Apr 5 2016

The American Joint, BKC- Review


The American Joint 1I was invited to try ‘The American Joint’, an Indo-western restaurant that makes organic food. The moment I read ‘Organic’ I knew I had to visit it. They had a special menu for us bloggers and influencers as a part of their pre-opening trials and to get some honest feedback. Well, here is mine.

The American Joint, BKCFood and drinks-There were limited items on the Foodie menu but trust me we tried almost everthing so I’m briefly going to write what I liked or didn’t like about the stuff we had.

  • Lemonade Stand- So this is supposed to be your regular Nimbu pani using organic lemons but ends up being a real thirst quencher which refreshes instantly. It tasted like Mosambi juice with a lemon twist and it wasn’t even that sweet! I highly recommend this!
  • Southern sweet tea- This is basically your regular tea that’s cold sans milk. I didn’t like it much but if you’re a tea addict, this would be a great cooler in the summer.American Joint
  • Tex Mex Taters- These are basically jacket potatoes topped with beans, cheese, tomatoes, onions, olives and jalapenos. Taste-wise it was ok and would be way better if had with a nice sweet-spicy sauce.
  • Hummus To-You- This is hands down the best dish we had at The American Joint. It was perfect in every way. Right from the flavour of the hummus to the soft Pita bread, this is a definite must have at the restaurant and the best Hummus+pita I have ever had. I swear the first word that came from my mouth was ‘YUM’! Karan, my husband agrees.American Joint
  •  Southwestern COBB- This is one salad I would love to have everyday. Neatly portioned, you will find lettuce, beans, bell peppers, American corn and cheese. It is served with a creamy cilantro-lime dressing. It’s a great mix of sweetness, garlic, crunchiness and freshness.American Joint c
  • In Queso Emergency- Nacho chips with a delicious cheesy dip consisting of cheddar cheese, tomatoes, chillies and cilantro. I like that they served the dip separately instead of on top so you can have it un-soggy.
  • Mac & Tikka- A concept I’ve never tried before. The usual Mac n Cheese with a Tikka sauce on top. It was decent but I didn’t like that the macaroni was cold under the tikka sauce. Also, I’m not sure if people would like to mix their favourite Mac N cheese with an Indian topping. I for one may not want to have it again only because I like my Mac N cheese as is.American Joint b
  • San Fransisco Garlic fries- Super delicious fries that are too hard to resist. A must have.
  • Bombay Streets fries- These fries had Green chutney and Red chutney on top along with cheese. Both Karan and I didn’t like these fries at all. Somehow the green chutney was slightly bitter and didn’t go with the fries at all. A big no.
  • Say Cheeeese fries- This was a great combination and I’d love to have it again. Super cheesy, super yum.
  • Chilli Cheese Burger- The patty inside was nice and crisp, the bread was soft. The right amount of chilli and cheese.American Joint
  • Coffee & Donuts- The donuts I didn’t enjoy much. They were hard from inside and didn’t taste that great. The Choco-coffee dip on the other hand was delicious. I think instead of the donuts, if there was a mildly sweet sponge cake to dip inside the lip-smacking Nutella Espresso sauce, it would taste better.
  • Al Cappuccino- This was a nice, regular cappuccino with a lot of foam.

Ambience– The Capital building at BKC is pretty easy to find. Once you do, take the escalator up to the first floor and walk in to The American Joint, a small café-like restaurant with an open kitchen. You will find lots of green, brown and white, giving it a clean, earthy feel. The aromas of some of the dishes will pull you in and make your mouth water.

IMG_20160329_213520279 hService– We had gone there much before the restaurant even started so the staff was completely unaware about the items on the menu and didn’t quite place our orders properly. However, the owners of the restaurant were there and helped us quite a bit.

Prices– A thought that would come to anyone at first would be that organic food will be expensive. The people at The American Joint disagree. They source their organic supplies from a farm in Nashik and make sure the customer gets as promised. Their salads are about Rs.225-250, starters for Rs. 180-210, Mains for Rs.275-290, Fries for Rs. 110-120, Beverages for Rs.80-100 and desserts for Rs.75-110. They also have breakfast options priced reasonably. The portion size for all is good.

Verdict– This is one place I would like to go back to and have a hearty meal without feeling a pinch in my pocket. I’d consider it as a ‘Value for money’ place to dine. Go try!

Rating– 4/5

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Aug 30 2012

Lagerbay, Bandra (W)- Review


Lager… chunari mein daag…  (Not many will get this one) Anyway!

Thanks to Burrp, I won myself a lunch pack voucher for one at Lagerbay, Bandra which consists of 1 soup/salad, 1 main course, 1 dessert and 1 beer/iced tea. Now, since I obviously wouldn’t go alone and eat, I asked my friend Fash to join me and we decided to split the lunch pack between the two of us.

Food– We called for a Veg Caesar salad- lettuce, bell peppers, broccoli, mayonnaise, croutons and parmesan cheese (very unlike me to have salad but its better than boring soup atleast!). It actually was quite nice with the right amount of everything. Now, since I don’t drink alcohol, we called for a Black Currant iced tea but it had no trace of Black Currant, we were pretty sure. It tasted like normal lemon iced tea to both of us, not bad but not our order! For main course we had their Paprika Cream Penne pasta which was very good but also bland. I had to add salt and seasoning to make it right. For dessert we decided to try the Blueberry cheesecake which was just ok. It was nice and soft, yes, but it didn’t have the right base- it was super thin and barely made any difference to the cheesecake which it ideally should. I think their gooey chocolate cake would’ve been a better option. The options for the lunch pack are many which is a very good thing and the quantity is perfect! You wont feel the need to eat more if you’re pigging out on this offer alone.

Ambience– Lagerbay is at Waterfield road Bandra west, Subway ke saamne. They’ve got a huge space and have made it look fun and yet classy. The red couch is sexy and they haven’t overdone anything on the walls. I also love the music they play. We went for lunch and most of their lights were switched off, letting as much natural light in as possible. Also, the music was not loud and thumping like a pub’s. The music was good and completely appropriate for the time we went.

Service– The guy who took our order was sweet but looked a little nervous when we asked him about the contents of the various salads. So the staff could be better informed. Also, our food arrived pretty quickly but they got the salad and main course at the same time which is not a good thing.

Prices– Since I won the voucher, I didn’t have to pay anything but otherwise 600 bucks for a 3 course meal with a drink is not bad. But Fash made me think again. This offer is valid only from Monday to Saturday from 11am to 6pm. Not many people would spend Rs.600 for lunch on a working day just like that. The contents of the lunch pack are perfect and super filling for one person though.  Food for thought.

Verdict– The lunch pack is not a steal deal for sure but I like the place and would recommend it to those who wanna grab a drink after work or over the weekend and go to a fun place with good music.

Rating– 3/5


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