Jun 28 2014

Kirith’s Patisserie, Byculla- Review


I’m a total junk food and dessert person so it was no surprise that I was super excited to try Kirith’s Patisserie at Byculla.

What I had:

Kirith's pastries1 Chocolate heaven (Rs. 70) – Rich chocolate pastry that’s hard to share! Truly heavenly! Must have!

Death by Chocolate (Rs. 65) – Not as deathly as I wished it was. The cake was not very soft and it didn’t taste that great.

Black & White Forest (Rs. 60) – Soft, creamy and nice. Lots of cherries!

Walnut Brownie (Rs. 60) – Not the best brownie I’ve had but this one’s loaded with walnuts and is quite tasty. Not bad for the price.

Chocolate tart (Rs. 50) – Yum! Worth having for sure!

Kirith's tarts1Veg puff (Rs. 40) – Superb! Loved the crispiness of the puff and the taste of corn, spinach and cheese inside. Really good!

Veg pizza slice (Rs. 50) – The bread was a little chewy but not bad overall.

Green Goddess Burger (Rs. 50) – Avoidable. I’d go eat the burger from Mc Donald’s instead.

Kirith's savouriesWhere? I had called for all the items at home but was not too happy with that service so it would be better to just go to their outlet. They’re located at Byculla, near St. Mary’s school, opposite Mazgaon court. You can call them on 022 67303649.

Verdict– Kirith’s Patisserie is a bit of this and that. If you happen to be around Byculla, do go there and have their Chocolate heaven pastry or Veg Puff.

Rating– 2.5/5

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Dec 14 2013

Vicinia Cafe & Bar- Kemps Corner- Review


When I heard that Subway had shut down at Kemps Corner I was a bit surprised only to find out that a sweet looking cafe called Vicinia had opened. I did want to try it immediately but never got the chance. Now that I finally did, here I am writing about my experience.

Vicinia Cafe2Food– The menu at Vicinia consists of European and American cuisine. My brother and I wanted to get a taste of everything and so we tried quite a few dishes. As an accompaniment with our food we called for mocktails. I had an Orange Blossom which was quite nice and my brother had a Sparkling Guava drink which was alright. As a starter the first thing that caught my eye was the Cranberry and Goat cheese Crostini. Interesting combination and taste. I totally recommend it! We also tried the Cottage cheese skewers which tasted very good but were too small so it was more like having a starter before a proper starter. I wanted to try the pizza so thought a Margherita would be the best to get an idea. The crust was hard and the pizza sauce was just ok so the pizza overall was a disappointment. The Herbed Rice with Mixed Veggies was superb! It had the right flavours to make it deliciously good! I just wish the portion size of all these dishes was larger. Superb presentation of food otherwise! After a heavy meal, surprisingly I still had space for desserts and so we tried the Gooey Chocolate cake which was yummy. The Berry Ricotta Crumble looked better than it tasted and I would have finished it if it was tastier. I also tried their Classic Cold Coffee which I will recommend because it really was awesome!

Ambience– Located at Kemps Corner, Vicinia is a sweet little cafe and bar that replaced the famous Subway. With a mezzanine floor, Vicinia is adorned with simple and yet comfy-classy furniture. Its actually much larger than it looks from down. Well lit, it gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling and would be a great place to go on a date or simply catch up with a close friend.

Vicinia Cafe1Service– The staff is warm and know their stuff. Our food didn’t take too long to come and there were some nice recommendations from them which helped us pick what we did.

Prices– I wouldn’t say that the items on the menu are well priced because for the quantity you are paying much more. The portion size is small and you would have to call for many items to go out with a full stomach. The Cottage cheese skewers were for Rs.225, Cranberry & Goat Cheese Crostini Rs. 425, the mocktails were for Rs. 150, Margherita pizza was for Rs. 295, Veg Paprika with Herbed Rice was for Rs. 450. The gooey chocolate cake was for Rs. 250 and the Berry Ricotta crumble was for Rs. 200. The Classic cold coffee was for Rs. 135.

