Aug 25 2016

A Flying Jatt- Movie Review


Remo D’souza is a winner for his effort into turning a complete non-actor (Tiger Shroff) into an actor in a film that may not be the best superhero film (extremely stupid climax) but is entertaining enough to watch till the end and one can even expect a sequel to this.

Rating- 3.5/5

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Apr 18 2014

2 States- Movie Review


2-states-posterWhat a refreshing start to my Good Friday birthday! Not expecting it to be too full, I left aaram se from home to watch 2 States only to be lucky enough to get the last available seat in the entire theatre! Believe it or not, it was house full at 10 30am; and it’s not even a Salman Khan film! It’s definitely got to do with Alia Bhatt because majority of the crowd was college students! Anyway, here’s what I thought of the filmy adaptation of Chetan Bhagat’s ‘2 States’.

Plot in short– Ananya (Alia Bhatt), a Tamilian from Chennai and Krish (Arjun Kapoor), a Punjabi from Delhi meet and fall in love at IIM Ahmedabad. After being in a happy relationship for almost three years they decide to get married. The only problem now is- their parents. How far can they go to make their parents happy to be together?

The Good– Director Abhishek Varman might not be as fast paced a story teller as Chetan Bhagat but he’s done a good job nonetheless. 2 States as a film hits the right spot where emotions are concerned. I saw myself laughing, crying, relating and getting goosebumps throughout the film. Even though the film is adapted from the novel, the screenplay brings the film to life, giving it its own identity. I would have enjoyed it as much even if I hadn’t read the novel. The casting has a lot to do with making the film enjoyable. I can easily say that Alia Bhatt is the next big thing after her performance in the film Highway and now 2 States. She is fresh, effortless and natural in her performance; Arjun Kapoor is slightly thanda but true to his character. They both share sizzling chemistry on screen and it automatically makes the film more fun to watch. Amrita Singh and Revathy both fit their roles perfectly and are super convincing as the tough mother-in-laws. Ronit Roy as Arjun Kapoor’s father delivers a fine performance. I also thought that the styling is top notch! Superb clothes, make- up and hair and it all just adds to making the film look like a fancy Indian magazine. The simple and yet effective cinematography and art direction make the film visually stunning! I also thought that the music by Shankar, Ehsaan & Loy is foot tapping and hummable. It went very well with the film. I loved the song ‘Mast magan’.

The Not-so-good– What I felt lacked, and most people would agree with me is the length of the film. The first half of the first half flows smoothly but starts getting very slow till the interval. The second half becomes even slower. So that is where the problem lies.  Pacing up the conflicts between the families or just editing better could have made it a lot more crisp and fun to watch.

Verdict– If you want to watch a good romantic comedy and have two and a half hours to spare, watch 2 States, especially if you are in or have been in a complicated relationship.

Rating– 3.5/5


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May 17 2013

Aurangzeb- Movie Review


Aurangzeb PosterI thought Arjun Kapoor was pretty good in his debut film Ishaqzaade which I liked very much. In Aurangzeb, he plays two roles. Did he get into the grey of his character? Is the film any good? You’re just about to find out!

The film can be explained well with the phrase- ‘Kingship knows no kinship’. Ajay (Arjun Kapoor) who stays with his criminal father (Jackie Shroff) is a spoilt brat.  His twin Vishal(who he doesn’t know is living) stays with his mother (Tanvi Azmi), brother Arya (Prithviraj Sukumaran) and a dying father (Anupam Kher).  Arya is deeply influenced by his father’s belief – ‘Sapnon se apne bade hote hain’ (Our loved ones are dearer than our dreams). He sets out on a mission along with his uncle Ravikant (Rishi Kapoor) to give justice to his step-mother (Tanvi Azmi) and brother Vishal.

We all remember the kind of person Aurangzeb the Mughal Emperor was. Selfish, power-hungry and so ruthless that he wouldn’t even spare his own brothers to be on the throne. This story is based picking up Aurangzeb’s character. Nice concept! Director Atul Sabharwal has executed it very pretty well with a screenplay that doesn’t get slow or bore you. It’s rather well paced throughout, except for maybe a few scenes where there’s unnecessary drama and the last ten minutes of the movie. However, the locations are real and you not all glossed up. The cinematography by N. Karthik Ganesh is vibrant and rich.

The background music goes well with the film. The music is upbeat but the songs slow down the pace of the film a bit and seem kind of irrelevant. I like the song ‘Barbaadiyaan’.

Coming to the performances… Arjun Kapoor who was last seen in Ishaqzaade has shown his capabilities as an actor in Aurangzeb. To do a double role so early in his career is a huge opportunity and he’s done full justice to it. He manages to do a negative role with ease. Prithviraj Sukumaran looks his part and has done a good job. I’d like to see him in more Bollywood movies. Rishi Kapoor, Jackie Shroff, Tanvi Azmi and Amrita Singh are brilliant actors and they immediately take the movie to another level with their performances. Sasheh Agha as the girlfriend is ok. She had to kiss, strip and expose more than she had to act so can’t say much about her making a difference.

As a film Aurangzeb was interesting to watch and I quite enjoyed the double role twists but there were twists too many along with oodles of drama. Watching it once is good enough.

Rating– 3/5

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