Aug 18 2013

Aura Thai Spa, Andheri (E) – Review


Aura Thai Spa, AndheriI’ve been watching too many movies lately, working overtime at school and eating out way too much. What I hadn’t done in very long was pamper myself to a spa! I’m not complaining about work or movies or eating out by the way, just saying that I needed some time out to relax, break the monotony and feel at ease. Going to Aura Thai Spa was just what I needed! Here’s my review.

Ambience- I’ve been to Aura on two occasions, both with my best friend Komal (the privileged one if I may add).  I went to the one at Andheri East and at Colaba. Both are gorgeous! Whoever the interior designer is has done a fabulous job and made it look like a Spa Palace! It’s the best looking spa I have ever been to! Hands down! Even the fragrance the moment you enter is lovely! Beautifully designed rooms and beds with minimal lighting (black and red) and lots of Buddha statues adding peace and calm to the place. The music is also soothing and sets the mood for your spa.

The Experience– The first time we went, I chose the Deep Tissue massage which is a full body oil therapy that involves more pressure as compared to the normal Aroma therapy. Komal chose half n hour of Foot and half n hour Back & Shoulders.  Before going for your spa, you are given a glass of yummy apple-cranberry juice and your feet are cleaned with soap and water. All kinds of hygiene factors are kept in mind to make sure you have nothing to complain about. My first time experience at Aura, Andheri was very good. The massage was very relaxing and I didn’t want it to end. However I would like to mention that there was nothing different from the normal full body massage I have tried at other spas. Deep Tissue is just a name given to make it sound fancy so even if you opt for the normal full body massage, you will get the same thing. My friend loved her therapies and she was all praises for it! At the end of the therapy and a nice hot shower, a hot cup of Herbal tea was waiting for me on my bed.

My second visit to Aura Thai Body Spa was at the Colaba branch. This time I wanted to try something I had never tried before and so I went for the Traditional Thai therapy for 30 minutes along with a Foot massage for 30 minutes. Now, I haven’t been to Thailand and neither have I tried the Traditional Thai therapy ever so this was completely new for me. A dry therapy, in which the masseuse bends, stretches, presses your body and kind of beats you up with her hands and elbows. Haha kidding! That’s how it felt though! The foot massage was relaxing too and felt awesome by the end of it.

Cost & Duration– The therapies are priced differently at all their outlets. For instance, the Deep Tissue for 60 minutes massage at Andheri was for Rs. 2600 whereas at Colaba it’s for Rs. 2900. A foot massage costs Rs. 750 for 30 minutes at Andheri whereas in Colaba it costs Rs. 1250. The Traditional Thai massage is for Rs. 1000 for 30 minutes at Andheri and Rs. 1500 at Colaba. So the Andheri people do have an advantage here. Nonetheless, Aura is an experience in itself would be a great gifting option for loved ones.

Verdict– I needed pampering and Aura Thai Spa gave me that. If you want to relax your muscles or give your tired body some love, Aura Thai Spa is the place for you. I highly recommend their Traditional Thai massage.

Rating– 3.5/5

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Jan 18 2012

Kerala Ayurveda Centre, Andheri (w)- Review


I got a good deal from Snapdeal which is what made me go to Kerala Ayurveda Centre for  this particular massage package. Here’s more on it.

The package– The package was for Rs. 1650 but I got it for Rs. 400 thanks to Snapdeal. It included a head massage, a full body massage, an Ayurvedic facial, a Nasiyama (nasal Ayurvedic drops) and supposedly steam which I didn’t get ‘cause they expected me to choose – either a bath or steam that too after knowing that a person’s body would be dripping in oil after the massage! So obviously I chose to go for a bath instead. The total time allotted for this was 1 hour 20 mins.

The place– Let me be clear with you. Spa might just make a massage sound better but this was clearly just a massage place and in no way a spa as I thought it would be! Located at Andheri West, Kerala Ayurveda Centre is on the first floor of the building to the right of Star Bazar. It’s quite a shady place and I definitely wouldn’t go there knowingly. There’s no music, no dim lights and no AC! I was actually hunting for hidden cameras because the place looked like one of those, you know? Luckily there weren’t and I with relief went for my massage package.

The experience– The massage was good but the head massage wasn’t. It wasn’t relaxing like it should have been and it all got over in 50 minutes. When I asked the lady she said ‘bas itna hi hai’ and the remaining time was apparently for the bath. I was quite pissed off and even told her that the package is for 1 hr 20 mins after which she gave me a massage for 10 mins more. The Nasiyama was horrible! It didn’t open help clear my nose or throat but instead gave me irritation in my throat. Plus the shadiness of the room was getting to me! For my bath I was given Medimix soap and 2 small sachets of Pantene Shampoo and a towel that didn’t smell clean. Ugh.

Cost and Duration– In spite of what they say, the package is for 1 hr only and 20 mins is allotted for your bath. It costs Rs. 1650 (Snapdeal- Rs. 400)

Verdict– I wouldn’t go there again. Not worth it at all!

Rating– 2/5

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