Verdict– A great place to meet a friend for a light snack and cold coffee. I recommend their Classic Cold Coffee, Cranberry & Goat Cheese Crostini and Veg paprika with Herbed Rice.

Rating– 3/5

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Sep 15 2013

Saffron Bay, Chowpatty- Review


Saffron Bay I remember going to Saffron Bay in the first week of its opening less than a year back. Unfortunately I didn’t think it necessary to carry cash and they didn’t accept cards so we had to walk out without eating and decided to go to Cream Centre instead. Less than a year later, they still have a problem with their credit card system. Ummm… well, getting to my review.

Food– If you look at their menu it comprises of mainly Mughlai food but they also have continental food for the ones who would like some variety in food. For starters we tried the Malai Corn Tikki, a very different kind. The outer layer is covered in fried almonds and inside you’ll find a mixture of corn, paneer and cheese, chocolate sauce as accompaniment. Interesting yet strange combo. The tikki looked great on the outside and even tasted decent without or without chocolate sauce but was very bland. For main course we tried the Paneer Butter Masala which was tasty but the overpowering ginger taste could have been avoided. With that we had the Garlic butter naan which was nice and crisp with the right amount of garlic but slightly bland and Roomali Roti which was just right. We called for a Fresh lime soda and asked them to split it one by two. They went a step ahead and gave us almost two full glasses instead and it tasted great. For dessert we had the ‘dessert of the day’ which happened to be the Swiss Chocolate pastry. Now taste-wise it wasn’t out of the world but the quantity was perfect for two people. Overall the food was very well presented and the quantity wasn’t disappointing at all.

Saffron Bay2 copyAmbience– Now here’s a venue that’s at a prime South Mumbai location- Chowpatty. Saffron Bay is bang opposite the Girgaon Chowpatty beach. Several restaurants and Banquet halls have come and gone to replace the very famous ‘Revival’ that was known a long time ago. The restaurant is beautifully designed, keeping it contemporary with an Indian touch. I love the ceiling lights and overall colours in the restaurant. I just wish they played better music. When we just came in, they had some early 2000s Hindi music playing. A while later they had English pop music from the end of 90s playing. Neither of the two goes with the theme of the place but I excuse them because there was no one at the restaurant apart from us and the poor souls put that music for themselves and probably didn’t think to change it. Anyway, it’s a great place for a nice quiet dinner as there are several booths that make your experience more personal.

Service– Since we were just two of us, we had all the attention. Our food arrived after about 15-20 minutes of placing the order which is normal. Good staff and good service overall.

Prices– When you look at the prices you would estimate a spending of atleast Rs. 750-800 but once you order the food you will realise that the prices aren’t just for the heck of a fine dining experience. The Malai Corn Tikki starter was for Rs. 250, Paneer Butter Masala was for Rs. 350, Garlic Butter Naan and Roomali Roti for Rs. 50 and Rs. 45 each, Fresh Lime Soda for Rs. 100, Dessert of the day for Rs. 180. With taxes our bill came to Rs. 1136. Not bad at all.

Verdict– A nice experience overall apart from a few things that need to be worked on.

Rating– 3/5

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Aug 24 2013

Aye Dios Mio, Marine Lines- Review


Aye Dios Mio

There’s a smacking new Italian and Mexican joint in town called Aye Dios Mio and I can’t wait to tell you all about it! Here’s my review.

Food– Their menu consists of everything Vegetarian- pizzas, pastas, salads, wraps, sandwiches, starters, chips & dips, desserts and coolers. On my first visit, I was in a rush and it was coincidently the first day they opened. So I parceled a Margherita pizza (10 inches) along with their Signature Mojito Cake. The pizza had turned cold as I took time to reach home but was still superb! I had it without ketchup and didn’t want to share it with my brother which means it’s a superhit! Their Signature Mojito cake is basically a sponge cake with caramelized walnuts, mint flavoured butter cream topped with mojito sugar syrup and a slice of lime which needs to be squeezed on the cake. To be honest, I didn’t enjoy it and neither did my brother. Great concept but didn’t work for me.

