Aug 25 2016

Happy Bhag Jayegi- Movie Review


Not as funny, interesting or worth your time as it seemed in the trailer.

Rating- 2.5/5

Happy bhag jayegi poster

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Jan 31 2014

One By Two- Movie Review


one-by-two posterWhat happens when Dull Jack meets Damsel in Distress? Love! Well, that’s what the movie One by Two claims! Here’s my review.

Amit Sharma (Abhay Deol) has a dull life. Computer work that he does not enjoy and a 5 yr long relationship that ended because his girlfriend was bored of him. Samara Patel (Preeti Desai) on the other hand lives with her single mother and dreams of being a dancer but faces no luck until her only chance is by entering a reality dance show. While both of them try to find meaning in their life, they find themselves, apparently.

Director Devika Bhagat has lost the plot. Literally! I understand there being two stories in one but both are uninteresting and so much so that I was sitting and planning what to do tomorrow while I was watching the movie.  The progression of the story is not only slow paced but also lacks proper flow. While there a very few funny scenes, mostly there are scenes that will make you want to doze off. Basically, the badly written screenplay doesn’t do much to save the film. The characters don’t show any growth and continue to bore you throughout.

There’s been a good effort where styling and art direction is concerned. The actors don’t dress over-the-top and the houses they live in don’t look like palaces. The cinematography by Sameer Arya is well done and the frames are beautiful to look at. I also thought that the background music was pretty good.

The music in general doesn’t strike a chord. I can’t name one song that I really liked in the movie. The background score though was not bad at all.

Abhay Deol who’s known for his unconventional method of acting disappoints in One by Two. He looks disinterested and even stoned in some scenes. Being subtle doesn’t work here. He’s a great looker but that doesn’t do much for him. The actress Preeti Desai with her accent should go to acting school. She would have done great if she just stood in the background instead. Lilette Dubey as usual delivers a great performance and so do Rati Agnihotri and Darshan Jariwala. Jayant Kripalani is natural and a delight to watch.

I wish I had something nice to say but unfortunately I don’t. The film is neither romantic nor comedy. I think it would be sensible for you to miss it and hope Abhay Deol makes smarter choices in the future (Ahem!).

Rating– 1.5/5


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Jun 21 2013

Raanjhanaa- Movie Review


Raanjhanaa-Movie--PosterThere was something very captivating about the trailer. I was looking forward to watching Raanjhanaa for many reasons- AR Rahman’s music, progress in Sonam Kapoor’s acting, the simplicity of Dhanush and a sweet love story from what I could see. But I guess there was more… much more.

A small town Hindu boy (Dhanush) is in love with a Muslim girl (Sonam Kapoor). Their romance begins to brew at a young age and gets over before it even blooms as her parents find out. They send her to Aligarh to study and get over her “pointless” crush. After many years, she returns, in love with a young dynamic student in Delhi fighting for causes (Abhay Deol) while her Raanjhanaa is still deeply in love with her.

What starts as a simple sweet love story takes a complete different path during the course of the film and towards the end. Do not judge by the trailer. Like Sonam Kapoor’s film Mausam where the couple meets and separates at several occasions in their lives, I thought this film would be on the same lines. Luckily it isn’t. The growth of the story is good but there are too plots and messages to convey and the pace is poor leading you to watch a film that goes on and on and on. Director Aanand Rai could have handled the screenplay and editing better even though his actors, music and visuals have contributed the most. The cinematography and art direction go hand in hand presenting vibrant colours and characteristics so deeply Indian. The look of every character is distinct right from the start to the end. Sonam Kapoor wearing the most simple and basic kurtis and leggings with barely any make up looks lovely.

The music by AR Rahman goes well with the theme of the film but doesn’t make for an album I’d like to buy. The song ‘Tum Tak’ stands out the most. The background score helps in creating added drama.

Sonam Kapoor for once does justice to her character. She’s shown progress as an actress and hopefully will get better from here. Dhanush who makes his Bollywood debut has something about him even though he isn’t the best looking guy with a chiseled body or strong personality. In his own way he makes a presence. Now of course, there are parts in the second half where you’d wonder if he has the personality to be a leader of a political party but then you’ll smile feel for him when you see the love for Zoya in his eyes. Even though they both look extremely odd together they form a good team. Abhay Deol in his short role barely has anything to do but does it well. The three of them remind me of Kajol-Arvind Swamy-Prabhudeva together in Sapnay. The guy who plays Dhanush’s friend- Mohammed Zeeshan Ayubb delivers a good performance. Even the girl who dotes on Dhanush- Swara Bhaskar is convincing.

