Feb 13 2015

Roy- Movie Review


Roy movie posterThey say ‘It’s the journey that’s important and not the destination.’ I have to say that none made sense whatsoever in this wanna-be psycho-thriller-with-good-songs film Roy.

Plot in short– Kabir ( Arjun Rampal) is a film maker who is in the process of making the third part of an already hit series of films called ‘Guns’. The premise of his story is that the central character is a thief named Roy (Ranbir Kapoor) who is wanted by the cops for stealing a painting worth millions. Somehow  Kabir goes through a writer’s block until Ayesha comes along. He falls in love with the gorgeous Ayesha Aamir (Jacqueline Fernandes), also a film maker. The more he spends time with her, the more he begins to draw inspiration from his life and pen it into his script. His life and the film stop abruptly when Ayesha decides to go back. Will Kabir be able to finish the story without Ayesha and release his film?

The Good– The acting. Arjun Rampal has drastically improved his acting skills. Ranbir Kapoor got the most boring and useless role of his life but he doesn’t fail to deliver a good performance. Jackqueline Fernandez, like Katrina Kaif is getting better with every film even though she has an unmistakable firangi accent. But I’d say more than her acting, everyone would notice how hot she looks. Everything from her hair to her clothes to the make up… it’s all done very well. The other supporting actors- Anupam Kher, Shernaz Patel, Rajit Kapur and Barun Chanda are good. The music is excellent! I absolutely love the song ‘Sooraj dooba hai’. ‘Chittiyan Kalaiyan’ is fun. ‘Tu hai ke nahin’ is ok. The locations chosen in Langkawi are fantastic!

The Not-so-good– Screenplay, editing, direction! What the hell was the director Vikramjit Singh thinking! The movie is so SLOW that I was falling asleep! Everytime I thought now there’ll be some twist, some suspense some mystery and I was mistaken. There’s a scene in which Arjun Rampal just tells Jacquelie not to go to which Jacqueline says she always wanted to do ballet but was scared on stage and then randomly starts doing ballet on the beach in front of Arjun Rampal. Uhhh yeah! So there are many such lame scenes adding to the never-ending monotonous screenplay. I was hoping that there would be some psychological disorder Arjun Rampal has but sadly, there was nothing. I don’t know why Ranbir Kapoor even agreed to do this film.

Verdict– Roy is highly boring, slow and a complete let down. The songs which didn’t even need to be there in the film are the saving grace.

Rating– 1.5/5


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Jul 19 2013

D-Day- Movie Review


D-Day posterI saw D-Day and Ramaiya Vastavaiya on the same day. Guess which one was better! Guess! Don’t worry! You’ll get you answer soon enough.

Rishi Kapoor (Iqbal Seth) as we’ve seen in the trailers plays a terrorist/don staying in Karachi. 4 Raw agents- Wali (Irrfan Khan), Zoya (Huma Qureshi), Rudra (Arjun Rampal) and Aslam (Aakash Dahiya) are sent on a mission to bring Iqbal Seth to India to face justice.

Nikhil Advani who’s first directorial venture was ‘Kal ho naa ho’ has come a long way and not in a good way. D-Day might sound and look really interesting but it lacks what makes a good film- a well written story. The screenplay is so badly written that I was yawning through most parts of the movie. No dialogue made an impact even though there are a couple of them that were meant to. Apart from the last 15 minutes or so, the entire movie was a bore! I didn’t understand why the love stories were given so much importance. 3 songs are wasted on Arjun Rampal and Shruti Haasan out of which one made sense. The way that entire song ‘Alvida’ is shot is beautiful. The cinematography otherwise by Tushar Kanti Ray is nice.

The art direction and visuals on screen are realistic. There are a lot of action scenes but none too gripping. The styling of the actors is alright. The music by Shankar Ehsaan and Loy is ok except for the song ‘Alvida’. The background score could have been better to give the film a bit more character.

Irrfan Khan and Arjun Rampal are the pillars of the film. Arjun Rampal especially is only improving with every film. Huma Qureshi is a good actor and has done a decent job in this film. Aakash Dahiya as Aslam is very good. Rishi Kapoor is a brilliant actor but I think his role in D-Day doesn’t do much for him. With barely any scenes and dialogues, Rishi Kapoor’s role is more like a long cameo. Shruti Haasan is good in some scenes and not so good in some but she looks lovely. Nasser (who plays the RAW chief) is a superb actor and could have had more to do in the film.

