Jul 2 2012

Fun Funny: Stost Sandwich


I like my sandwich ‘stosted’!

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May 7 2012

Elephanta Caves (Gharapuri), Maharashtra


I’m a typical Arien who needs something or the other to keep me going all the time and so I get pretty random and crazy ideas when I’m bored. I had made up my mind on Friday night that I have to do something exciting to get out of my daily school routine. Basically, I needed to do something different and so; I decided to go to Elephanta Caves! After making some last minute calls on Friday night, Fash agreed to come and I was super excited to finally get out and do something ‘different’ from the usual. Saturday was one such impulsive day and I honestly don’t regret it.

How to get to Elephanta Caves? Simple. Go to Gateway of India (Mumbai), buy tickets for the ferry to go to Elephanta. They’ll be available at the entrance and priced at Rs. 130 for a return journey to Elephanta and back. If you want to go on the upper deck, its Rs. 10 extra. Mondays closed. It takes a little more than an hour to reach so make sure you carry some sweet or something in case you’re the type who gets sea sick. Once you reach the island, there’s a mini train ride that costs Rs. 10 to drop you to the entrance of the Elephanta market leading to the caves.

The Journey– Before the market, you have to pay Rs. 5 as tax to enter the island properly. The market goes uphill towards the main entrance for the caves. You’ll find everything from Indian accessories to bags to tshirts to show pieces to leaf paintings to pretty wind chimes to what not! Oh yes, you’ll also find lots of monkeys so DO NOT buy corn on your way up because you wont be able to eat even 3 bites before a monkey comes and intimidates you and snatches your corn away! That happened to both me and Fash! These monkeys are big bullies! They even snatch bottles of water! To reach the top, it took us about 20 mins or so because there were so many steps!

The entry fee is Rs. 10 for adults and Rs. 250 for foreigners. Really sad! I wish the government wouldn’t be so shameless! Anyway, so then you walk ahead and you’ll find the first cave which is the main and the best cave. There are beautifully carved stone sculptures of Shiva and other Gods. They’re all works of art and it’s amazing how people had so much time thousands of years ago that they created such beautiful things for us to see. You’ll find 3-4 other caves ahead but they’re all incomplete and not as lovely. You might get a little bored after seeing the first 2 caves but make sure you see all of them since you don’t get to go to Elephanta Caves very often!

Food– After seeing all the caves, we decided to have some nimbu pani made by a local lady which was quite nice, especially in the garmi. And then Fash had some ‘Chicken Freiad rice’ (as it said at the small restaurant in the market where we ate) and we both had Fresh Lime Soda which was quite bad! I chose not to eat cause I was having a major Mc Donald’s craving so decided to go there once we reached Gateway. I bought corn on the way back though, once we crossed the marketplace (where the stupid monkeys were). So we had left at 10am from Gateway of India and were back by 3 in the afternoon.

Overall, it was a good trip. Not a ‘wow’ place but definitely worth visiting especially if you’re a Mumbaikar or if you haven’t seen the Ajanta and Ellora caves in Aurangabad which are way better than the Elephanta caves for sure!

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Jul 4 2011

Mokshkari Dugdhapan, Chira Bazaar- Review


You’re probably wondering from the name itself why I would go to such a place but this is one of those awesome places I discovered when I had just started working at my school, which is in the same area. So here’s why I just had to write about it.

What to have? They have different kinds of milky drinks. If you love milkshakes and other milk products, this place is for you. You get Cold Coco, Masala Milk, Lassi, Kaju & Anjeer Milk, Badam shake, Masala thandai, Kesar Milk, Fruit Salad, Rabdi and Seasonal fresh fruit milkshake if you’re lucky. My personal favourite is Cold Coco but I also like the Rabdi and Badam shake. Thick and yum! They add chocolate chips to the Cold Coco and fresh almonds to the Badam shake making it extremely hard to resist after one sip. I also thought the Fruit Salad was good, however, I didn’t like the Kesar milk ‘cause they put elaichi in it.

Where? It’s a small stall at Chira Bazaar, opposite this restaurant called Aanandashram. It’s at the naka of the Gaaywadi lane. Unfortunately it’s not listed online anywhere so there’s no map or exact location I can help you with but I hope this much info helps. So if you’re a townie and familiar with the area, it shouldn’t be too hard to find.

How much? Extremely affordable, the cost of a regular glass is Rs. 20 and large glass is Rs. 30. The Masala Milk, Rabdi and seasonal milk are 5-10 bucks more but that’s hardly anything too.

Final Words? Go try it! You’ll thank me for introducing this place to you! Paisa vasool hai boss!

Rating– 4/5

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Feb 15 2011

Cream & Cheese, Bandra- Review


As tempting as the name sounds, the place is not half as good! Allow me to elaborate.

Food– Cream & Cheese is a pure veg restaurant that serves soups, salads, chaats, pizzas, pastas, sizzlers, “burgars”, sandwiches, Indian food, desserts and non-alcoholic drinks. Wanna-be New Yorker/Relish/Bombay Blue/ Cream Centre eh? Todalleh! Since I was craving Nachos, we decided to call for that, 2 sizzlers- Paneer Chilly and Italian, Masala Chai and Fresh Lime Soda. The Nachos were ok, the sizzlers were quite bad and bland, but the masala chai and fresh lime sodas were good. After eating the food I realized that maybe next time I’ll try Indian. Yeh sab unko bilkul jachta nahi hai!

Ambience– I really like the place. It’s at a great location- Hill Road in Bandra where people go crazy shopping so it’s not even hard to notice and what does one do after shopping? Eat of course! So yeah, its bang on when it comes to the location. The décor is simple and nice. You can sit at their outdoor section or indoor section but I’d suggest outdoor ‘cause it’s lovely! I love the back of the chairs. Do notice them when u go there and remember me!

