  Ice creams, ice cream sunadaes, cassatas, Ice cream cakes, snacks like nachos, fries, rolls, sandwiches, pizzas and pastas. They have some really interesting flavours like Gajar Halwa, Sticky Chocolate, Hazelnut, kulfi, paan, etc. My brother and I had Nachos and a Nutty Sundae which basically had chocolate ice cream, nuts and chocolate sauce in a chocolate waffle cup. The cheesy nachos were yum and the sundae was chocolicious! I wish we could’ve tried more…the ice cream cakes looked super tempting!

Ambience & Service– Located bang opposite Chowpatty beach, near Café Coffee Day, Ice Cream Works by Cream Centre is a lovely place! Lots of white and light blue has been used with chic and classy furniture. They have place to sit in case you want to sit down and enjoy your ice cream or have a small snack before your dessert. The service is good.

Prices– The Ice creams start at Rs. 38 and up depending on the flavour you choose. The Sundaes are for Rs. 120 and up. The snacks are all between Rs. 98 and Rs. 148. We paid Rs. 256 for Nachos and the Nutty Sundae and both were totally worth it! The pricing is just right.

Verdict– I loved what I had and can’t wait to try more! If you’re an ice cream person, totally go and try Ice Cream Works! You’ll love it!

Rating– 4.5/5


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