Dec 18 2012

Piccoli Tortini, Bandra (w) – Review


Piccoli TortiniThanks to Burrp I got to go try the very classy cafe- Piccoli Tortini in Bandra. Here’s my review.

Food– Piccoli Tortini means small tart in Italian and the place sure does live up to its name. As we were expected to come drop in from our Christmas trail, the menu was pre-decided for us. We tried their Veg paninis- tomato, mozzarella and basil which were yum. Next, we tried the chocolate cupcake which was decent and the ‘piccoli tortini’ which was made of ricotta cheese and was just the right amount of sweet! Now that was definitely the highlight and I think you’ll love it too! The Pumpkin spiced cupcake was not bad either. I didn’t like the cinnamon taste in it though. The cold coffee was very ordinary and could have been better. And of course, since this is an Italian cafe, you’ll find pizza, pasta, starters here besides the regular coffees and teas.

Ambience– Located at Bandra west on Hill road, Piccoli Tortini just like its name, is a tiny place hidden behind a bus stop, very close to Mocha Mojo. Very classy, very pretty and very feminine, the cafe is an ideal place for girlfriends to catch up and relax. The interiors, furniture, the cutlery, menu and even tissues are lovely!

Service– The staff seem courteous and seem to be settling in as of now. We however had the opportunity to be served by the owner herself so we obviously got more attention and gave her our feedback on the spot.

Prices– Ok so this cafe is definitely on the expensive side. The cupcakes which are medium sized cost Rs. 90 each, a Veg panini costs Rs. 195, the little tortini costs Rs. 70, a cappuccino costs Rs.185 and all this plus taxes amounts to quite a bit. So to have an evening out with the girls might just turn out to be a high ended affair. The quality is definitely good but the sizes don’t justify the costs and that is where the problem lies.

Verdict– Piccoli Tortini is a beautiful cafe in Bandra that oozes warmth and love but all at a price. You must have the little ricotta cheese tortini!

Rating– 3/5




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Jul 15 2010

Quench, Bandra -Review


I had read about Quench on Burrp and thought this is one of those places I must go to. Luckily, my friend Irfan decided to treat me to dinner, and so we went to Quench. What a great choice!

Food– The place serves Pasta, Salads, Sizzlers, Chinese, Continental and Indian food.  Now that’s a huge variety of cuisine to choose from! They also serve drinks. All kinds! For starters we had a plate of Nachos which was pretty different yet decent but you’d have to ask them to pour some more cheese sauce as they’re a bit kanjoos with it! For main course I called for my favourite pasta- Penne in Alfredo sauce with American corn and totally loved it; my friend called for a Fetuccini in Carbonara sauce. He liked his pasta too. Besides that I had a Frunch which is a yummy mocktail- concoction of Cranberry juice and vanilla ice cream. Since I’ve made it at home before, I knew it would be yummy. I also had a chocolate milkshake. Now even their chocolate milkshakes have different chocolates and you can choose between Ferrero Rocher, Snickers, Kit Kat and Mars. My Ferrero Rocher shake was delicious! My stupid friend just had his London Pilsners so no comments on that! We didn’t have our dessert there ‘cause I really wanted to try Pali village café, but unfortunately, after eating at Quench, I had no room for dessert and plus there was 1 hour waiting at PVC! Bloody hell!

Ambience– Located near the reclamation Candies, this place is a tiny little restaurant that looks very cute from the outside. I love the look and feel of the place! Very young, colourful and fun! You’ll find quotes about beer and wine, and fun furniture too! They play great music, mainly House, although at times you’ll also hear Justin Bieber… but that’s ok! But the best thing I love is how chilled out the place is!

Service– Good & quick service. Our food arrived on time so no complaints.

Prices– The prices are well worth the food. Good quantity and completely affordable. We had 1 starter, 1 mocktail, 1 milkshake, 2 beers, 2 pastas and our bill came up to 1064, which is brilliant! The good thing about this place is that its value for money! A veg pasta would cost you about 169 and a non-veg one would cost you 189. My chocolate milkshake with Ferrero Rocher was only 71 bucks and the beer was 119 bucks! So, it’s a place you can go to even if you just wanna have a couple of drinks. The best part was that from 8pm to 9pm they have this Happy Hour for women and offer free wine! I don’t drink, so the wine was a waste but for those who do, it’s a great offer, don’t you think?!

Verdict– Highly recommended! It’s a place for those who want to chill, with a couple of drinks, good food and music! Total Paisa Vasool I say! I’m really looking forward to many more dinners at Quench!

Rating– 4/5

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