Jan 16 2015

Alone- Movie Review


Alone posterImagine going for a horror movie called ‘Alone’ alone starring Bipasha Basu whose acting method includes breathing heavily and showing skin. To add to that, I watched the film at a shady theatre filled with men carrying newspapers (I wonder why!). Uhh yeah as snobbish as it may sound, the single screen theatres in the burbs can in no way be compared to those in town. Sigh! Let’s get down to business now.

Plot in short– Sanjana and Anjana (Bipasha Basu) were conjoined twins. They both fell in love with the same guy- Kabir (Karan Singh Grover) but he only loved Sanjana. So as to pursue love and start living individual lives, the twins decide to get operated and have separate bodies. Sadly, only Sanajana survives the operation. Cut to present day. Sanjana and Kabir are married and stay in Mumbai. Something strange happens to her mother in Kerala and that brings the both of them there, to her mother’s house. As she spends time at home, strange things start happening to her too. She starts seeing her dead sister Anjana doing spooky things and scaring the shit out of her. Badla! Duh!

The Good– So…. Ummm… well to start off, it isn’t that bad a movie. I mean, it’s strictly average. The story is predictable but luckily the climax was not for me atleast. I like how hot Bipasha Basu looks throughout. So that sort of covers up a lot of bad things in the movie which I will come to later. She’s mostly wearing negligees, short night dresses, tank tops and super short shorts which help her flaunt her curves. Karan Singh Grover is also a good looking actor who I saw acting for the first time and thought he’s pretty decent. I thought supporting actress Sulbha Arya who plays the maid of the house is a superb actor and even though she had to be a part of some really corny scenes, she did a good job along with the actress who plays her daughter.

The Not-so-good– Bipasha Basu is a hottie but as an actor she’s got a long way to go. Since Raaz, she’s been doing numerous horror flicks but her acting has remained the same since. Shame shame puppy shame! The story is unoriginal and predictable with bits and pieces of many horror movies. I wonder why they always make her walk out of the house all alone at night when she hears strange sounds and then the wind (read ghost) makes her hair fly a bit for effect. Then she’s either thrown somewhere or comes back into the house running breathing heavily shouting ‘bachao bachao’ (to titillate the male audience, of course). The ghost make up is terrible and so are the visual effects. Luckily not too many songs in the film. They’re nothing to boast about either.

Verdict– I mentioned it is an average movie earlier because I didn’t really get bored. There were some unintentionally funny scenes which kept the audience entertained. So I’d say no need to spend money and watch in a theatre. Watch it when it comes on Tv. Its timepass.


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Mar 22 2013

Aatma- Movie Review


Aatma posterIt seems like Bipasha Basu has taken over an entire genre in films. Just like Ajay Devgan and Akshay Kumar are our action heroes, Bips has become Bollywood’s horror (horrific?) heroine. Its funny how in every in horror film the use of the word ‘aatma’ is most common and then you see a film named that! Anyway, here’s my review of the film.

Bipasha Basu plays the role of a loving mother of a daughter and a helpless wife of a man who was violent and crazy. Her husband died in an accident but comes back to take their daughter with him. His body is dead but his ‘aatma’ still alive and ready to kill anyone who says or does anything against his daughter or him. Will Bipasha be able to save her daughter from her dead husband and give her a good life?

The last few movies that have come have all been horrible! Director Suparn Verma has made a film that is not as over-the-top or gross or creepy as the type Ram Gopal Verma makes. Just to make you jump from your seat, he doesn’t unnecessarily have scary looking props or weird angles or ridiculous sound effects like a child’s laughter or a witchy laugh, etc. He doesn’t even have the clichés that you’ve seen in most horror movies. Aatma is relatively subtle and more believable as compared to other horror movies and that’s what makes it a decent watch although I wish it was scarier. The cinematography by Sophie Winqvist is top notch and beautiful. The story is good but the last half an hour is quite stupid and thus deters it from being a decent horror film. The production design is lovely and so is the styling. The background score is good.