Service– The service is good. The restaurant’s new so the waiters are very enthusiastic. Let’s see what happens once people are more aware of the place!

Prices– The prices are normal. Starters range from Rs.69 to Rs.160, pastas start at Rs. 140, Pizzas start at Rs. 105, and Sabjis range from Rs. 80 onwards. So the prices are decent but not worth the food!

Verdict– As of now, because of the sad food, Cream & Cheese is well below average. There’s nothing Creamy or Cheesy enough to like! Even the menu has tons of words with spelling mistakes! Shame shame! But I’d like to try out the Indian food…I hope that wont let me down!

Rating– 2/5

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Jul 30 2010

Once upon a time in Mumbaai- Movie Review


The trailer seemed pretty interesting on watching it the first time. Actually, it was more of the music in it and the retro look that got me interested in watching it.

So, as it’s said in the trailer, it’s about a reigning Bollywood starlet (Kangana Ranaut), a smuggler (Ajay Devgan), an innocent & stupid girlfriend (Prachi Desai) and a wanna-be Don (Emraan Hashmi).  The wanna-be Don wants to be the richest & most powerful man in Mumbai by learning from the smuggling king.

Lots of efforts taken to add a retro look and feel to the settings and actors but somehow I just didn’t feel it. Kangana Ranaut’s hairdos and outfits were definitely spot -on and Prachi Desai looked pretty but Ajay Devgan and Emraan Hashmi just looked like idiots. Randeep Hooda who has a small role in the film looked smoking hot and is a very good actor too!

The story has many weak points and the movie drags in many parts. It could have been so much better if the love angles were not given so much importance. The songs ‘Pee loon’ and ‘Tum jo aaye’ are lovely but don’t cover up for the numerous faults in the movie. The background music is kickass! I want that one awesome track they keep playing during the course of the film as my ringtone or something!

Overall, Once upon a time in Mumbaai is a good effort by Milan Luthria but could have been better. A one time watch.

Rating- 2.5/5

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Jul 25 2010

The Teapot Café, Fort -Review


This sweet little café, located at Fountain, near Bombay House is definitely a hidden treasure! I’ve been wanting to go there since more than a year now and after finally discovering it, I feel super satisfied!

Food– The food on the menu is varied consisting of omlettes, crepes, waffles, pastas, quiches, pizzas, burgers, pastries, puffs, cheesecakes, tarts and what not! They also have coffees, iced teas, tea, milkshakes and many more refreshments. The first time I went there, I tried the Veg corn and cheese quiche which was quite bland and not that great. I also had the Bruschetta which I ordered for the second time that we went too. It was yummy! My friend had a Chicken & Egg burger with Mayonnaise and Cheese and he said it was very filling and also tasted good. The coffee was pretty decent too, not the CCD or Costa Coffee type, but pretty good nonetheless. You also have the option of adding hazelnut, chocolate, etc. if you want. The chocolate tart and Hazlenut cheesecake are ok. So I can say that it comes close to Candies where food is concerned; it’s ok… not that great; but there are so many options to choose from and I still have to try out a lot of stuff from there!

Ambience– The teapot café is a small little place with about 4-5 tables, Italian tiling and simple décor but the café has a charm of its own. The atmosphere is casual and fun and you’ll find games such as Uno, playing cards, etc. on every table. Since a lot of office people who know this place come here, there’s also Wi-Fi. The best part is that you get that warm, homely feeling when you go there and hence feel like going there again and again.

Service– The service is definitely above the mark. The owner herself comes to your table to take the order and makes sure you have a good time at the café. If you’re confused about what to order, ask her to suggest something you may like.

Prices– Total value for money! The items on the menu are completely affordable and well priced. A coffee would cost you 35 bucks; the chicken & egg burger 65 bucks, the bruschetta 55 bucks and so on. So no complaints where prices are concerned.

Verdict– I recommend this place and suggest you go there with your set of close buddies, play some games of Uno and eat some fun stuff. Great ambience, service and fun menu. Lots to try!

Rating– 3.5/5

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Jun 13 2010

Masalazone Bar & Kitchen, Bandra


So last night my Marine Drive friends and I decided to go to Masalacraft for dinner. This was probably the first time we ventured out of “town” as in we went to the burbs for food.

Food– North Indian food, quite a bit of variety on the menu. Delicious. Since I’m a vegetarian, I can only say stuff about the veg food. Starters mein we tried the Basil Garlic Paneer Tikka which was awsome and the paneer was super soft; just perfect and the Makai Malai Seekh Kabab was alright. Main course mein we had Paneer Amritsari, awsome again; Malai Kofta was different… they put too much garlic and ginger and had pineapples in it and my friends had some mushroom sabzi which was good too. (I don’t eat mushrooms). The Kulchas and Naans all looked the same and got cold and hard super fast. They also serve alcohol and everyone had according to their preference. I had Fresh Lime Soda which was good. 😛 But one of my friends had some Cherry mocktail which was yum. We decided to eat our deserts elsewhere cause there was nothing interesting enough on the menu.

Ambience– Nice outdoor, dimly lit place. Also has an indoor section which can seat very few people. It’s not the best place to go to in the summer. There are big fans but they don’t help.

Service– Although the waiters try to be sweet, you can see they’re being fake. The service is a little slow. My friend asked for a refill of her Cherry drink but the waiter heard wrong and got a Long Island Iced Tea instead. They didn’t charge for it, but still. They need to hear better!

Prices– Moderately priced. Not cheap and not expensive either. Just right. Comes up to about 500 bucks per head with alcohol/drinks.

Verdict– The most important thing for me is the food. So yes, I will definitely go to this place again because the food is great and it was a good experience over all.

Rating– 3.5/5

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