So, D-Day might have looked promising in the promos but as a film it lacks a lot apart from the performances which are top notch. I would not recommend it.

Rating– 2/5

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Jan 20 2013

Inkaar- Movie Review


inkaar posterThe trailer looked interesting and that is what made me want to go watch the movie. Also, Sudhir Mishra and Chitrangda Singh are reasons enough.

Maya (Chitrangda Singh) joins an ad agency where Rahul (Arjun Rampal), the CEO, helps her take her career to greater heights. Her confidence increases and she starts doing very well, so much so that she is promoted to be the National Creative Head. In the middle of all this, she falls in love with him and they have an affair that’s sizzling. Now in a workplace, there can be competition and jealousy among other things. Maya accuses Rahul of sexually exploiting her and reports it to a Social worker who then forms a committee from the agency itself to help sort out the issue.

Sudhir Mishra’s made his own version of Madhur Bhandarkar’s ‘Corporate’ and the entire premise is well established. There are a few loopholes in the story, especially in the second half but the flow of the screenplay is good and there wont be a dull moment. Sure, you will feel a little restless at some moments and the film might feel like a drag then but the performances keep you gripped. What makes me wonder is… where is the ‘sexual harassment’ in the story? You’ll just find it like a cat and mouse game where one is trying to beat the other at their game and at the end of it, both can’t do without each other. The styling is good and so is the cinematography.

Coming to the performances… Arjun Rampal who usually acts with his dead pan expressions surprisingly did a good job in this one. I didn’t think he was that great in Rock On but Inkaar is his best performance according to me till date. He easily convinces as an egoistic, arrogant and yet charmingly good looking ad guru. Chitrangda Singh as we all know is a stunner and no doubt she looked drop dead gorgeous in this too but her performance wasn’t as good as it has been in the past. Not that she wasn’t good at all but she could have acted better.

The music by Shantanu Moitra is average. I like the title song that plays in the beginning when both of them are in the water and also the song ‘Maula tu maalik hai’.

Inkaar could have been a great film only if the story was cut short and the ending made not to please but to pleasantly surprise. The performances are the saving grace.

Rating– 2.5/5


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Oct 26 2012

Ajab Gazabb Love- Movie Review


Good music, choreography, styling and performances with a few funny scenes but weak story and screenplay make it a ‘watch- at- home- if- you’re- bored’ kind of movie.

Rating- 2.5/5

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Sep 21 2012

Heroine- Movie Review


Heroine was one film I just had to watch because the subject was so interesting. But the film was so disappointing! Here’s why.

Heroine is about this superstar who can’t act, much like some of our very own Bollywood stars. She’s hot and gets endorsements and movies just because she’s a star. Her love life sucks and as a result she’s always moody and not the first choice when it comes to working with other actors and directors. A PR person comes in who helps her reach a better stage in her career only to be let down because of Kareena’s erratic mood swings and what she does with them. And of course, Madhur Bhandarkar style we see various phases of a ‘heroine’ and those around her in the industry.

Ok now, what was Madhur Bhandarkar thinking?! Yes Chandni bar, Page 3 and Fashion worked because somewhere they were realistic and gave an insight into a world we all want to know about. Heroine is nothing but negative all through! Kareena Kapoor plays a star who has no friends even outside the industry, she gets big films like Katrina Kaif based on looks, she smokes and drinks a lot, she’s moody, she’s insecure about love and even career, she’s had a bad past and what not. So basically there’s nothing positive about her except the fact that she looks good. Madhur Bhandarkar must really hate people in Bollywood to show what he’s shown in the film. All make up men and designers are gay, a small budget film director has that unkempt look and is always more respected as compared to other directors, the main heroine has no friends only, everyone in the industry is a compulsive smoker… how many more clichés ya! To top it all, there’s a lameass ‘item number’ called Halkat Jawani which falls flat on its face because it’s as bad as the songs in his earlier movie ‘Page 3’. Remember ‘Kuwan ma doob jaaoongi’?