The second time I tried Aye Dios Mio was the very next day. I went with a close friend and we decided to share a Combo meal. We opted for the Italo-Mexicano which includes a Chipotle Paneer pizza (10”), Spicy Bean Tostada and Garlic Knots. The owner Puja was kind enough to let us have Nachos with 2 dips (Pesto & Guacamole) instead of the Tostada and I think it was a good decision because the nachos were nice and crisp and the Pesto dip was perfect! Combining both the dips tasted good too. The Chipotle Paneer pizza after tasting the Margherita one was very ok. The flavours are lost somewhere because of cheese and paneer. I would say the same for the Garlic Knots which were a bit hard with too much bread taste which took away the taste of the garlic and cheese. We tried their Oven baked potatoes which were ok and could do with more sauce. It all ended with a scrumptious dessert which I wish never got over! Their Grasshopper Pie which is a combination of crushed cookies and mint cream is to die for and an absolute must have! I also had their Cooler (Flavour of the month- Cherry) and that went very well with my food. Another must have.

Ambience– Aye Dios Mio which means ‘Oh My God!’ in Spanish is a new Italian & Mexican joint located at Marine Lines, near Metro Adlabs. They’re mainly into deliveries because of the little space they have to seat not more than 5-6 people. The interiors are simple and modest with bar stools and a platform table attached to the wall.

Service– They’re super quick with their service and we didn’t have to wait for too long for our food to arrive. They set a delivery time of about 45 minutes like most delivery places and deliver from Cuffe Parade to Chowpatty. One suggestion for them would be that if they’re serving customers at their outlet, they can serve in disposable plates instead of boxes.

Prices– Reasonably priced, Aye Dios Mio is value for money and very affordable for a casual dinner or snack. The 10” Margherita was for Rs. 150, the Cherry cooler was for Rs. 50, the Oven baked potatoes were for Rs. 100, the Italo- Mexicano Combo meal was for Rs. 480, the Grasshopper Pie was for Rs. 100 and the Mojito cake was for Rs. 125. They also had an offer by which if you spend more than 600, you get 15% off.

Verdict– Go to or order from Aye Dios Mio if you want to have good food that’s not expensive. I recommend the Margherita pizza, Cherry cooler and Grasshopper pie! Also their Pesto dip is awesome!

Rating– 3.5/5

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Jul 2 2013

The Baker’s Dozen, Prabhadevi- Review


TBD BreadsI’ve reviewed restaurants, cafes, dessert shops and pubs but this is the first time I got to review a bread shop. On a random evening a friend and I walked into ‘The Baker’s Dozen’ at Prabhadevi with the intention of grabbing a nice chocolate pastry. We were in for a surprise when we discovered it was a lovely little bread shop. Now since we didn’t want to buy any bread, we were obviously embarrassed and so walked out. But little did I know that I was to try the breads very soon!

Breads– After trying TBD I realised what I was missing out on. I feel privileged to have tried almost all their breads and will fill you in on what’s hot and what’s not!  There are some breads that go great with a dip, some you can eat for breakfast and some as sandwiches in snacks. TBD gave me the opportunity to experiment and discover what goes well with what and how good bread can make such a huge difference to a sandwich!

Now there are some that might be a little chewy or hard to eat but such is the nature of the breads says the chef. Also, after a bit of reading up, I found out that most German breads are dense and chewy. What is the same however is that all the breads are fresh, healthy, of good quality and well priced.

Four Grain (Rs.120) – This is probably the healthiest bread I’ve ever had! It has 4 different types of seeds- Pumpkin, flax, sesame and sunflower. Rich in fibre and high in nutrition. When I saw it first I cringed but after tasting I didn’t think twice before picking up another slice. It would taste superb toasted with butter! This is a type of German bread and hence is a bit chewy.

TBD CiabattaPain Au Levain with Apricots & Cherries (Rs. 120) – Don’t expect to find bits of the actual fruit. They are present in a tutti-frutti form which I didn’t enjoy that much. Also, being a type of German bread it was quite chewy and hard.  Try it with butter or jam.

