Sep 4 2012

Faaso’s, Colaba- Review


I had been wanting to try Faaso’s for a long time. It’s just opened near my place and my brother tried it before me and said it was good so I just had to try it! Here’s my review.

Food– Faaso’s is all about wraps. They have a good variety of wraps- veg and non-veg. I tried the Cheese Melt Paneer wrap which was quite nice but I wish there was a little more cheese. I also tried the Mixed Veg wrap which was very ok. Slightly on the spicy side if that’s your thing. I wouldn’t recommend that. My brother had tried the Paneer Tikka wrap which he thought was good but liked the Cheese melt paneer better. He had also tried their ‘Meetha Fantasy’ sweet dish which he absolutely loved and didn’t stop talking about it. I’ll probably try it soon some time. Their roti/paratha is soft and much better when compared to a lot of other wraps and rolls places and the size of the roll is not. Also, their packaging is very good!

Service– They travel on cycles so their deliveries are super fast. I’d like to mention though that they messed up with my order. I had called for a potato cheese wrap and a Reshmi Paneer wrap. What I got were 2 totally different wraps. Luckily they weren’t non-veg. Thinking it was the correct order, we paid up, took bites and realised there was some gadbad. I checked the bill and saw their mistake. I called them and told them about it and they were sweet enough to accept their mistake so they sent me another Cheese melt paneer wrap for free and within 15 minutes.  Now that’s what I call superb service! They’re located at Colaba, near 3rd pasta lane, on the main road.

Prices– Their basic veg wraps are priced at Rs. 35 only. The Cheese melt paneer wrap was for Rs. 90, the paneer tikka wrap is for Rs. 70. The non-veg wraps start at Rs. 80 and go up to Rs. 110 depending on the one you order. They have a great deal for those who want a complete meal. For Rs. 110 onwards you get 1 wrap+ 1 chutney+ wafers + 1 drink (500ml). Not bad at all! If you want to add a dessert to the meal, pay Rs. 45 more for a Meetha Fantasy or brownie.

Verdict– Reasonably priced yummy wraps and super fast service! Go try!

Rating– 4/5


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Aug 27 2012

Spices & Flavours, Fort- Review


S&F has been around for a long time and we know about their outlets at Chowpatty and Worli. More than the food, people went there for sheesha. Now, they’ve opened a new outlet at Fort so I thought there must be something about their food which is what made me go there to try the place.

Food– Spices and Flavours is a multicuisine veg restaurant that serves almost everything. We were 3 of us and had gone for lunch. We called for Flavoured cheese bread which was more like chilli cheese toast and looked like the Shiv Sagar pizza but tasted really good. Next we had Cheese corn balls which were quite bland but tasty nonetheless. The quantity was quite good so we decided to call for main course- mix sauce pasta. It looked really weird cause it was yellow but we were surprised after tasting it. It was really well cooked with the right flavours. Their quantity is perfect! For drinks we called for an Oreo shake and a Diet Coke. My friend and I decided to share the Oreo shake and were glad we did because they gave us amazing quantity and it left us craving for more because it was superb!

Ambience– Located at Hamam street, right next to The Bombay Stock Exchange, Spices and Flavours is a well done up place. With chic décor and furniture, there’s lots of space and comfortable seating. They also have a banquet hall. You’ll find mainly office people here at lunch time because of its officey location.

Service– Their service is good, especially on a day when they don’t have too many customers. They customised our pasta for us which was really nice of them. Also, they forgot to get one of the dishes we had called for which is not a good thing but was good for us because we had over-ordered and luckily didn’t have to waste any food.

Prices–  The prices are reasonable and worth the food. The flavoured cheese bread and corn cheese balls were for Rs. 150 each, the Mixed sauce pasta was for Rs. 160, the Oreo shake was for Rs. 135 and diet coke was for Rs. 45. We paid Rs. 220 each for a wholesome meal. Also, they have a great offer for buffet lunch- Rs. 180 only! No taxes extra! Perfect for office people!

Verdict– Totally worth your money, Spices and Flavours is a great place with yummy food, good ambience and service! I’ll definitely go there again! 2 thumbs up from me!

Rating– 4/5

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Aug 7 2012

Poco Loco, Bandra (w)- Review


I went to try this swanky new Spanish restaurant at Pali Naka, Bandra. To be honest I was a little skeptical besides being excited because Spanish food would mean mostly non-vegetarian which I’m not, also this was my first shot at spanish cuisine. Here’s my review.

