Mar 2 2016

Zootopia- Movie Review


Brilliantly written and executed with a very skilled animation team, Zootopia is fun, charming, witty and cute.

Rating- 4/5

Zootopia poster

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Oct 20 2012

Delhi Safari (3D)- Movie Review


The worst 3D animation ever with the most dull, boring and flawed screenplay and dialogues that didn’t even make the kids laugh but good voice overs by Boman Irani, Govinda, Swini Khara and Prem Chopra.

Rating- 1.5/5

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Jul 27 2012

Ice Age 4- Movie Review


I am a huge fan of the Ice Age movies and it goes without saying that I was really looking forward to watch the fourth movie of the epic animated series.

So basically, Scrat, the squirrel is responsible for a continental drift because of which our favourite characters- Sid, Manny and Diego find themselves having an adventurous journey across the ocean on an iceberg slab (like a ship) and meeting some very interesting creatures on their way.

Top class animation as always, some really funny moments but  some of the new characters weren’t as lovable or endearing as the ones in the previous movies. Yes, Sid’s granny was fun to watch and so was Manny’s daughter ‘Peaches’ but otherwise, the pirates gave the movie a dark shade which I didn’t like too much.

So, Ice Age 4, Continental Drift sort of drifted a bit how awesome its been so far. This one was definitely a step lower when compared to the other ones and I think it’ll be safe to say that you can watch it at home instead of going to a theatre.

Rating– 3/5

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May 18 2012

The Lorax- Movie Review


Superb animation, characters and message but weak screenplay because of which it gets slightly slow and boring in a few parts.

Rating- 2.5/5  

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Jun 27 2011

Cars 2- Movie Review


So this one’s yet another sequel that’s released this year besides Kung Fu Panda, Pirates, etc. What did I think of Cars 2? Read further.

Mater (Larry the cable guy) is McQueen’s (Owen Wilson) best friend but is taken for granted when certain things about his behavior embarrass McQueen. Things turn around when Mater is caught in a dangerous spy mission and has to prove himself as a person and a friend.

Before they started with the movie, there was a 10 minute Toy Story toon which was very sweet and I wished that went on but anyway, once Cars 2 started, I tried to get into that mode. The movie I felt could have been more gripping and fast paced. Being a Disney Pixar film, I felt it could have been way better but it wasn’t bad either. The animation is superb as expected. I really liked Mater as a character and thought he was very lovable!

Overall, Cars 2 is a decent movie to watch. Guys will definitely like it more than girls but that’s no reason for girls not to watch it at all.

Rating– 2.5/5

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May 29 2011

Kung Fu Panda 2- Movie Review


I remember watching Kung Fu Panda at home many months after its release because I thought it’d be a stupid action animation movie which might pakao me. But I had really liked it and so part 2 was releasing how could I miss it; especially with all the 3d effects? Anyway, so here’s what I thought of Kung Fu Panda 2!

Po, the Dragon Warrior panda is living peacefully with his friends-Tigress, Mantis, Viper, Monkey, Crane father- a goose when he finds out that Shen, an evil peacock plans to use a secret, unstoppable weapon to conquer China and destroy kung fu. In order to defeat him, Po must find his inner strength by finding out about his past and making peace with himself. It’s a journey of adventure, fun and kung fu!

Animated movies are always fun to watch and more so if the movie has awesome characters. In Kung Fu Panda, not only are the characters lovable and fun to watch but even the animation with 3D is done brilliantly! Jack Black’s voice is superb for Po the panda and the way he delivers the dialogues makes the scene ten times funnier! His comic timing is just brilliant! I could hear kids laughing out loud in so many scenes! There’s this one scene in particular where Po is up on a roof and he’s saying something with all the attitude and confidence but he’s so up high that Shen the peacock can’t hear him and he simply says, “What?” Hahaha that was just class!

So I suggest you watch Kung Fu Panda as soon as possible! If you have kids, make sure you take them along!

Rating– 4/5


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Apr 20 2011

Yogi Bear- Movie Review


I used to love the Yogi Bear cartoons and I’d even bought a Yogi Bear comic book when I was a kid!  When they decided to make it into a movie, I thought this is going to be so awesome! What it turned out to be was ummm…well… aage padho!

So the movie is all about how Yogi and Boo Boo, the friendly bears are busy trying to steal picnic baskets at Jellystone Park while the mayor tries to sell the park to open something more commercial. Ranger Smith and the bears get down to saving the park before they lose the park which is their home too.

Yogi bear used to be quite different from what he is in this movie.  He used to be charming, witty, cute and fun to watch. The Yogi bear in this particular movie is dull, monotonous, boring and not the same one that we loved. I also thought that it would’ve been better as an animated movie rather than having animated characters in a normally shot movie even though it was a good attempt. The story is ok but the writer screwed it up. I didn’t see myself laughing at all!

I also thought that Anna Faris has put on some weight and the good girl role doesn’t suit her at all! She should stick to her genre of movies instead of trying to make kids laugh! I expected a lot better from Yogi Bear and unfortunately was quite let down. I’ll say don’t go to a theatre to watch this! Ghar pe dekhlo!

Rating– 2/5

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Aug 6 2010

Despicable Me- Movie Review


Despicable Me is anything but despicable! When the movie starts, you’d wonder if you’ve come for the right movie because all the promotions carry the cute little yellow little things (don’t know what they’re called) don’t appear for at least the first 15 minutes!

The movie is about an evil man who wants to be the evilest by stealing the moon! His life changes when he meets 3 little orphan girls who make him become a great dad.

The animation is great! I love the characters- Gru, Agnes, Vector and the little yellow things which are the cutest! A movie with the right amount of emotions and a good story, Despicable Me is one of those sweet movies that kids and adults can enjoy together.

I’d say avoid 3d because a) the glasses will piss you off and b) there are no special effects meant solely for 3d! Other than this, go watch it and have a good time! You wont be disappointed!

Rating- 4/5

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May 24 2010

Shrek 4 (It’s Ogre!)- Movie review


The moment I heard Shrek 4 was releasing I knew I had to watch it asap! But since I was out of town for the weekend and because I watched Kites on Friday, I had to wait till Monday morning. As my brother wanted to watch it too, I woke him up at 10 and said, “Chal let’s go for the 11:15 show to Inox” and luckily, he agreed!

After watching the first three parts, I was hoping this one would be as good if not better..especially ‘cause it’s the final chapter! Ok the third one probably wasn’t as good as the first two, but as they say, the sequels are usually never better than the 1st movie… Quite true!

I had great expectations for this last Shrek movie! It’s nice but not gripping. You know what I mean? The first two movies got you emotionally involved and that’s what made them so great! In this one you’d be pretty disconnected (emotionally) till the second half of the movie.

The characters in a movie are the ones that actually make the movie so special… In this one, Shrek, Donkey and Fiona, the 3 central characters themselves don’t seem the same… the real Shrekness in the movie is missing…if you get what I’m saying! In fact, Donkey wasn’t as entertaining as he was in the previous 3 movies…Puss in Boots was adorable with the big fluffy body and pink bow!  Fiona/ Cameron Diaz’s voice is very soothing!

The animation is great, even in 3d but as a movie it was disappointing. Not bad but disappointing… it could’ve been way better!

I’ll miss Shrek!

Rating- 3/5.

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