Jun 27 2014

Ek Villain- Movie Review


ek-villain-movie-posterFrom the looks of it, Ek Villain looked like a must watch film, especially because it seemed like a good ‘thriller’. How thrilling was it? You’re just about to find out.

Plot in short– Guru (Siddharth Malhotra), a gangster because of circumstances and Aisha (Shraddha Kapoor) fall in love and are married. The love story loses balance when a psychopath serial killer (Riteish Deshmukh) kills Aisha. When his lover becomes the latest victim of the serial killer, Guru blurs the line between good and evil in his pursuit of revenge.

The Good– Riteish Deshmukh takes the cake for performing like a star. He is very talented and should definitely be seen in more films. Siddharth Malhotra is a complete hotty and I have a huge crush on him. Haha! Besides the looks part, he’s acted well too. I like that he’s not too filmy or melodramatic. He’s got the potential to do some serious shit. Shraddha Kapoor has acted better than what she did in Aashiqui 2 so yeah that’s a good thing too. Aamna Shariff too played the wife effortlessly. Now, the story didn’t appeal to me much but if you watch the film you can get two different stories which would have worked better than this. I think if just Riteish’s story was taken along with Aamna Shariff and the various other characters, it would make for a better watch. The styling and make up is top notch. The cinematography is lovely in parts and average in some. The music is soothing to the ears. I like the song ‘Teri galliyan’ a lot.

The Not-so-Good– The screenplay and dialogues are a bit messed up. The direction contributes to it. Some scenes are super corny like the part when the nurse checks Riteish Deshmukh’s pulse, declares him dead and when an injection is stabbed into his heart, he wakes up with a jolt. Quite stupid eh? Yeah, many more such stupid scenes in the movie to laugh at. Kamaal R. Khan was very annoying as expected. I also felt that the editing could have been crisper.

Verdict– Corny and barely thrilling, Ek Villain works because of the performances, especially by Riteish Deshmukh.

Rating– 2.5/5

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Apr 26 2013

Aashiqui 2- Movie Review


aashiqui-2-posterI don’t remember Aashiqui as much as I remember the songs in the movie. I was hoping Aashiqui 2 would not let me down as a movie or for its music. The song ‘Tum Hi Ho’ is beautiful but was the movie as good? You’re just about to find out.

Alcoholic rockstar (Aditya Roy Kapoor) bumps into simple, talented and aspiring singer (Shraddha Kapoor) who works at a bar in Goa to make some money and support her family. They fall in love and the rockstar’s career takes a backseat as he’s too busy trying to do everything he can to make the sweet singer’s dreams come true. His efforts bear fruit and so does her talent to an extent where she becomes an overnight star and he a ‘dharti pe boj’. Now it’s either alcohol or her he has to choose from.

From the beginning itself, you will feel let down. The story will seem less cooked, with characters that are not at all well defined. You will wonder why Aditya Roy Kapoor was beaten up by random people, or why his father shares a friendly relationship with him on the phone and yet doesn’t come see him in the hospital. There’s no mention of the mother, let alone a frame with a garland showing her as dead. Ok if that is irrelevant, one would wonder why a simple, talented girl would go to Goa to sing in a bar instead of trying her luck in Mumbai bars. Another funny thing is when Aditya’s drunk and driving a tourist vehicle late at night, he bangs into a tree and has no damages whatsoever. Shraddha’s a bag of vegetables falls down and instead of helping the poor guy, she makes him pick up the vegetables (makes you wonder who goes vegetable shopping late at night). These are just a few loopholes that the story writer forgot to consider. Mohit Suri has done a decent job with the direction but could have atleast tried to make a little more sense with the screenplay.

The cinematography by Vishnu Rao is below average and the blurriness in the opening sequence kills it! Shraddha Kapoor’s styling is good but I felt Aditya Roy Kapoor could have been styled better. The art direction is good.

The Bhatts have made some really good movies in the past with good stories and superb music. Aashiqui 2 has good music too but the song ‘Tum Hi Ho’ is an award winning track and reaches your heart from the first time you hear it. Shreya Ghoshal and Arjit Singh take a bow!

Coming to the performances… Aditya Roy Kapoor as Rahul Jaykar is not bad but not that great either. A commercial film like Aashiqui 2 is not his genre. I see him doing unconventional roles like his brother Kunaal Roy Kapoor where the characters are more real and natural and there’s less drama. He looks very handsome though in a not so unconventional way! Shraddha Kapoor plays a character that’s too sweet and simple to believe with a few melodramatic scenes where her acting is tested. She’s good though and looks beautiful.

At the end of the film, I came out with mixed feelings. It was weirdly nice. Entertaining but stupid also. Not that great to watch in a theatre but two hours of good timepass when watching at home.

Rating– 3/5

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