Raanjhanaa is a commendable attempt with good performances and story but it takes forever to end.

Rating– 3/5


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Jun 11 2012

Shanghai- Movie Review


Slightly heavy but a well made film with a real setting and superb performances (pleasantly surprising to see Emraan Hashmi try something different).  

Rating- 3/5

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Jul 15 2011

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara- Movie Review


I had just seen the song Senorita and one dialogue where Hrithik Roshan is formally dressed and Abhay Deol says, “Arjun my buwoy, tum is the uniform mein the mantal lag rahe ho” That was what made me go and watch this movie. Was it any good? You’re just about to find out!

So, like The Hangover, 3 friends decide to go to Spain for 3 weeks to have their Bachelor’s trip before their friend Kabir (Abhay Deol) gets married to his girlfriend Natasha (Kalki Koechlin). Arjun (Hrithik Roshan) is a workaholic and Imran (Farhan Akhtar) works as a copywriter at an ad agency. They decide to do loads of adventurous things as a part of this trip and at the end of it realize ke ‘Zindagi na milegi dobara’ toh karo jo karna hai abhi.  

Ok here’s the truth. ZNMD is quite like The Hangover 2- Bradley Cooper- Hrithik Roshan (Serious and sensible, they even look alike), Zach Galifianakis- Farhan Akhtar (entertainer) and Ed Helms- Abhay Deol (the one who is super loyal to his fiancée and yet faces trouble.)It will also remind you of Dil Chahta Hai; only that was more original and funny. In this some scenes were hilarious and at the same time, some were quite blah! You’d wish there’d be more adventure and excitement to really feel it’s a Bachelor’s trip.

ZNMD lacks the “naturalness” of the characters, especially Hrithik. I personally felt he’s too filmy to be in this kind of movie. You know what I mean? He looks great but is fit for love stories which need proper proper acting. This movie is the type that requires the actors to be at ease and let the dialogues flow and not look rehearsed. I loved Abhay Deol and Farhan Akhtar. For that matter, even Kalki Koechlin and Katrina Kaif were good and did their part very well.

I loved the cinematography though. Superb visuals, especially the song where they’re in the car travelling, it is so beautifully shot I can’t tell you! Luckily there weren’t too many songs in the movie.

So, I thought ZNMD was just okay.

Rating– 2.5/5

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Aug 7 2010

Aisha- Movie Review


After reading about the movie’s promotions and news from SonamAKapoor’s Twitter updates every single day, I saw the much awaited Aisha this morning. Ab kya kahoon?

I knew it was going to be a chick flick the moment I saw the trailer; and also knew that the film would revolve around Sonam Kapoor as her dad’s the producer.

Adapted from the movies ‘Emma’ and ‘Clueless’, Aisha (Sonam Kapoor) is about a rich spoilt girl who loves shopping, hanging out with her girlfriends and doesn’t really care about her career. She loves playing cupid but hasn’t been in love herself. And predictably, jealousy and loneliness make her realize that she’s in love with her childhood friend Arjun (Abhay Deol).

Aisha as a film is as predictable as one can get. The thing is that you’ll know what’ll happen next but the movie just drags and drags…There are so many scenes which could have just been edited, which would make the movie a crisper product eventually…but no!

Sonam Kapoor for the first time annoyed me with her tenh-tenh (my way of saying whiny, girly nakhras) style of talking. Someone who would be perfect for Aisha’s role in my opinion is Kareena Kapoor. I was surprised to see Abhay Deol in a movie like this! He’s a good actor but in this one, the guy hardly needed to act as Miss Goody-two-shoes  hogged up the entire movie! One actor who stood out was Cyrus Sahukar! He’s naturally good humored and so while acting, he didn’t have to try too hard. The clothes were super-stylish and looked hot on Sonam Kapoor but somehow her make-up in lots of scenes was really bad! There’s nothing outstanding about the way its shot but there are some really nice locations these people have scouted! The music is something I won’t complain about at all! The songs somehow make the movie more complete. Amit Trivedi, once again has made great music, especially the songs ‘Lehrein’, ‘Shaam’ and ‘Suno Aisha’.

So overall, Aisha for me is an average chick flick.

Rating- 2.5/5

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