The performances are good. Bipasha Basu looked stunning and acted pretty well. Way better than her performance in Raaz 3. Nawazuddin Siddiqui didn’t have much to do and I think any other actor could have done his part. He was aright but looked odd as Bipasha’s husband. The little girl Doyel Dhawan was ok for a child. I personally think child actors shouldn’t be a part of a scary movie. I also thought Darshan Jariwala who is a brilliant actor was wasted in the film. He could’ve done a better role. The actress who plays Bipasha’s mother has done a good job too.

Luckily there’s no music in the film because then the momentum of the film would have been broken. However, Sangeet and Siddharth Haldipur have made a beautiful song which plays in the start with the credit roll.

My verdict is that Aatma is not bad. If you’re a horror movie fan, go watch it.

Rating– 3/5


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Sep 6 2012

Raaz 3 (3D) – Movie Review


Raaz 1 was epic, Raaz 2 was ok and s Raaz 3 was ummm… you’ll find out soon. Read on.

So, Bipasha Basu plays this insecure actress who can’t imagine being anything but the best. When Esha Gupta wins the best actress award, Bips can’t take it and so goes to this creepy man from hell whose aatma bhatkos in India and he can help Bips make Esha suffer. By suffering I mean scary things. And yes, Emraan Hashmi is a lallu director who helps Bips (his girlfriend who treats him like shit) make Esha suffer.

First of all, I was totally freaked out! This is probably the scariest movie I’ve seen in the past one year.  Raaz 1 might have had just one or two scary scenes, but Raaz 3 was full of them! The broad story was good but the screenplay and direction was as shaky as watching a 3D movie without the 3d glasses. Some of the 3D effects were good but otherwise it was just a gimmick to draw audiences, especially to a paid preview show (which I went for). The ghosts’ make up was like ulti with worms even though the sound effects were very good. The set design was very good though. There was this one scene to wards the end where the bad ‘aatma’ tells Bipasha that if she wants to kill Esha, “Tumhe mere saath woh sab karna padega jo ek zinda aurat ek zinda aadmi ke saath karti hai”. And he’s got all these worms all over his body and flies and mosquitoes over his head. So yeah, it was pretty gross and pointless also.

Coming to the performances, Emraan Hashmi as the hero was good. Bipasha Basu also acted well but looked quite old even with all the skin show. Esha Gupta looked gorgeous but was alright. She can’t dance, that’s for sure!

The music is not that great. There’s just one song I liked- Deewana kar raha hai by Javed Ali which is quite melodious.

Jo bhi ho, for me Raaz 3 might not be the best horror movie to watch but it served its purpose. I was bloody petrified and it was entertaining to an extent. If you’re a horror movie fan and like Bollywood’s corniness, go watch Raaz 3.

Rating– 2.5/5


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Feb 24 2012

Jodi Breakers- Movie Review


To be honest, I wasn’t expecting anything from this movie after I saw the trailer. It looked quite stupid. Now the question is… was it?

Predictable as it seems, Bipasha and Madhavan play the Jodi breakers who successfully makes unhappy marriages end in divorce. The twist comes right before the interval when we find out that Madhavan has a ‘maksad’ behind splitting one of the jodis and oops! It’s too late cause Miss Sexy Bips has fallen head over heels in ‘lou’ with Mr. Chashmish Motu. Bas haan now enough said. Let’s get to the review.

The story is as I said, predictable. The beginning is a little dull and slow but it gets better. I think what keeps the movie going is the fact that the locations and sets and all the actors’ hair, make up and clothes are all superb! Of course, the director has done a decent job too. The music by Salim Sulaiman is very ok, not something I’d download and listen to.