Food– Tapas, Paella (Saffron Rice), Patatas (Potatoes), Wines, Sangrias, etc. are Spanish specialities. There were 3 menus from which only 1 was for food which means their wine & sangrias are more popular here. My friend and I decided to call for 2 mocktails- I tried the Poco Loco Especial and my friend had the Maracuya Fizz (Passionfruit Fizz). Both tasted and looked the same; not to say that they were bad but I expected something more special from the ‘Poco Loco Especial’.

Tapas are like starters and unfortunately for veggies, there are barely any options at this fine dining restaurant besides Potato, mushroom and aubergine. I don’t like the latter two so we decided to call for Patatas Ali-Oli (baby potatoes in garlic mayo sauce with and crushed peanuts). Both of us really liked the dish and I think the nuts just made it better. We also tried the Patatas Bravas (Spicy potatoes in special tomato sauce) which was yummy, quite similar to the Kung pao sauce and I loved it! My friend thought the sauce tasted like tomato ketchup though and she refused to have more than 1-2 pieces. For main course, I decided to call for the Paella Vegetariana as that sounded the most exciting from the very few veg options. Paella is saffron rice cooked in olive oil with bell peppers, asparagus and other vegetables. At first I didn’t like it at all because the arborio rice was super sticky and oily but the taste and flavours set in soon after a few bites and you can’t help but love it. That coming from me, a person who’s not too fond of vegetables means it’s a must have! My friend Fash had Pollo a la Brasa, a wholsesome dish which consisted of half roasted chicken with spanish style mashed potatoes and vegetables. She felt that the chicken gravy was infused with thyme, the mashed potatoes were flavoursome if a bit salty, the beans were long enough to be like substitute spaghetti and the broccoli was ‘meh’.

For dessert we had a New York Cheesecake which was brilliant, soft and delicious and a Molten chocolate cake with caramel filling which was alright. The overall presentation of the food was very good but I wish the portion size of atleast the tapas was larger!

 Ambience– Just 10 steps away from Toto’s Garage at Pali Naka, Bandra (w), Poco Loco is a bar more than a restaurant and the décor is lovely. All the walls are different and you’ll find that they’ve made the most out of the space they have, including an open kitchen and bar. They have a mezzanine floor that is a bit cramped so I’d suggest you seat yourself downstairs instead. In a lot of ways it’s a warm, friendly place that automatically makes it perfect to go to on a date.

Service– The staff is courteous and decently informed about the dishes.

Prices– Its not a place where you can go regularly for sure unless you have that kind of money. For a drink maybe; but if you’re planning to eat a meal, be prepared to spend atleast 1200 per head without alcohol. The tapas start at Rs. 120 with small quantities. The Paella Vegetariana was for Rs. 395, our mocktails were for Rs. 175 each, Pollo a la Brasa was for Rs. 550. The wines and sangrias are priced at Rs. 250 onwards.

Verdict– Tasty Spanish food with an Indian twist and a glass of sangria. If that’s your style and if your pocket allows it, try Poco Loco. I wish they’d introduce more options for vegetarians though.

Rating– 3.5/5


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Jul 22 2012

Black Gold Café & Lounge, Bandra (w)- Review


A brand new café in Bandra, barely a month old, already had some bad reviews. I just had to try it and find out for myself. And so I did!

Food– So as of now they don’t have a menu but it comprises of coffees, shakes, fizzes, sandwiches, desserts, etc. My friend and I had gone in the afternoon right after a heavy lunch so we decided to have something to drink. I had a Brownie shake which was too sweet  but delicious nonetheless. The Brownie in it made it awesome and probably the best brownie shake I’ve ever had! My friend decided to have an Iced Expresso which was too bitter for my liking but my friend loved it! After hanging out for some time, I decided to call for a Chilli cheese toast which was basically 4 slices of garlic bread with cheese, bell peppers and chilli on top. I liked it and the presentation too. The little rose made of tomato skin was super cute! The sandwiches are made as per choice, similar to the subway concept. I’ll probably try one of those next time.

Ambience– The name Black Gold basically came from the ancient idea of black coffee so before you start thinking what a lame-ass name for a café, its deeper than you thought ok! Located at Hill Road Bandra west near the Bandra Police station, Black Gold is a café cum lounge. The good part is that the café has an outdoor section too which is where we sat. Both the café and lounge have checkered flooring (indoors). The chairs inside look like teacups which is cute! Otherwise the furniture is simple. I love the centerpiece candles on the tables outside; very pretty but they don’t go too well with the look of the cafe outside unfortunately. The lounge area in the day sounds very weird to me. They should let it be a normal café in the day atleast without the gaudy lighting or do something better with that space. I think the décor overall  is mismatched and needs reworking. Also, the bathroom has one red light which is a complete turn off!