Puccia (Rs. 30) – A pack of two small Italian dinner rolls filled with olives. Nice! Have with butter as a soup accompaniment.

Ragi Crackers (Rs. 50) – An Indian healthy snack which you can eat without feeling guilty. Unless of course, you choose a cheesepread as a dip like I did. Superb to munch while watching a movie.

Ciabatta (Rs. 30) – Now this is an Italian ‘Panini bread’ which I was really looking forward to trying so I decided to make a panini for dinner using the Ciabatta bread. I have to say that it might have tasted great but the crust was very hard and it took forever to finish eating my grilled panini. I would have preferred it soft.

Croutons (Rs. 30) – Filled with olives, these munchies are great to have with salad or soup. They’ll also go well with cheese fondue.

TBD FoccaciaPain Au Levain with Blueberries & Cranberries (Rs. 200) – This bread is similar to the apricots and cherries one and after having that I decided to try something fun with it. I made a dessert! I crushed about 3-4 slices of the bread and mixed with Amul’s Vanilla ice cream and topped with Chocolate sauce. It tasted great! Try and see!

Foccacia (Rs. 60) – This was my favourite bread of them all! Super soft, filled with olives and delicious! I decided to make a little Foccacia pizza using the simplest recipe! Cut slices of the bread, spread some pizza sauce over it, top it with whatever toppings you want and add a good amount of cheese. Put it in the oven for about 5 minutes and voila! You will have your very own scrumptious Foccacia pizza! This bread is so good, had I known earlier, I would have liked to make my panini with this bread!

Pain De Complet- Plain (Rs. 50)/ Multigrain (Rs. 80) – These are your regular sandwich breads, only softer and tastier. My family and I had some really good sandwiches made from these breads! If I had an option, I would get these instead of the usual Britannia/ Modern/Wibs bread, etc. Multigrain is obviously a healthier and better option.

TBD DessertBrioche (Rs. 100) – Egg is a very important ingredient in this bread and hence it is super soft and has a prominent egg taste. It is also sweet. Have it with Nutella, butter or jam and you will love it.

So yeah I’ve tried almost all their breads and thought some were really good and some were ok. I wish they also kept the basic- Garlic Breads, Croissants, Burger buns, Pizza breads, Pav Bhaji Buns, etc. But then of course, they’ve just started off and have a long way to go. I look forward to trying their other breads like Challah, Pain au Cereal and Pain au Levain with walnuts & raisins.

Location & Delivery– Their main kitchen is in Wadala and their little outlet is at Prabhadevi. If you’re around those areas, you can either pay them a visit to pick up breads or ask them to deliver at home. Their numbers are 86553 31313 and 022 6743 1313. In case you’re slightly hungry while shopping for your breads, they have a small seating arrangement at Prabhadevi where you can happily hog.

TBDPackaging– When you’re at their outlet, you will see their slicer machine which can slice your bread into perfect slices and its fun to watch it happening. But once that’s done, your breads are given in paper bags which are eco friendly and look great, yes but not practical, especially in the rainy season. Also, their Ragi Crackers which are pre-packed in paper bags may have the tiniest hole letting in the right amount of air to soften the crackers. That’s what happened to me and I had to eat soft Ragi Crackers no matter how tasty. So using plastic might definitely help.

Storage Advice: In case you’ve bought Ragi Crackers or Croutons to munch on, store them in an air tight container as soon as you get them home.

Verdict– The Baker’s Dozen is a great concept and they have some really healthy breads that are freshly prepared everyday. I recommend Foccacia, Ragi Crackers, Four Grain, Pain de Complet Multigrain and the Croutons!

Rating– 3/5

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Jun 27 2013

Chez Moi, Oshiwara- Review


Chez Moi, Oshiwara Roochster‘Chez Moi’ in French means ‘At my house’. When you walk into this charming restaurant at Oshiwara, you will feel like you are stepping into one of those vintage European homes, so beautifully designed and decorated. I’m so grateful to Chez Moi and El Sol for inviting me to try the place and do a review! Here’s what I thought.