So yeah, Madhur Bhandarkar is somehow losing his tag of a ‘realistic film maker’. Heroine is incredibly exaggerated and negative, as if made to remove his bhadaas on some people in the Bollywood film industry. All the actors except for Kareena Kapoor look like they’re from the 90s and even dress like that. The story takes too long to end!

Kareena Kapoor is obviously the star of the film. She looks great and has even acted well but we’ve seen Priyanka Chopra and Kangana Ranaut doing the same thing in Fashion, Bipasha Basu in Raaz 3 and Vidya Balan, who was so much more realistic and better in The Dirty Picture if we talk about recent similar films.  Arjun Rampal and Randeep Hooda have done a good job even though they had small roles. Mugdha Godse said, “Shits!” which sums up her acting skills and how she talks in real life.  Lillette Dubey, Shahana Goswami, Ranvir Shorey and Divya Dutta are superb! Other than that, there are just a bunch of dumb actors excited to work with Madhur Bhandarkar.

Honestly, there could have been so much more to make Heroine a sure shot superhit but Madhur Bhandarkar screwed it up with stereotyping almost everything and creating a film full of negativity and the bad side of Bollywood. Not cool!

Rating– 2/5

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Oct 25 2011

Ra.One- Movie Review


I wasn’t really dying to watching Ra.One until I saw Taran Adarsh’s 4.5 stars. Since then, I’d been super excited to watch it! How authentic was his review this time?

Shahrukh Khan plays this video game scientist who creates two characters for his newest video game. His son likes villains better so the bad one Ra.One (Raavan) is more powerful than the ‘good one’ G.One. His son plays the game and loves it but does not complete level 2 because of which Ra.One, jumps to life and is out to kill him and everyone who comes in between. And then comes G.One, the superhero apparently who’ll do everything he can to protect Shahrukh’s son and wife (Kareena Kapoor).

So, where does Chhamak Chhalo fit in? Don’t ask me man! Shahrukh Khan’s honestly tried too hard to make the superhero film of the century, but he fails. He’s not a superhero from any angle! He can’t even play a south Indian scientist to say the least! More on that later.

The start was horrible and made me think “WTF is this!”, but luckily it got better. Only, not better enough. There were interesting parts, yes but there were lots of boring parts too. The story is predictable which is fine, but it’s so badly written! There’s not enough drama, action, build up of story and emotions. The graphics are superb, especially the whole C.S.T thing and I wish I had seen it in 3d to experience the real thing lekin utna kaafi thodi hai pichar ko bachaane ke liye? The music by Vishal & Shekhar is decent- Chhamak Chhalo steals the show!

Coming to the performances, as I said earlier, SRK is so disappointing. He might be good as Rahul, Raj and Don but being a superhero is so not his thing. In fact, I’m confused, is he supposed to be a superhero or a robot?! He just can’t carry it off like apna Krrish a.k.a Hrithik Roshan who looks and acts like a superhero or Rajnikant who was super entertaining as Chitti the Robot. Kareena Kapoor looks beautiful as always and was good as the wife even though she looks twice as young as Shahrukh. The kid acted pretty well too. The show stealer however was Arjun Rampal, surprisingly. He was very good as Ra.One and looked evil too.

I’d just like to say that Taran Adarsh is stupid and does not have a conscience so do not bother reading his fake review. Shahrukh Khan fans will still go for it but others, please remember I warned you! Ra.One might seem like a lot of fun but all that glitters is not gold. This Diwali, go buy real gold instead! 😛

Rating– 2.5/5

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Oct 6 2011

Rascals- Movie Review


I went to watch Rascals with no expectations what so ever and guess what? Guess guess! I wont tell you just yet so read further!

The story- 2 con men, Chetan (Sanjay Dutt) and Bhagat (Ajay Devgan) run away with Anthony’s (Arjun Rampal) money and car. On reaching Bangkok, they both have their eyes on Kangana Ranaut who’s a rich, pretty and dumb girl (They’re obviously trying to woo her to get her money). Who gets her in the end… or do they?

As a movie, Rascals is so not funny! There are a few scenes that might be, but the rest is just really bad! All David Dhawan has done this time is concentrated on showing skin because the story and dialogues are pathetic! There’s no direction to speak of either. The songs are not that great but they suit the movie, their placement obviously does not count.