Bipasha has never looked so sexy and Madhavan has never looked so fat and out of place. I’ve always enjoyed Madhavan’s performance in his earlier films but this one was just ok. Bipasha Basu tried to act a little cute and was pretty good at it but her performance overall is consistent with the earlier ones. I really liked Milind Soman though. Besides looking smashing, he’s also done a pretty good job as an actor. Omi Vaidya’s only funny scene was the Kamdev Baba one apart from which all the other ‘supposed’ funny dialogues of his were not funny at all! Dipannita Sharma is also a pretty decent actor even though she’s super skinny.

Overall, Jodi Breakers is a timepass chick flick. Watch at home types.

Rating– 2.5/5


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Jan 6 2012

Players- Movie Review


Painfully long but entertaining and well shot with pakao music by Pritam and Neil Nitin Mukesh’s best performance yet!

Rating- 3/5

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Apr 21 2011

Dum Maaro Dum- Movie Review


The reason I went to watch this movie is Abhishek Bachchan. I think he’s a brilliant actor no matter what people say. What I thought about the movie is irrelevant then…Ok no, read read! 😛

Dum in hindi refers to drugs. So the movie is based on that. Basically, Prateik Babbar has a girlfriend who gets a scholarship but he doesn’t and can’t afford to pay the fees of the University he wants to go to. He gets involved exporting drugs and is sent to juvenile prison when Abhishek Bachchan, the police officer in charge catches him at the Goa Airport. Joki, Rana Daggubati, a musician has an aspiring air hostess, Bipasha Basu as his girlfriend who is ambitious but is forced to take help from a drug mafia (Aditya Pancholi) in Goa who bribes her into exporting drugs if she wants to fulfill her ambition of being an air hostess. As the movie progresses we move deeper into the plot and see the power of the drug mafia.

Supposedly a thiller, I didn’t think it was that thrilling. The background music only has Dum Maaro Dum ka starting ka tune and Midival Punditz have taken credit for that. The story falls flat because there’s no proper build-up of the plot. They were trying too hard to put in love stories and songs to make the movie a little light which sort of takes away from the main story about the whole drug mafia scene. So even though the movie is just about 2 hrs and 15 mins, it seems incredibly long! They could have made it so much more classy and interesting!

The actors apart from Abhishek Bachchan and Prateik Babbar are quite bad. This Rana guy is just too bland and has an expressionless voice. Bipasha looks hot but that’s it.

The music by Pritam is not bad. I like the songs ‘Te Amo’ and ‘Mit jaaye gham’.

According to me, Dum Maaro Dum lacks dum. I didn’t have great expectations anyway!

Rating– 2/5


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Jul 17 2010

Lamhaa- Movie Review


Well, I can explain why I went for this movie! I was actually supposed to go for Tere Bin Laden with a friend. But since she canned saying Sterling had only the first two rows empty, I decided to go on my own. Unfortunately, Tere Bin Laden at Sterling was House Full! Now since I didn’t want to go back home without watching a movie, I decided to check the neighbouring theatres and found Lamhaa at New Excelsior.

So about the story…hmmm…I don’t even feel like giving a short synopsis of the story because it was so bad! Just remember it’s about the Kashmir issue- India ka hai ki Pakistan ka hai? And why the Kashmiris suffer because of all of that and the politicians anyway have no kaam-dhandha but to create communal disharmony!

The story was so messed up, the actors couldn’t act, the camera- work was shoddy throughout and the songs weren’t long enough! You feel so disconnected throughout that you can’t understand the purpose of any character. Sanjay Dutt looked super stylish and was walking like some model on a ramp. Bipasha looked good in her simple avatar (her make-up artist did a good job!)Kunal Kapoor needs to take Hindi lessons! Even a good actor like Mahesh Manjrekar was wasted in this film! Anupam Kher was good…never seen him act badly…but sadly, his role was not powerful enough.The music is really good in this movie and unfortunately because the movie is so thanda, you’d wish the songs went on for longer! The songs ‘Madno’ and ‘Main Kaun Hoon’ are lovely!

That kind of sums up what I think of the movie in a nutshell. So yeah, Lamhaa is not a good movie.

Rating– 1/5

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