Food– I was quite hungry and super excited to try the food ever since my friend Sneha had mentioned that the one in Bandra is very good. We were lucky to have met the chef of the Oshiwara restaurant- Roshanwho suggested some of the food we had. For starters in veg, we tried the Cheese & Leek cigars with Ponhzu sauce by the chef’s recommendation. A unique, tasty and ‘must have’ dish! My friend had a chicken wings starter which he happily wiped off clean! For drinks, I had a very well made Strawberry iced tea which was neither too sweet nor bitter. Just right. My friend seemed to enjoy his Dirty Martini which I thought was quite bitter. Being a pizza lover I just had to try a pizza to judge the place better and I must say that it did not disappoint. It was a 12” Margherita thin crust and was absolutely delicious! We were pretty full by now but still wanted to try something more so we called for a Pasta Creole (A mix of red and white sauce) with veggies in it. That was the least favourite dish from all that we tried. But the best part about our meal was still to come- the desserts. We decided to try the Baked cheesecake (with a few blueberries inside) and the Chocolate Torte which were both heavenly and scrumptious! I wished they would never get over! Oh and I also tried the cold coffee which came in a small glass. It was good but the iced tea was better. And yes, superb presentation of food!

Ambience– Chez Moi is a beautiful bistro and pub located near Oshiwara Police Station, in the same lane as Sreeji restaurant. The decor is tastefully done, following a European theme throughout. There’s an al fresco area as well as an indoor section much like a pretty looking house. When you enter, you will find a small bar, a fireplace, a sweet kitchen with bar stools and a tall table. Gorgeous interiors that make for a great place to come with someone special.

Chez Moi Oshiwara 2 RoochsterService– Most of our communication was with the chef and manager so I can probably judge the service better the next time I go there without being known as the “reviewer”.

Prices– The cheese and leek cigars starter was for Rs. 220, the Chicken wings starter was for Rs. 245, The Margherita Pizza was for Rs. 245, and the Pasta Creole was for Rs. 300. The Iced tea was for Rs. 90, the cold coffee for Rs. 95. The Dirty martini was for Rs. 350. The desserts were for Rs. 220 each. I think apart from the pasta and cold coffee, everything else was worth the price, keeping in mind this is a slightly high-end place. So with taxes and without alcohol one would end up spending about Rs. 750-800 per head. For such good food and a wonderful dining experience, the prices are worth it.

Verdict– I had a great dining experience at Chez Moi, Oshiwara and can’t wait to go try the Bandra one since its closer to home! I loved it and so will you!

Rating– 3.5/5

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Jun 25 2013

Paninaro, Worli- Review


Paninaro1I’ve been to the tiny Paninaro kiosk at Nariman Point several times and picked up a couple of paninis to eat at home.  The one at Atria Mall, Worli just opened a couple of months ago and I went there to try a lot more from their new menu. Here’s my review.

Food– If you’re a healthy eater or wish to have something light for lunch or a snack, Paninaro is the place! Besides paninis, it has plenty of other options- sandwiches, bagels, baguettes, salads, soups, juices, coffee, tea, light munchies with dips and desserts. Not bad huh? In the past I’ve tried the Grilled Exotics, cheese & burnt garlic panini which I love and recommend and the Tandoori Paneer & Minty Mayo panini which is decent but can be better. I’ve also tried and relished the Chocolate Truffle pastry which is to die for! For my recent visit to the outlet at Atria I took a friend along and we decided to share everything we ordered. We tried the Mexican bean & cottage cheese baguette which barely had any beans, a generous amount of cheese, onions, cottage cheese and lettuce. I loved it and would totally recommend it! Next we tried the Feta, Olives & Caramelized Onions bagel. I asked them to grill it so it would be a bit crispy which is how I like my bagel to be. I thought it was alright but my friend really liked it. It had a slightly sweetish taste because of the caramelized onions. I hadn’t tried their sandwiches earlier so did that too. We had the Basil rubbed cottage cheese sandwich which I thought was nice and healthy but a bit bland. A nice sauce inside would do wonders! I got to try the Mixed Berry smoothie which tasted good but I wish it was “smoother”. I took home their Babaganoush with Pita and Onion & Garlic dip with nachos. Both the dips were great but I wish there was more Pita bread and Nachos to go along with them (quantity). For dessert, The Fudgy chocolate was amazing and chocolicious and the Tiramisu was perfect!