Service– The waiters seem slightly clueless about what’s available and suggested we go inside and place the order but luckily we had Elaine (the manager perhaps) who helped us out. They’re probably new to it but I guess with time that’ll improve. Also, there will be parking issues so make sure your vehicle is parked in the right place, in fact, double check that with them. My friend’s bike got towed just 5 minutes after entering Black Gold Café.

Prices– The pricing is moderate. The Iced Expresso was for Rs. 89, Brownie Shake for Rs. 131, Chilli Cheese Toast for Rs. 89. So with taxes the bill came up to Rs.363 which is normal.

Verdict– There are a few things that can be worked on apart from which Black Gold café is a great place to unwind with your friends, some coffee and good food. Go try!

Rating– 3.5/5

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Jun 4 2012

Sugadaddy, Hughes Road- Review


I’d been wanting to try this place for a while now and finally got to try it just a few days ago. Here’s what I thought of it.

Desserts– They don’t like to limit themselves just at yogurts, as most dessert shops are doing so. They brand themselves as a place for softies, smoothies, milkshakes, cupcakes and other desserts besides just frozen yogurt. I decided to try their yogurt and so tasted whatever flavours they had. Unfortunately some of their machines were spoilt because of which I only got to try 4 flavours. Blueberry- more like the original with no taste of blueberry at all, Strawberry- good, Mango- ok and Toffee- very good. As a topping, as per their suggestion, I had the cookie sauce which was yum! So I decided to go for the Toffee yogurt with Cookie sauce as the topping. I truly enjoyed my yogurt and was happy with my choice. After that I decided to try their Red velvet cupcake. Now I liked the muffin bit but the cream on top was quite grainy even though it was quite tasty. I wanted to try a milkshake but have saved it for next time.  They also have hot beverages like coffee, tea, etc. in case you don’t want to have a dessert.

Ambience– Located at Hughes road near Sukh Sagar and Chowpatty, Sugadaddy is the new place in town for desserts. Pink, white and gold are the colours you’ll find here. It’s pretty and nice except for the section upstairs where they’ve spoilt it with red chairs and other mess lying around. So, yeah if you do plan to take some time and enjoy your dessert, you can go upstairs and rest your butt or settle in for their bar stools down.

Service– They’re friendly and polite and let you try their flavours before making your choice which is a good thing.

Prices– The yogurt comes in different ‘cup sizes’ as they mention on their menu. A- Rs.30, B- Rs. 70 and C- Rs.150. I chose cup size A because I think that much quantity was more than enough. Toppings are also Naughty (Rs.30 each) or Nice (Rs.20) I chose a naughty topping. So my yogurt + topping cost me Rs. 60 which was decent and worth it. The cupcake was for Rs. 65 which I felt should not have been more than Rs. 50. Their smoothies and milkshakes are for Rs. 150 and I decided to save trying them for later.  A tea/ coffee is for Rs. 65, Green tea for Rs. 85, etc.

Verdict– Sugadaddy is not the best place for yogurts or desserts but is not that bad either. Give it a shot and decide.

Rating– 2.5/5


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Mar 13 2012

Ice Cream Works, Chowpatty- Review


Ever since Gelato shut down at Chowpatty, I was wondering what would replace it. When I saw it from outside, I was like “Shit not another ice cream place!”, but then Ice Cream Works by Cream Centre sells more than just Ice Creams which made me want to go check it out!

What do you get there?  Ice creams, ice cream sunadaes, cassatas, Ice cream cakes, snacks like nachos, fries, rolls, sandwiches, pizzas and pastas. They have some really interesting flavours like Gajar Halwa, Sticky Chocolate, Hazelnut, kulfi, paan, etc. My brother and I had Nachos and a Nutty Sundae which basically had chocolate ice cream, nuts and chocolate sauce in a chocolate waffle cup. The cheesy nachos were yum and the sundae was chocolicious! I wish we could’ve tried more…the ice cream cakes looked super tempting!

Ambience & Service– Located bang opposite Chowpatty beach, near Café Coffee Day, Ice Cream Works by Cream Centre is a lovely place! Lots of white and light blue has been used with chic and classy furniture. They have place to sit in case you want to sit down and enjoy your ice cream or have a small snack before your dessert. The service is good.

