Nov 18 2017

Kaitlyn’s Beer Garden, Bandra (W)- Review


Kaitlyn’s Beer Garden has been around for a while but I got to trying it only very recently. We went for dinner and drinks on a random weekday see what it was like.

Food and Drinks: Since we were invited to try the place, we ordered for small portions of multiple dishes. Here’s all the stuff we had.

Red Lotus cocktail- Vodka, cranberry, litchi and lemon grass (Rs. 450)-This was totally my kind of cocktail- less alcohol and sweet. If that is your thing, you will love it! I definitely did! I usually have just vodka+ cranberry but lemongrass added a whole new flavour to it which was perfect and definitely something I can try at home some day.

Black Currant Basil Belgian shake- Light beer, blackcurrant, basil, icecream (Rs. 450) – Karan called for this very weird ‘Beer shake’. It was just super sweet black currant milkshake with no trace of beer or basil. Totally avoidable!

Shaoxing BBQ Cottage Cheese in Tartlets- Wok tossed shaoxing wine flavoured cottage cheese garnished scallions (Rs. 350) – This tasted a lot like Kung Pao paneer served with fried kadak puris which went well together. Tastewise not bad at all. Wish the paneer was softer.

Shaoxing BBQ Chicken with Shitake & Scallions in Tartlets (Rs.450) – This was the non-vegetarian version of what I had and Karan thought it was not bad either. He just didn’t like the tartlets much cause they were very oily.

Herb Crusted Buttermilk Chicken Fingers with a Dynamite dip (Rs.375) – Karan felt that this dish was just okay. The chicken was a bit chewy.

German style nachos- Grilled onion, Crème Fraiche, Roasted pepper PipperadeMexico meets Germany (Rs. 299) – Let’s just say I’ve had better. The Nachos were fresh out from a Doritos/Cornitos packet which beats the whole purpose of eating Nachos at a restaurant. The onions were oily, there was barely any flavour from the cheese sauce and cream. Tomato salsa or beans could have saved the dish but that didn’t come with the dish.

Margherita pizza (Rs. 399) – The pizza could have been excellent if the crust wasn’t burnt and if there was some more pizza sauce on the pizza. But it was good overall and went well with our drinks.

Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Beetroot Veloute (Rs. 449) – This was by far the best dish we had! The creamy beetroot sauce was delicious and full of flavour. The sweet potato Gnocchi was not as soft as I had wished it to be but the taste was just right and that’s what made it a really good dish.

Ambience– Located at Hill road, above Mc Donald’s, Kaitlyn’s Beer Garden is a chilled out place to hang out with friends over a few drinks and some food. You will find lit up trees between tables which add some warmth to the otherwise grey and rustic look of the place.

Service & Prices– The staff was warm and friendly and helped us with our orders. I’d probably go on a random day to judge the service better since they knew I was there to review. The pricing is proper for the overall experience of the place.

Verdict– Kaitlyn’s Beer Garden is a nice place to hang out but can be better with minor improvements in the food. Looking forward to my next Red Lotus there! J

 Rating- 3/5 

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May 8 2013

36 Oak & Barley, Gowalia Tank- Review


36 Oak & barleyI went to 36 Oak & Barley for my best friend’s birthday dinner. I had heard good things about it and couldn’t wait to try the food and see for myself!

Food– We were super hungry when we reached and picked Nachos as the first item from the menu as a starter. The taste was good; the nacho chips were most certainly from a readymade packet and the quantity very less.  Next we tried their famous Chilly Cheese toast, nice but 4 pieces that were less even for one person and hence had to order one more. Next we tried their spiced scrambled cottage cheese bruschetta. Sounds fancy, right? Well, expect nothing more than paneer bhurji on bread. After that, I decided I just had to try their pizza and see if that was worth it. We called for two different ones. One was a simple margherita pizza with mushrooms, olives and onions as toppings. That was decent. The other one was a 3 cheese pizza, ok because it was quite bitter and the pizza sauce didn’t make the bitterness less. The herbed cheese pasta with bell peppers as topping was good but the quantity, less again. My cold coffee with hazelnut was divine! I wanted more but controlled. I wouldn’t recommend the desserts here at all. We had the Vertigo cake which was very ok and the Mud Cake which was bad. The ice cream was yum! For those of you who drink, they have happy hours throughout the day which means ‘buy 1 get 1 free’ on all alcohol options.

