Oct 29 2013

Chocoholic, Colaba- Review


Chocoholic1I’ve known Rishika Bhatia (the owner) of Chocoholic since many years now and even knew of Chocoholic’s existence. But I hadn’t tried her stuff yet. Brownie yes, but that was about it. So here I am finally after having tried her stuff, giving you my review of Chocoholic- Chocolates and more.

DessertsYou will find most desserts here- brownies, chocolates, muffins, mousse, cookies, tarts and trifles. She specializes in Kid-specific shaped chocolates with fun wrappings and party hampers. She also makes cakes according to order. Now here’s what I had.

Cupcakes (Rs. 50 onwards) Chocolate– Superb!  Bubble gum– Slightly grainy but not bad. Espresso Walnut– If you love coffee, you will love this cupcake! An absolute must have!

Brownies (Rs. 45)Walnut– Dark, rich and delicious!  Oreo– Nice.

Cookies (Rs. 300/250gms) – I loved the cookies! They were slightly salty but tasted awesome even then. The consistency of the dough batter made all the difference. Choco-chip-Hazelnut, Peanut Butter bars, Cinnamon are the ones I loved. Chocolate chip, Lemon and Almond were ok.

Chocolates (Rs. 850/kg) – I tasted many chocolates and out of them, I thought the Raisins one and Almonds one was the best. The Kacha Keri Atom Bombs were superb! A must have!


Where? Chocoholic is located at Colaba and delivers at an extra cost. To place an order you can call them on 098 19 146826. The minimum order for cupcakes and brownies  is 6 piecesof the same flavour and for chocolates the minimum is 250 gms.

Verdict– The packaging is very good so Chocoholic would be the right choice to gift a box of Kacha Keri atom bombs, the Espresso walnut cupcake and Peanut butter cookies!

Rating– 3/5

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Sep 22 2013

Apron Patisserie, Malabar Hill- Review


Apron  Patisserie 2There are loads of people who envy me for the amount of food I get to try and write about as a blogger. Apron Patisserie is one such dessert place I came across on Facebook and I decided that I just had to try it. I don’t think I’ve had a sweeter week and I’m just about to tell you all about Apron Patisserie where each dessert has a spoonful of love.

What I had– I tried loads of desserts and I can’t wait to tell you which ones are kickass! By the way, the packaging is superb! Very classy!  Home bakers must look at this as an example. Also, all the products are eggless so vegetarians can breathe a sigh of relief.

Chocolate chip, Cookie dough, Oreo Fudge Brownie– It looked great and I loved the top chocolate layer but there was this coconut taste which I didn’t like at all and that somehow took away the essence of the brownie.

Apron 1Cupcakes– Cinnamon cream & fudge- Yum! Even though I’m not a fan of cinnamon I thought the cupcakes was great!

Chocolate with Mocha cream- Delicious! All you coffee fans will love it!

Boston Cream Pie- Scrumptious, creamy and rich! An absolute must have cupcake!

Vanilla with hazelnut cream- Brilliantly made. The hazelnut didn’t have a very strong taste but it went well with the sponge.

Red velvet with cream cheese- Not the best Red velvet cupcake I’ve had. Again, a strange coconut taste took away the taste of the sponge and cream cheese.

Chocolate with chocolate mousse- The chocolate sponge was nice but I didn’t quite feel the same way about the chocolate mousse frosting.

Blueberry- Nice. Would taste great cold.

Apple pie- cinnamon- Well made.

Vanilla Cookies & Cream- The best cupcake of them all, hands down! Must have!

Rainbow cupcake- It looked beautiful but the sponge turned out to be bitter and overall it wasn’t as tasty as it looked.

Mocha- Yum! The cream had melted but still fantastic!

Cookies– Chocolate chip & M&M- Both cookies had a generous amount of chocolate chips and MnMs. Apart from the coconut taste, the cookies were rich, soft and would be great to munch on at any time of the day.

Apron 3Chocolate cake with chocolate fudge and cookies & cream– The cake didn’t just look tempting; it was full of surprises from the first bite. It was rich, creamy and fun to eat because of the many layers. Highly recommended!

Where? Apron Patisserie is run by a home baker- Anjani Kasliwal. She operates from Malabar Hill and delivers right upto Juhu. To place an order you need to give her a day’s notice. For a big order or to make a themed cake, she needs atleast 3 days prior notice. You can call her on 098 33 126116 to place an order.

How much? A 1 kg cake costs anything between 1200-1500 depending on the type you choose. Cupcakes are for Rs. 600 a dozen, Choco chip brownies are for Rs. 1000 a dozen, Walnut brownies are for Rs. 800 a dozen and cookies are for Rs. 450 a dozen. Great pricing for the quality of ingredients and richness of the dessert.

Verdict– Apron Patisserie’s desserts are rich, scrumptious and made with a lot of love! I highly recommend the Boston cream pie cupcake, the Mocha cream on chocolate cupcake and the three-layered chocolate cake with chocolate fudge and cookies & cream.

Rating– 3/5


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Jun 19 2013

The Little Chocolate Shop, Goregaon (E)- Review


The Little Chocolate Shop, GoregaonGet ready to try a smacking new dessert place in the ‘burbs! This one’s called ‘The Little Chocolate Shop’ and they’re based in Goregaon. Lucky for me, I got some goodies delivered at home in town! Here’s my review.