Acting-wise, Sanjay Dutt and Ajay Devgan together didn’t seem quite right even though they can act well.  Arjun Rampal was a surprise factor though. He acted well and looked super hot… the best I’ve ever seen him look so far! From the girls, it seems that Lisa Hayden’s only reason for being in the movie is doing that one song and showing her tits and ass. I’d actually say the same for Kangana Ranaut. Please let me tell you that Kangana Ranaut this time has broken her all time record of being a pigeon. In this she not only looks and talks like one but also acts like one. She is so dumb in this movie that even a real pigeon would look smarter!

So, Rascals is totally avoidable this Dusshera! It’s not even a movie for the masses man! Masses pak jaayenge!

Rating– 1.5/5


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Sep 2 2010

We Are Family- Movie Review


And finally I watched the much awaited Step Mom copy, Karan Johar’s “We are family”! As much as I knew that this movie couldn’t even come close to Step Mom, I had to watch it for Kajol and obviously to see how filmi it would be!

Ok for those who haven’t even seen Step Mom; it’s about this mother of 3 who has split with her husband. Her husband finds himself a girlfriend who he’s completely in love with and gets her home to meet the kids and ex-wife. Turns out, the mother and kids don’t want to accept her. The ex-wife after a medical check-up realizes she has cervical cancer and will die soon so she decides to accept the new girl in her ex-husband’s life and learns that she’s not bad at all. The kids too start liking her and she becomes their step mom.

Phew! Ok now being a Karan Johar movie, you’d obviously predict the usual drama, oodles of emotions, songs, dance, rich sets and all that jazz. This movie has all of that! Acting- wise, Kajol was as brilliant as ever! She’s a natural actor and does her job flawlessly! Kareena Kapoor was lovely! Her character was a little too forgiving and nice but she did it very well! She looked gorgeous! Arjun Rampal was ok…I would’ve preferred someone who can match up to someone as powerful as Kajol… Arjun Rampal was just…dull!  I was wondering why Shahrukh Khan wasn’t in this film! The kids were cute, except for the teenager kid. The music is not something you’d listen to otherwise, but it fits in well with the movie.

I can’t say much about the story because it’s copied but to be honest, it’s not as good as the original movie! There were lots of moments in which tears were flowing down my cheeks and some happy moments too; but it lacked that “something” which could’ve made it a really good movie! Luckily it was just 2 hours and not longer! The ending was very stupid! It should’ve ended with Kajol’s death!

So anyway, I wont recommend this movie to those who prefer watching “smart movies” and don’t like Karan Johar movies (this one’s not directed by him, by the way)!  This movie is for emotional fools like me!

Rating– 3/5

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Jun 6 2010

Raajneeti- Movie Review


I cannot understand what made people like this movie! It’s so full of crap! Based on the Mahabharat, this political-themed movie is not at all interesting. The first half was so bad, one of my friends actually wanted to walk out!

There is an endless list of points which I think make the movie quite a disaster. The message to be given out is good but unfortunately it has been executed so badly, that you’d feel a disconnect throughout.  All that publicity about Katrina Kaif playing a character similar to Sonia Gandhi’s is such bullshit cause if you see in the movie, she’s dressed like that for only the last 10 minutes! A brilliant actor like Naseeruddin Shah is completely wasted in this film! Ranbir Kapoor is good but his character goes through a very weird change, as if two characters have been meshed into one… it doesn’t even seem appropriate. Arjun Rampal as I can see is trying really hard to prove his acting skills…There’s this one scene in the movie in which he means to act like the bad guy where he starts to sing the famous song “Akhiyaan milaaye kabhi akhiyaan churaaye” from the movie Raja and it’s supposed to be creepy, but the way he sings it, one cannot help but laugh! The editing in some parts is done very badly and the cinematography is also not worth mentioning. Manoj Bajpayee is outstanding! Nana Patekar and Ajay Devgan are ok…nothing great!

The romantic angles in the movie are quite messed up and what’s funny is that almost all the characters are negative characters so it would be confusing to understand the difference between good guy and bad guy in this film. The second half is thoda bearable with a little drama at least but it doesn’t really do much for the movie as a whole.

The ensemble cast is probably one of the reasons film critics have given the film 3 stars and above; otherwise the film would flop without a doubt!

Rating- 2/5

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