Ambience– Close to Cumballa Hill Hospital, 36 Oak & Barley wont be very easy to locate if you’re not familiar with Mumbai roads. It is close to August Kranti Maidan. Once you enter, you’ll find a chic and classy looking place with lots of space, a long bar and a big screen for watching matches. There’s also a smoking area made separately outside which is cool. A perfect place to go grab a drink!

36 O&B 2

Service– The service is very good! The waiter knew his stuff and was prompt. We got our food pretty quickly. It would be nice to see how it gets when the place is crowded. When we went, there were barely 4-5 tables full so the waiters didn’t have much to do but serve us well. Good job nonetheless.

Prices– The prices are a bit much for the quantity. The Nachos with cheese was for Rs. 225, the Chilly Cheese toast was for Rs. 150, the 3 cheese pizza and pasta were for Rs. 350 each, the cold coffee was for Rs. 150, the Mud Cake was for Rs. 325. We were 5 of us and the total bill amount was Rs.5600 with alcohol and taxes.

Verdict– The food is decent but not for the price. It’s an ideal place if you want to go grab a drink with your buddies. I recommend their cold coffee!

Rating– 3/5


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Oct 10 2012

Cafe Marina, Colaba- Review


I love open air places and ever since I read about Cafe Marina, I did want to try it but thought I’d wait it out because the prices were a bit much. So it was one of those random visits again and here’s what I thought.

Food– They mainly serve alcohol here so people would in all probability come here to drink; but they do have food too. We hadn’t gone there to drink though, and after seeing the menu we just decided to call for 2 veg starters among the 4 of us. One was garlic bread with cheese which was good but not something that you can’t make at home. They hadn’t even cut the pieces properly! It was more like 2 pieces of a loaf left upto you to slice! Next we tried the veg assorted platter with which we got a free beer (Fosters- big bottle). The Tandoori Veg Platter had 2 kinds of paneer, mushroom, cauliflower, babycorn, aloo, some other tikki). The variety and taste both were very good.

Ambience– The ambience is the USP of the place. Located in Colaba, walking distance from Gateway of India, Taj hotel, and super close to Radio Club, Cafe Marina is a terrace cafe atop Hotel Sea Palace. With tall tables and chairs facing the breathtaking sea, who will not fall in love with the place?! I did, for sure! Being an open air place with dim lighting and lots of peace, it would be the best place to go to on a romantic date, especially in the winter season.

Service– Now this sucks. We got there at 6 45 and placed our order by 7 max. Our food did not arrive till 8 30! And what had we ordered? Just Garlic bread and a Veg platter. To top that, the beer which was free also did not arrive till we had to ask them to get it at around 8 15! Ridiculous! It’s not the waiter’s fault; he tried his best to convince us that the food would only take half n hour to come. But there was some mismanagement and the cook probably wasn’t prepared to cook (strange to even say this)!

Prices– I understand that the ambience is amazing and all of that but the pricing could be better! The veg platter is for Rs. 475 (we were lucky to get a free beer with it). I don’t remember how much the Garlic bread with cheese was for, adding to that service tax, it came up to Rs. 184 per person. The platter was a good idea, more so because of the free beer. Also, they have some offers and happy hours for those wanting to drink.

Verdict– Ambience- Outstanding! Food- Decent, Prices- Too much for food but ok for alcohol, Service- BAD! You make your choice.

Rating– 2.5/5

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Aug 30 2012

Lagerbay, Bandra (W)- Review


Lager… chunari mein daag…  (Not many will get this one) Anyway!

Thanks to Burrp, I won myself a lunch pack voucher for one at Lagerbay, Bandra which consists of 1 soup/salad, 1 main course, 1 dessert and 1 beer/iced tea. Now, since I obviously wouldn’t go alone and eat, I asked my friend Fash to join me and we decided to split the lunch pack between the two of us.

Food– We called for a Veg Caesar salad- lettuce, bell peppers, broccoli, mayonnaise, croutons and parmesan cheese (very unlike me to have salad but its better than boring soup atleast!). It actually was quite nice with the right amount of everything. Now, since I don’t drink alcohol, we called for a Black Currant iced tea but it had no trace of Black Currant, we were pretty sure. It tasted like normal lemon iced tea to both of us, not bad but not our order! For main course we had their Paprika Cream Penne pasta which was very good but also bland. I had to add salt and seasoning to make it right. For dessert we decided to try the Blueberry cheesecake which was just ok. It was nice and soft, yes, but it didn’t have the right base- it was super thin and barely made any difference to the cheesecake which it ideally should. I think their gooey chocolate cake would’ve been a better option. The options for the lunch pack are many which is a very good thing and the quantity is perfect! You wont feel the need to eat more if you’re pigging out on this offer alone.

