Mar 12 2012

The Vow- Movie Review


Very similar to ‘The Notebook’ but only slower, duller, boring-er and not something I’d put in my list of ‘Awesome chick flicks’.

Rating- 2/5

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Dec 9 2011

Ladies vs Ricky Bahl- Movie Review


I’ve loved Anushka Sharma since her first film and liked Ranveer Singh in his but I absolutely loved them together in Band Baaja Baaraat and couldn’t wait to watch Ladies vs Ricky Bahl for the same reason. Was the movie any good though? You’re just about to find out!

Ricky Bahl (Ranveer Singh) is a conman who’s conned more than 30 rich beautiful girls for money. He changes his look and city to avoid getting caught. Out of the 30 dumb girls, there’s one smart girl who gets hold of two others and they pull in (Ishika) Anushka Sharma, who’s a brilliant salesgirl to con the charmer. The rest of the story is predictable so I wont say anymore.

If you’re a girl who’s filmy, romantic and loves Bollywood, here’s a movie you just can’t miss! The story is simple but the treatment is great! Superb screenplay, brilliant cinematography and colours (Yashraj never goes wrong with that ever!), lovely sets, make-up and costumes, realistic dialogues and acting, ok music and superb direction. There aren’t too many faults I could find in this film to be honest. It was just pure entertainment and fun throughout.

Ranveer Singh in this movie is just fantastic! He not only looks good but also acts well and I love the way he says ‘I love you’! I just melted when he said it! 😛 Anushka Sharma is gorgeous! She has amazing screen presence and anything she wears looks as if it’s just made for her. She’s a natural actor and I love the way she delivers her dialogues. All the supporting actors are also very good but I’ll specially mention the girl who plays ‘Dimple’. She’s got the best lines and was just perfect for the role with superb comic timing! She definitely deserves an award for the best supporting actress!

Ladies vs Ricky Bahl might not appeal to a lot of guys but most girls will love it even though it is predictable. It’s a fun film and I think you should watch it!

Rating– 3.5/5

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Sep 3 2011

Friends With Benefits- Movie Review


No matter how predictable, this romantic comedy is very enjoyable with great performances by Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis; must watch!

Rating- 3.5/5

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Feb 17 2011

No Strings Attached- Movie Review


This wasn’t one of the movies I had planned to go for but since it was a chick flick and I had a holiday, I thought that I might as well go for it.

As the title suggests, No Strings attached is about a guy and a girl who hook up as “f*** buddies”. Now the guy is attracted to the girl since they were 15 but the girl is commitment-phobic or basically dislikes sharing her feelings and so they decide to just have fun. But for how long can they have a relationship with no strings attached?

Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman are both great actors and are great together even though Ashton Kutcher looks like a 20 yr old and Natalie Portman looks like she’s 30. Even though it’s quite predictable, you’d want to watch it because the screenplay is excellent and some of the dialogues are hilarious! I actually found myself laughing out loud several times. It’s one of those romantic comedies you can watch with your girlfriends and just have a good time or even with your close buddies who like romantic comedies!

I quite liked No Strings Attached as a movie in spite of it seeming a little long. All you Rom-Com lovers, you wont regret watching it…I promise! 🙂


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Aug 7 2010

Aisha- Movie Review


After reading about the movie’s promotions and news from SonamAKapoor’s Twitter updates every single day, I saw the much awaited Aisha this morning. Ab kya kahoon?

I knew it was going to be a chick flick the moment I saw the trailer; and also knew that the film would revolve around Sonam Kapoor as her dad’s the producer.

Adapted from the movies ‘Emma’ and ‘Clueless’, Aisha (Sonam Kapoor) is about a rich spoilt girl who loves shopping, hanging out with her girlfriends and doesn’t really care about her career. She loves playing cupid but hasn’t been in love herself. And predictably, jealousy and loneliness make her realize that she’s in love with her childhood friend Arjun (Abhay Deol).

Aisha as a film is as predictable as one can get. The thing is that you’ll know what’ll happen next but the movie just drags and drags…There are so many scenes which could have just been edited, which would make the movie a crisper product eventually…but no!

Sonam Kapoor for the first time annoyed me with her tenh-tenh (my way of saying whiny, girly nakhras) style of talking. Someone who would be perfect for Aisha’s role in my opinion is Kareena Kapoor. I was surprised to see Abhay Deol in a movie like this! He’s a good actor but in this one, the guy hardly needed to act as Miss Goody-two-shoes  hogged up the entire movie! One actor who stood out was Cyrus Sahukar! He’s naturally good humored and so while acting, he didn’t have to try too hard. The clothes were super-stylish and looked hot on Sonam Kapoor but somehow her make-up in lots of scenes was really bad! There’s nothing outstanding about the way its shot but there are some really nice locations these people have scouted! The music is something I won’t complain about at all! The songs somehow make the movie more complete. Amit Trivedi, once again has made great music, especially the songs ‘Lehrein’, ‘Shaam’ and ‘Suno Aisha’.

So overall, Aisha for me is an average chick flick.

Rating- 2.5/5

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