Feb 12 2016

Fitoor- Movie Review


Fitoor posterIn Kamaal R Khan’s words, “What a Wahiyat, Ghatiya, Pakaoo film #Fitoor! It will beat #BombayVelvet easily. Abhishek has defeated Anurag Kashyap by far”. So, I thought it would be boring and slow too but that’s ‘cause sometimes movies like these that look too ‘artsy’ turn out to be complete rubbish. Now, here’s how it turned out to be for real.

Plot in short– As a young boy from Kashmir, Noor (Aditya Roy Kapur) falls in love with Begum Hazrat’s (Tabu) daughter Firdaus (Katrina Kaif) and she too somewhere has feelings for him. They are separated when Firdaus moves to London for further studies. When he’s old enough to make a living, Begum makes Noor meet the gorgeous, sexy and totally different Firdaus in Delhi, where she now lives. She helps him make a career out of his passion that is art and painting and pushes him to go after Firdaus about whom he’s already smitten. Will their love stand the test of time and materialize into something?

The Good– One thing about Fitoor you can’t deny is that it is visually stunning! The snow falling like musical notes onto their faces, the houses, Begum Hazrat’s creepy yet beautiful mansion, Katrina’s red hair, Aditya’s body and natural acting which we have never seen before, Tabu…everything about her, the dialogues, the soulful music, the red and yellow dry leaves dancing around with the breeze… There’s basically a lot of beauty in the look and feel of the film which I loved. What I like about director Abhishek Kapoor is that like in Rock On and Kai Po Che, he makes sure his characters are well sketched and each stands out from the other making their own presence felt in the film. With Fitoor too, Tabu’s sadness is seen in the way she’s lying on the diwan, smoking sheesha and the longing she has in her eyes for love. I also absolutely loved Aditi Rao Hydari. She’s one of the understated actresses in Bollywood and I think she should get more recognition.

The Not-so-good– Although the film moves at a pace of its own, it could have been crisper in terms of screenplay and editing. I can’t really think of anything major that I did not like because there was so many wonderful things to watch.

Verdict– With a fairytale-ish feel to it, Fitoor is engrossing, visually  beautiful and Tabu is just brilliant!

Rating– 3.5/5

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Feb 22 2013

Kai Po Che- Movie Review


kai_po_che posterEver since I saw the trailer of the film, I knew I had to see it; and I did. Here’s my review.

The story of the film revolves around 3 friends, their struggle to do something out of nothing and achieve success. In the process, they live, learn and lose more than they wish for. The backdrop is of a troubled Gujarat with communal biases, conservative thinking but also filled with lovely colours, beautiful people and warmth.

Abhishek Kapoor is one of those directors who makes movies that are from the heart. I haven’t read Chetan Bhagat’s novel- ‘The 3 mistakes of my life’ on which this movie is based but after watching it, I do want to read the book. The characters are all well written. The cinematography is beautiful. I only wish the theatre I went to had better speakers to hear the dialogues properly. There’s subtle humour that adds charm to the film. The styling is just right.

I’ve seen Sushant Singh Rajput for the first time and I must say the guy has talent. He’s good looking, acts very well and is very likable. Amit Sadh I have seen in some serial before and he’s grown so much as an actor. He’s not likable but lovable. I’ve fallen in love with his smile. There’s something about him that makes him endearing and he expresses without saying anything which is an amazing quality to have as an actor. Raj Kumar Yadav who plays an innocent and simple character is effortlessly cute. He’s played his part very well. The actress Amrita Puri who was very ok in ‘Aisha’ is great in Kai Po Che. She’s pretty and a natural actor.

The music in the film is lovely. Amit Trivedi is one of the finest music composers we have today and his music is fantastic! I love the songs ‘Meethi boliyan’ and ‘Shubhaarambh’.

Watch Kai Po Che for its cultural richness and beautiful performances.

Rating– 3.5/5


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