Ambience– Lagerbay is at Waterfield road Bandra west, Subway ke saamne. They’ve got a huge space and have made it look fun and yet classy. The red couch is sexy and they haven’t overdone anything on the walls. I also love the music they play. We went for lunch and most of their lights were switched off, letting as much natural light in as possible. Also, the music was not loud and thumping like a pub’s. The music was good and completely appropriate for the time we went.

Service– The guy who took our order was sweet but looked a little nervous when we asked him about the contents of the various salads. So the staff could be better informed. Also, our food arrived pretty quickly but they got the salad and main course at the same time which is not a good thing.

Prices– Since I won the voucher, I didn’t have to pay anything but otherwise 600 bucks for a 3 course meal with a drink is not bad. But Fash made me think again. This offer is valid only from Monday to Saturday from 11am to 6pm. Not many people would spend Rs.600 for lunch on a working day just like that. The contents of the lunch pack are perfect and super filling for one person though.  Food for thought.

Verdict– The lunch pack is not a steal deal for sure but I like the place and would recommend it to those who wanna grab a drink after work or over the weekend and go to a fun place with good music.

Rating– 3/5


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May 30 2011

The Terrace, Chowpatty- Review


I recently went to not -just -another “terrace” with a couple of friends to see what it was like and here’s what I thought of it.

Food– If you’re planning to eat hardcore, this is not the place for you. Just like WTF! The Terrace serves starters and drinks only. They have an entire menu containing alcohol choices and for food they didn’t have a menu yet ‘cause they had just opened;  but they have starters such as French Fries, Pizza, Bruschetta, Burgers, Sandwiches, Chilly Mini Potatoes, Spinach & Mozarella tikis, etc and no non-veg ‘cause the landlord of the building doesn’t allow non-veg.  Since there were only starters we decided to call for 4-5 different ones. The Grain pizza was the strangest of them all! It didn’t look like a pizza but tasted good anyway. It had a thick wheat base with Bell pepper, Cheese, a Basil leaf and an Artichoke. The cutlet in the Burgers tasted like Kanda bhajiya with corn but it was good nonetheless. Next we tried the Spinach Mozarella thing with sev around it. That was ok. The Mini potatoes were also just ok… the taste of the potatoes overpowered the sauce. So the food was ok. I thought the quantity was very little. We were not even half full! Basically, it’s a place for those more interested in drinking and have starters on the side so make sure you don’t go there just for food. But one thing that I must add is that they’ve made an attempt to introduce new dishes and make them look different so kudos to them!

Ambience– Lovely place. Open air with comfortable seating- chilled out chairs and bean bags to sit on with amazing breeze slapping your face. The best part is that you’ll see our very own Chowpatty beach on the opposite side. So yes, they’ve got the right location with very simple and yet classy décor and furniture which makes the place just awesome and fun to chill!

Service– The service is fine nothing spectacular about it!

Prices– I’d say the prices are fine but the quantity of food is not. So they should do something about that. A Kingfisher beer costs Rs. 180, the pizza cost us 300 bucks and it wasn’t worth the money at all! The mini burgers plate cost us Rs. 225, the spinach Mozarella thing cost us Rs. 275 and the Mini potatoes cost us Rs. 245. So 4 starters, 1 beer and 2 Fresh lime sodas, adding 10% service charge, the bill amount came to Rs. 1460 among the 4 of us. But mind you we weren’t full at all!

Verdict– The Terrace is a great place to hang out with your friends, have a couple of drinks and just enjoy the weather is good ol’ Mumbai. The food, service and pricing is ok. If they make a few changes in the quantity and introduce more things to eat, I’d definitely be coming here more often! It’s worth a shot for sure so go try it asap!

Rating– 3/5


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Sep 19 2010

Fingers Cross, Andheri (West) – Review


It was my friend Irfan’s birthday and we were supposed to go to a restaurant called “Jail” at Andheri to have their dinner buffet; but after hearing from 2-3 people about the shady crowd that goes there, our friend Sonam suggested we try Fingers Cross at Andheri. Good choice!