Ambience– Paninaro is a brightly lit, contemporary cafe at Atria Mall, Worli where you’d like to go for that cup of coffee and a sandwich or bagel with your work mate. They have outlets at BKC, Lower Parel and Nariman Point too. With a bright red wall ornamented with beautifully shot photos, it is a happy place to be at. I wish they played some fun music though.

Paninaro2Service– The food doesn’t take too long to arrive since it just needs to be heated and served in thermocol plates. You wont find a reason to complain about slow service either. Efficient staff.

Prices– The Mexican Bean & Cottage cheese baguette was for Rs. 90, the Feta, olives & Caramelized onion bagel was for Rs. 90, the veg paninis are for Rs. 120 and non-veg for Rs. 130, the sides with dips are for Rs.70, the desserts range from Rs. 40 for a muffin to Rs. 90 for their pastry/ cheesecake. The mixed berry smoothie is for Rs. 100. Next time if you’re wondering where to have a quick bite that’s inexpensive, Paninaro is the place! Reasonable with good quality healthy food. A combination we all look out for wherever we eat.

Verdict– Total value for money, Paninaro is here to stay. Must try!

Rating– 4/5


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Jun 19 2013

The Little Chocolate Shop, Goregaon (E)- Review


The Little Chocolate Shop, GoregaonGet ready to try a smacking new dessert place in the ‘burbs! This one’s called ‘The Little Chocolate Shop’ and they’re based in Goregaon. Lucky for me, I got some goodies delivered at home in town! Here’s my review.

Desserts– When you have tons of patisseries and dessert shops opening up, the competition is tough. The Little Chocolate Shop offers everything you’ve tried before in their own little scrumptious way. The items on the menu include baby cakes, petit fours, tarts, brownies, biscuits, bite-sized desserts and chocolates all made to order.  Now here are the items I got to try.

Salted Butter Caramel Tart (Rs.42) – I tried it in a melted state but it was yummy! The tart was perfectly baked and the caramel blended very well with the chocolate. Delectable!

Chocolate Brownie with Chocolate Hazelnut Frosting (Rs. 42) – Gooey, chocolaty, mindblowingly delicious and an absolute must have! Easily the BEST brownie I’ve ever had!

Mini Banoffee Tart (Rs. 42) – The bananas made a very strong presence even though the tart did a good job of balancing the taste. For some reason I don’t enjoy bananas in desserts and so I thought it was ok.

Chocolate Baby cake (Rs. 50) – The cream was very good but the muffin bit was quite grainy. Didn’t enjoy it much.

Where? The Little Chocolate Shop for now is a kitchen and they deliver the goodies to your home for free if you stay in and around Goregaon/ Malad. If you’re located further away, you’d have to order goodies for a minimum of Rs. 1000. A minimum of 12 pieces of most items need to be ordered. You can call them on +91 75060 13831.

Verdict– You must, must, must try their brownies! Out of this world and highly recommended!

Rating– 3/5


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May 19 2013

Icing on Top, Kemps Corner- Review


Icing on top 1

Icing on Top has been around for some time now but not many people knew about it. I’m one of the lucky few who’ve gotten to try their stuff and let you in on it. Here’s my review.

Desserts- I remember trying their Red Velvet cake slice at an exhibition and thought it was exceptional! I really was looking forward to trying all their other desserts and I’m glad I did! All the ‘pure veg’ people will be very happy to know that all the desserts at Icing on Top are eggless.  

Cake Pops (Rs.30) – In general, soft and tasty and also a great idea! I tried Red Velvet- The outer layer wasn’t as good as the cake inside. The Double chocolate cake pop was Chocorgasmic! A must have! Oreo was Oreoliciously good!