Prices– The Ice creams start at Rs. 38 and up depending on the flavour you choose. The Sundaes are for Rs. 120 and up. The snacks are all between Rs. 98 and Rs. 148. We paid Rs. 256 for Nachos and the Nutty Sundae and both were totally worth it! The pricing is just right.

Verdict– I loved what I had and can’t wait to try more! If you’re an ice cream person, totally go and try Ice Cream Works! You’ll love it!

Rating– 4.5/5


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Mar 12 2012

Snack in the Box, Prabhadevi- Review


Sick of CCD, Barista, Costa Coffee, etc.? Looking for a chilled out café to hang out at that’s not in Bandra or the burbs? Snack in the Box is the place to go to! Here’s why.

Food– I’d been wanting to go there since more than 6 months but nothing came off it! I had to literally drag my friend there and we’re both glad I did! You get sandwiches, rolls, burgers, Indian snacks like pakodas and samosas, Tandoori starters, proper meals, Chinese, Pizza, salads, desserts, shakes, juices, iced teas, chillers, smoothies, coffees and what not! Basically, this place is just like Candies! My friend had a black coffee which he liked and a chocolate mousse which we both loved; I had a Veg Club sandwich which was decent and a Strawberry chiller which was timepass (strawberry syrup with water).

Ambience– Snack in the Box is a small café located at Prabhadevi. Size pe mat jaao kyunki it’s warm and young and fun. They have an inside and an outside section where you can sit and just chill. They also have a mini foosball thing outside which I think is supercool! They also do home deliveries!

Service– Their service is prompt and efficient. If you’re looking for parking they’ll come and do it for you (unofficial valet). Also, they’ll serve you with a smile on their face which says a lot about them.

Prices– The pricing is perfect! It’s easy on your pocket and value for money. My veg Multigrain club sandwich was for Rs. 75, the black coffee was for Rs. 50, the Chocolate mousse for Rs. 65 and the Strawberry cooler for Rs. 25. Just like Candies, if you go after 8pm, you get a 25% discount on their food!

Verdict– Snack in the Box is a great café and you’ll definitely want to go back there more often! Roochster recommends!

Rating– 4/5

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Dec 28 2011

On the Go, Bandra (w) – Review


Bandra never fails to come up with new restaurants every now and then and even though On the Go has been around for some time now, I just very recently went to check it out. And here’s what I thought of it.

Food– On the Go serves Italian, Mexican, Continental, Oriental, sandwiches, burgers, salads, etc. So there’s plenty of stuff to choose from.  Since my friend wasn’t going to eat at all, and I was super hungry, I decided to call for a Cottage Cheese Roulade (Steaks of fresh cottage cheese marinated in herbs and rolled in spinach puree, served with creamy paprika sauce), Cheesy garlic bread and my friend had a Lime Iced Tea. I felt that the roulade was too bland. It sounded really yum on the menu but after trying it I wished I had called for something else. Also, the quantity was not enough. There were 4 cubes of raw paneer and a small rice lump on the side. Presentation-wise yes, it was very good but taste-wise, I wouldn’t recommend it. The cheesy garlic bread was good and cheesy as expected luckily. The lime iced tea was good.

Ambience– Located at Bandra west, near Mt. Mary Steps, On the Go is a small place at a turning point. It’s literally an ‘On the go’ place. The décor is simple, comfortable and nice- normal café type.

Service– They were quite prompt and quick in their service so no complaints there. They also asked us if we liked the dish which not many places do. So good going there!

Prices– The prices are fine and pretty reasonable but I just felt that the food was not worth the prices. The roulade was for Rs. 180, Cheesy Garlic bread for Rs. 65 and Lime Iced tea for Rs. 50. So that’s about 300 bucks for one person (‘cause my friend just had a few bites).

Verdict– On the Go is decent but taste-wise it can definitely get better. I’d go there again to try some more dishes.

Rating– 3/5


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Nov 2 2011

Poncho, Kurla (w) – Review


Poncho wasn’t listed anywhere online and I was really excited to try the food after being contacted by one of the owners to come, try the food and give feedback. I was wondering when I would go all the way to BKC but luckily a friend had her car and 4 of us foodie friends went there finally. I’m so glad I did!

Food & Prices– Poncho is a Mexican & Italian café/ restaurant and has food that will remind you of home food which tastes good and is superbly priced! The menu has so many tempting things that you may want to try everything. We sure did! Serious! You wont find this kind of food at such reasonable prices anywhere for sure! I’ll tell you exactly what all we had!