Food– Ok I have no idea why this place is called Fingers Cross… you certainly don’t need to cross your fingers before ordering your food. You get Sizzlers, Mexican and Italian food. They also serve alcohol. Since we were not too hungry we decided to share 1 starter and 1 main course among the 3 of us. Irfan had 3 beers, Renu had a rum and coke and I had a Strawberry mocktail for drinks. As a starter we called for the Veg Platter which consisted of Cheese roll, Paneer roll, Potato wedges and something with Mushrooms. The quantity was great and so we were wondering whether we needed to call for something else. But we did. As main course we called for a Grilled Cottage Cheese Steak with Herbed Rice. That was delicious! I wish we went there with empty stomachs so that we could eat wholeheartedly; but unfortunately I could hardly have a few bites! Overall, the food was brilliant! You’ll definitely be smiling after finishing your meal!

Ambience– Located at Andheri West near Cinemax, Fingers Cross is a very chilled out and yet charming place. It has an indoor as well as outdoor section. We sat outdoor cause Mr. Morbiwala wanted to smoke! It got a little hot but it was fun nonetheless! They could do with good music playing in the background though!

Service– The service was very good. We got our food on time.

Prices– The prices are perfect. The Veg platter was for Rs.180 and the Grilled Cottage cheese steak with herbed rice was Rs.220. A bottle of Fosters (large) was for Rs. 169. So not bad at all! The total bill came up to Rs. 1496 which is brilliant considering we had 3 beers, 1 large rum and coke, 1 starter and 1 main course which was super filling! So price-wise, this place is perfect!

Verdict– The food quantity, taste and quality is great, the ambience and service is good too and price-wise also it’s totally worth every rupee! Value for money. I’ll definitely go there again and I recommend this place to all you foodies out there!

Rating– 4/5

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Jul 15 2010

Quench, Bandra -Review


I had read about Quench on Burrp and thought this is one of those places I must go to. Luckily, my friend Irfan decided to treat me to dinner, and so we went to Quench. What a great choice!

Food– The place serves Pasta, Salads, Sizzlers, Chinese, Continental and Indian food.  Now that’s a huge variety of cuisine to choose from! They also serve drinks. All kinds! For starters we had a plate of Nachos which was pretty different yet decent but you’d have to ask them to pour some more cheese sauce as they’re a bit kanjoos with it! For main course I called for my favourite pasta- Penne in Alfredo sauce with American corn and totally loved it; my friend called for a Fetuccini in Carbonara sauce. He liked his pasta too. Besides that I had a Frunch which is a yummy mocktail- concoction of Cranberry juice and vanilla ice cream. Since I’ve made it at home before, I knew it would be yummy. I also had a chocolate milkshake. Now even their chocolate milkshakes have different chocolates and you can choose between Ferrero Rocher, Snickers, Kit Kat and Mars. My Ferrero Rocher shake was delicious! My stupid friend just had his London Pilsners so no comments on that! We didn’t have our dessert there ‘cause I really wanted to try Pali village café, but unfortunately, after eating at Quench, I had no room for dessert and plus there was 1 hour waiting at PVC! Bloody hell!

Ambience– Located near the reclamation Candies, this place is a tiny little restaurant that looks very cute from the outside. I love the look and feel of the place! Very young, colourful and fun! You’ll find quotes about beer and wine, and fun furniture too! They play great music, mainly House, although at times you’ll also hear Justin Bieber… but that’s ok! But the best thing I love is how chilled out the place is!

Service– Good & quick service. Our food arrived on time so no complaints.

Prices– The prices are well worth the food. Good quantity and completely affordable. We had 1 starter, 1 mocktail, 1 milkshake, 2 beers, 2 pastas and our bill came up to 1064, which is brilliant! The good thing about this place is that its value for money! A veg pasta would cost you about 169 and a non-veg one would cost you 189. My chocolate milkshake with Ferrero Rocher was only 71 bucks and the beer was 119 bucks! So, it’s a place you can go to even if you just wanna have a couple of drinks. The best part was that from 8pm to 9pm they have this Happy Hour for women and offer free wine! I don’t drink, so the wine was a waste but for those who do, it’s a great offer, don’t you think?!

Verdict– Highly recommended! It’s a place for those who want to chill, with a couple of drinks, good food and music! Total Paisa Vasool I say! I’m really looking forward to many more dinners at Quench!

Rating– 4/5

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