Jun 27 2013

Chez Moi, Oshiwara- Review


Chez Moi, Oshiwara Roochster‘Chez Moi’ in French means ‘At my house’. When you walk into this charming restaurant at Oshiwara, you will feel like you are stepping into one of those vintage European homes, so beautifully designed and decorated. I’m so grateful to Chez Moi and El Sol for inviting me to try the place and do a review! Here’s what I thought.

Food– I was quite hungry and super excited to try the food ever since my friend Sneha had mentioned that the one in Bandra is very good. We were lucky to have met the chef of the Oshiwara restaurant- Roshanwho suggested some of the food we had. For starters in veg, we tried the Cheese & Leek cigars with Ponhzu sauce by the chef’s recommendation. A unique, tasty and ‘must have’ dish! My friend had a chicken wings starter which he happily wiped off clean! For drinks, I had a very well made Strawberry iced tea which was neither too sweet nor bitter. Just right. My friend seemed to enjoy his Dirty Martini which I thought was quite bitter. Being a pizza lover I just had to try a pizza to judge the place better and I must say that it did not disappoint. It was a 12” Margherita thin crust and was absolutely delicious! We were pretty full by now but still wanted to try something more so we called for a Pasta Creole (A mix of red and white sauce) with veggies in it. That was the least favourite dish from all that we tried. But the best part about our meal was still to come- the desserts. We decided to try the Baked cheesecake (with a few blueberries inside) and the Chocolate Torte which were both heavenly and scrumptious! I wished they would never get over! Oh and I also tried the cold coffee which came in a small glass. It was good but the iced tea was better. And yes, superb presentation of food!

Ambience– Chez Moi is a beautiful bistro and pub located near Oshiwara Police Station, in the same lane as Sreeji restaurant. The decor is tastefully done, following a European theme throughout. There’s an al fresco area as well as an indoor section much like a pretty looking house. When you enter, you will find a small bar, a fireplace, a sweet kitchen with bar stools and a tall table. Gorgeous interiors that make for a great place to come with someone special.

Chez Moi Oshiwara 2 RoochsterService– Most of our communication was with the chef and manager so I can probably judge the service better the next time I go there without being known as the “reviewer”.

Prices– The cheese and leek cigars starter was for Rs. 220, the Chicken wings starter was for Rs. 245, The Margherita Pizza was for Rs. 245, and the Pasta Creole was for Rs. 300. The Iced tea was for Rs. 90, the cold coffee for Rs. 95. The Dirty martini was for Rs. 350. The desserts were for Rs. 220 each. I think apart from the pasta and cold coffee, everything else was worth the price, keeping in mind this is a slightly high-end place. So with taxes and without alcohol one would end up spending about Rs. 750-800 per head. For such good food and a wonderful dining experience, the prices are worth it.

Verdict– I had a great dining experience at Chez Moi, Oshiwara and can’t wait to go try the Bandra one since its closer to home! I loved it and so will you!

Rating– 3.5/5

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Apr 25 2011

Some like it Hot, Andheri (W)- Review


I went to this super duper fantabulous restaurant for my friend Rahul’s birthday and I just can’t wait to tell you what I thought of it! Read jjjallldddiiii!!

Food– Some like it Hot has a menu full of yummy things! Pizzas, pastas, sandwiches, sizzlers, risottos, burgers, soups, salads, fondues, Mexican food, mocktails, cocktails and what not! We called for the Paprika Cheese Fondue. They served it with grapes, bread, apples and some pickle and trust me, it’s the best I’ve ever had! We tried the creamy cheese pizza with mushrooms, olives and American corn as toppings which made the pizza taste delicious too! There was the Mexican Risotto with less cheese which was ok, could have been better. The Fusilli Alfredo pasta and Spaghetti Arabiatta pasta which also tasted really good. The non-vegetarians had Hot n Spicy chicken, mustard chicken which got over pretty quickly so I’m assuming it was good too.  The mocktails were a little disappointing though. I didn’t like Pomegranate Surprise at all and neither did anyone else who tried it. The Long Island Iced teas were decent. The quantity of food is very good and so is the taste. So it gets full marks in that department!

Ambience– Its located in Andheri west, next to 4 Bungalows and Lokhandwala. The décor is superb! The colours, the fun stuff on the walls, the black and white checked flooring, red seats and everything about the interiors is just amazing! I love it and so will you! Some like it Hot lives up to its name, only, instead of some, most will like it ‘cause it’s totally hot! 😛 They play great music too! From Whigfield’s Sexy Eyes to We no speak no Americano to a lot of foot tapping numbers, this place is fun, lively and charming.

Service– Since one of the people in our little group knew the manager there, we got excellent service. They were warm, recommended some really nice things to eat and didn’t mind the noise we made. Also, at 12, since it was my friend’s birthday they came with cake together singing with a lit candle. Now that’s really sweet!

Prices– Some like it Hot gives you great food, brilliant ambience and warm service at very good prices! They even have Happy Hours to let you enjoy a couple of drinks before biting into their yummy food. We were about 8 of us and the bill amount came up to less than 3500 which included alcohol, mocktails and food which filled us all up to the brim. I’d say its full value for money!

Verdict– In spite of it being more than an hour away from my place, I know that I’d definitely go there again. I loved everything about it! So I suggest you go give a shot to Some like it Hot!

Rating– 4.5/5

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Apr 4 2011

Fat Cat Café, Andheri (W) – Review


When you hear the name at first it sounds thoda weird na? But this café is anything but weird!

Food– You’ll find continental cuisine here along with alcohol, coffees, etc.  Somehow, even though it’s called Fat Cat “Café” it’s not a café. It’s a proper restaurant and a pretty expensive one at that.  At the beginning of our meal we were served a plate of garlic bread complementary which was pretty good. Then we tried the Pasta Alfredo and absolutely loved it! Everything about it was just perfect! I doubt I’ve had a better Pasta Alfredo anywhere else before this! Then we thought chalo kuchh alag mangaate hain ‘cause we couldn’t really make up our minds about what to call for so we called for the Arancini Napoli (Crisp fried Risotto balls served with tomato dip). It might sound funny but they tasted like Sabudana Wadas even though not really bad in taste but still you know what I mean! Haan so that’s all we had among the 4 of us and were semi-full which means the quantity here is superb!

Ambience– Located near Andheri Sports Complex at Veera Desai Road, Fat Cat Café is a lovely, simple and yet artistic place. You’ll find dark wood furniture with lots of circles as a part of their contemporary décor. They have an indoor as well as outdoor section. I love the place!

Service– Very courteous staff and prompt service.

Prices– I think the prices are a bit much even though the quantity and quality of the food is good. The  vegetarian pasta was for Rs. 325 and the Arancini Napoli was for Rs.225. The sandwiches and burgers are priced at about Rs. 250, the mains start from Rs. 365 and the desserts are for Rs. 185. So price-wise, I’d really like to see either some offers or they should consider dropping the prices and make it a little more affordable so people will go there often.

Verdict– Fat Cat Café is a great place with good food, ambience and service but they definitely should work on their prices to make this a more frequented place. Two thumbs up otherwise!

Rating– 3.5/5

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