Aug 25 2010

Areopagus-Temple of Healing, Juhu -Review


I’d been wanting to try out Areopagus Spa for a while now! I’d heard the place was expensive and so I decided to go only when I really really needed to pamper myself. Luckily, a friend wanted me to do a review of the spa for the newspaper she’s working for and so I happily went to Areopagus- Temple of Healing. I was super kicked as this was my first full body massage.

The process– I chose a therapy which they call “Areopagus Ritual Massage”. This therapy involves two therapists instead of 1 giving you a massage! On entering, I was given disposable undergarments which I had to change into. To start the massage, I was made to lie on my stomach first. A little bit of stretching and dry massage was followed by hot oil massage. The same was repeated for the front as well. I can’t tell you how awesome it felt, especially the back massage! Then they proceeded with the head massage and foot reflexology. Imagine your head and foot being massaged together by 2 therapists! Heaven right? Well, that’s how I felt! I so didn’t want it to end! The entire massage thing went on for an hour and fifteen minutes. It felt like just 10 minutes though! After the massage I went for steam and a bath. Unfortunately, the day I went, the Jacuzzi room’s lights were not working and so I didn’t get to chill there. But that’s included in the spa too! They have soap and shampoo dispensers in the bathroom but I suggest you carry your own soap and shampoo instead!

The experience– The moment you step foot inside Areopagus, you’ll feel like quickly running into one of their spa rooms to begin your spa! The ambience is lovely; dimmed lights, Buddha statues and very welcoming staff! Right before starting my massage I was a bit nervous considering it was my first full body massage, there were 2 therapists and that I had to change into their disposable bare essentials! But once the therapy started, all my worries were gone! It was extremely relaxing and felt good! Of course now, getting pampered always feels good, doesn’t it? The best part was that both the therapists co-ordinated and it didn’t feel odd at all! They heat sweet almond oil and apply it on your skin to clean away all the dead skin cells and toxins, leaving your skin fresh and clean!  At the end of the spa you have the option of having a cup of tea/coffee/lemon tea/ green tea. I had the lemon tea which was yummehhh!

Cost & Duration– Rs. 7000 + taxes for a Ritual Massage. Massage+ steam+ Jacuzzi + bath = 2 hours.

Verdict– Areopagus is a high-end spa meant for those who don’t mind spending a little extra money for good ambience and service. The massage is good but a little too expensive for my taste.


Psst…! Thank you Gayatri Sahasrabuddhe! 🙂

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