Desserts– When you have tons of patisseries and dessert shops opening up, the competition is tough. The Little Chocolate Shop offers everything you’ve tried before in their own little scrumptious way. The items on the menu include baby cakes, petit fours, tarts, brownies, biscuits, bite-sized desserts and chocolates all made to order.  Now here are the items I got to try.

Salted Butter Caramel Tart (Rs.42) – I tried it in a melted state but it was yummy! The tart was perfectly baked and the caramel blended very well with the chocolate. Delectable!

Chocolate Brownie with Chocolate Hazelnut Frosting (Rs. 42) – Gooey, chocolaty, mindblowingly delicious and an absolute must have! Easily the BEST brownie I’ve ever had!

Mini Banoffee Tart (Rs. 42) – The bananas made a very strong presence even though the tart did a good job of balancing the taste. For some reason I don’t enjoy bananas in desserts and so I thought it was ok.

Chocolate Baby cake (Rs. 50) – The cream was very good but the muffin bit was quite grainy. Didn’t enjoy it much.

Where? The Little Chocolate Shop for now is a kitchen and they deliver the goodies to your home for free if you stay in and around Goregaon/ Malad. If you’re located further away, you’d have to order goodies for a minimum of Rs. 1000. A minimum of 12 pieces of most items need to be ordered. You can call them on +91 75060 13831.

Verdict– You must, must, must try their brownies! Out of this world and highly recommended!

Rating– 3/5


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Aug 29 2012

Daffodils, Andheri (W)- Review


Another new dessert place has been tried. Man I love my life! 😛 Here’s my review of Daffodils, Andheri.

What I had– I had the opportunity of trying samples of their cupcakes, chocolates and the very interesting Brownie Pizza. Here’s what I thought.

Cupcakes (minis): Chocolate (Rs. 40)- Nice, soft and creamy. Strawberry (Rs.42) was my least favourite and didn’t have that awesome strawberry flavour I was looking for. Mint (Rs.42)- Was a little bitter but not bad. Hazelnut (Rs.47)- my favourite! I loved it and totally recommend it! Coffee Walnut (Rs.47)- I like coffee and was expecting more of the coffee flavour but it was good nonetheless. Their cupcakes are really soft and fresh.

Brownie pizza 5” (Rs.225)- A moist brownie pizza topped with chocolate chips, mini marshmallows, nuts, and chopped Snickers, Milky Way, or Twix candy bar, with melted white chocolate for a finishing touch. It looked too good to eat but I ate it anyway because I just couldn’t resist. It was gooey and chocolatey.

Chocolates (Rs. 1300/kg)-Almond, hazel,  coffee, caramel, brittles- Can’t decide which one I liked the most! Loved them all! Yummy and mind blowingly awesome! Must have and perfect for gifting!

Where? Daffodils is located in Andheri West in Shastri Nagar, Lokhandwala. They have a small workshop from where they operate and take orders minimum one day prior. You can find them on Facebook- Daffodils.creations to check out some of their work and contact them to place your order.

Verdict– If you love chocolates, you MUST try theirs! Absolutely, chocoliciously, melt-in-the-mouth-ly awesome! Their products are a bit on the expensive side but they’re good and I definitely want to try one of their cakes!

Rating– 3/5


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Jul 18 2012

Not Just Desserts by Sabina, Wadala- Review


Not Just Desserts was a place I had to try a long time ago but couldn’t because Wadala is too far for me. Luckily, they arranged to send a lovely dessert hamper to my place so I could try it and share my review with you guys. Oh and if you’re wondering why this place is called ‘Not Just Desserts’ when all you get is desserts here, there’s no reason.

What I had- Their desserts are mostly baked so don’t go there thinking it might be another yoghurt or gelato place! I got to try some really good desserts and I’m just about to recommend my favourites! I feel some of the desserts are a bit overpriced though.

Chocolate Tart (Rs.25) – This was ok. I would have liked a tastier crust.

Love Bite (Rs. 20)- Nice, the hazelnut on top made it better.

Dessert in a jar (Rs.200)- A perfect mix of rich chocolate, cake,mousse and oreos. Absolutely amazing! Must have!

Florentine (Rs.70) – Similar to the biscotti, only slightly glazed on top but delicious nonetheless.

Biscotti (Rs. 800/kg) – Yummy yummy! You’ve gotta love almonds!

Cappuccino- filled Soft centered chocolate (Rs.1200/kg)- Very good! I loved the filling!

Almond rocks (Rs.1000/kg)- I could have 10 at a time! That good!

Gooey choco-chip brownie (Rs.40)- As good as the Theobroma brownie! Delicious! I recommend!

Cupcakes-Soft, creamy and delicious!  Oreo (Rs.50) Yummy! I loved it!, Angry Bird Nutella (Rs. 120) Too expensive for a cupcake even though the art is good. I’d rather have just the Nutella cupcake which was superb!, Red Velvet (Rs.35)- Awesome! Loved it! Must have!

Where? – Not Just Desserts is your one shop stop for superb desserts! So in case you want to satisfy your sweet cravings, you can pay a one way taxi fare and have it delivered at your doorstep. Otherwise, if you happen to stay close to Wadala, drop in at their outlet which is at R.A. Kidwai road, near State Bank of India.

Verdict– I’ve tried so many desserts here and loved most  of them. The stuff is good. My parents and brother agree. So go ahead and try because your sweet craving will most definitely be satiated! I recommend!

Rating– 4/5

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