1)      Nachos with beans (Rs. 35) – Beans were more like Rajma beans and the cheese was simple melted cheese served on tortilla chips. The cheese was less but overall taste good.

2)      Burrito bowl with paneer & extra cheese (Rs. 75) – An awesome combo of so many things. Tasted nice.

3)      Soft Tacos (Rs. 35) – Fun fillings made it fun to eat!

4)      Margherita pizza with paneer & corn (Rs.90) – Yum!

5)      Misto pasta (Rs. 60) – Very good!

6)      Spicy Cheese Garlic Bread (Rs. 35) – Avoidable

7)      Quesadilla (Rs. 50) – It just had capsicum, cheese and onion but it was super tasty…almost perfect!

8)      Iced Tea (Rs. 20 each) – Strawberry, Lemon, Peach, Ginger Lemon, Black Currant. You name it; we tried it and loved them all!

9)      Lemonade (Rs. 15)– Good

10)   Cold Coffee (Rs. 35) – Just the way I like it!

11)   Oreo Chocolate Mousse (Rs. 45)– Good

12)   Dutch Truffle pastry (Rs. 45)- Could have been good but tasted stale

After having all this and filling our stomachs to the brim, we paid; wait for it, only Rs. 175 per head! Now isn’t that awesome?! I don’t know of many places where you can eat like a hog, try almost everything from the menu and pay less than 200 bucks! But but but, these prices are limited to this outlet only and if they do open another one, which I’m sure they will, the prices will not be the same so I suggest, go dig in at this place asap!

Ambience & Service– Perhaps the only drawback of this place would be the location. They’re located at the end of BKC, near Kurla (w) station at LBS Marg in an office building (Essar House). The restaurant is a simple, basic contemporary self service place with chic furniture. The waiter is sweet even though he’ll reply with a polite ‘yes’ to most of the questions asked to him whether or not he knows what you’re asking him. You’ll get your food within 5-10 minutes so don’t worry if you’re in a rush.

Verdict– Poncho is awesome! Total value for money for simple and good food! I recommend!

Rating– 4/5


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Nov 1 2011

Paratha Mantra, Fort- Review


On a friend’s recommendation, I went to Paratha Mantra on a Sunday evening for dinner with my brother. Now, here’s what I thought of it.

Food– Paratha Mantra, as the name suggests is a paratha place which serves a huge variety of innovative parathas. If you’ve been to ‘Only Parathas’ or ‘Nandu’s’, you’ll know what I’m talking about. They serve their parathas with a super small bowl of raita and pickle. So, we decided to call for a pizza paratha which was cheesy and yum and a Paneer paratha which I didn’t enjoy that much. In fact, the paneer in it didn’t taste fresh. The parathas are fried (not for weight conscious people) unless you go on a weekday and pay Rs. 25 extra for a roasted paratha. Along with the parathas, we called for a small bowl of Dal Makhani and one Paneer Makhani. Both were delicious! Ab pyaas lagi thi toh ek lassi bhi manga di which was pretty decent too.  I was toh super full after having half a paratha only! Now, let me warn you about the regular drinking water. They give you tap water and you can literally see the dirt in it. No wonder they keep a bottle of mineral water at every table! That made me wonder if they use the same tap water to cook as well and I decided not to ponder on it too much.

Ambience– Located at Fort, close to Ayub’s and Trishna restaurant & bar, Paratha Mantra is nicely done up. It’s a family restaurant on Sundays and a good office lunch place on other days. We went on a Sunday and had to wait for like 40 minutes even though it was only 7:30 so imagine how crowded and noisy it must’ve been! But I loved how they’ve done the ceiling! I couldn’t get a picture of it because of my stupid camera but its lovely I tell you!

Service– The service is super quick and efficient! The owners themselves come and take your order.

Prices– The prices are normal. Not too much and not too little either. The Pizza Paratha was for Rs. 135 and the Paneer paratha was for Rs. 95. The Paneer Makhani was Rs. 135, Dal Makhani small bowl Rs. 45, Lassi Rs. 50 and Small coke Rs. 25. So overall, we spent Rs. 485 among the 2 of us.

Verdict– Paratha Mantra has potential to do really well but they need to watch out for the hygiene factor (should use/ serve clean purified water) which if not considered could be a major issue! Also, I think most people would prefer roasted parathas for health reasons, so they should keep fried ones as the option.

Rating– 2.5/5


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