Oaty Caramel Crunch cookie (Rs. 100 for 100gms) – If you’re health conscious or love granola bars, this one’s for you. Crunchy and wholesome.

Mini Cookies (Rs. 100 for 100gms) – A great idea to have bite sized cookies that you can pop one every hour and not feel guilty! I tried the Cinnamon mini cookies – Not a fan of cinnamon but these were just fantastic! Melt- in-your-mouth types!  Chocolate chip mini cookies – Yum! Lemon mini cookies – Addictive! Can’t stop at one!

Chocolate Mud Pie (Rs.150) – Gooey, rich, amazing!

Red Velvet pastry (Rs.125) – Sinful indulgence! Easily the best item on the menu! A must have!

Hazelnut shot glass (Rs.50) – Divine! Like a creamier version of nutella!

Blueberry shot glass (Rs.50) – Great mix of blueberry with a crushed biscuit base.

Chocolate shot glass (Rs.50) – Ok. The least favourite of them all.

Icing on top 2I didn’t get to try the cupcakes (Rs. 30) which I’ve heard good things about. But I’m definitely going to stop by when I’m at Kemps Corner next and give it a shot!

Where? Based out of Masjid Bunder where the main kitchen is, they’ve very recently started a small counter inside a shop called Besos at Kemps Corner near Cumballa Hill Hospital. So you can either go grab a bite or doggy bag a bunch of things to try at home; if not get it delivered.

Verdict– Reasonably priced eggless desserts that taste very good! Must haves- Red velvet pastry, chocolate mud pie, mini cookies, Chocolate cake pop. I look forward to trying their cupcakes and other pastries!

Rating– 3.5/5



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Jan 8 2013

Cafe Sundance, Churchgate- Review


Cafe SundanceSundance cafe is back after about 2 years, only more classy and sophisticated. However, it was my first time there and here’s what I thought.

Food– The Sundance menu is very cool! Designed like a newspaper with tempting visuals, it serves burgers, sandwiches, pizza, pasta, salads, sides and both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. My friend and I decided to share their Factory Nachos- Tortilla chips with cheese, guacamole, tomatoes. Now, it was good but the taste of the tortilla chips was so strong that we could barely taste the cheese sauce. Also, the quantity was barely enough for one person. For main course, my friend had the Terderloin Beef burger served with fries and salad. She really liked it but wished the bread was slightly crispier. I had the Penne in Alfredo sauce pasta sans mushrooms. It was good, a little bland but not meant for more than one person. Adding some bell peppers or corn would have helped. The Garlic bread was nice. My friend tried the Grapefruit Minty cooler which tasted more like Lemonade with a slight bitterness of Grapefruit. We were super full by now but decided to have a dessert anyway. We had their Baked Philadelphia cheesecake with Raspberry and really liked it but it would’ve tasted better warm. Also the sauce on the side tasted like Raspberry Tea sauce.

Cafe Sundance 2Ambience– I hadn’t eaten at the earlier one but I remember the decor used to be very different. Today, Cafe Sundance is classy, posh and expensive, located at Churchgate near Eros cinema. As you enter you’ll see an open kitchen to your left and a mezzanine floor above that. While you’re climbing the stairs, you’ll see some very cool items on display. The seating is comfortable and chic. The lighting is perfect. Also, they give the bill in an Archie’s comics book which is very unique!

Service– Our food came faster than expected and the staff is pretty efficient so no complaints there.

Prices– I understand that everything is getting very expensive but the prices at Cafe Sundance are a bit much for a casual dinner. The Terderloin burger was for Rs. 385, the Alfredo pasta was for Rs. 375, the Nachos were for Rs. 345, Grapefruit Minty cooler was Rs. 150, Cheesecake Rs. 240. And sadly I realized later that they charged us for a Garlic cheese bread when we had a normal Garlic bread portion. We were charged Rs.120 for it. With the taxes and service charge our bill amount came up to Rs. 1864!

Verdict– Good food, lovely ambience and prompt service but the prices are too high to go to for a casual meal.

Rating– 3.5/5



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