Dec 6 2013

R…Rajkumar- Movie Review


R Rajkumar posterR…Rajkumar is certainly not another Rowdy Rathore! It can’t even be compared and expect not to be impressed! Here’s why.

The basic story is that Romeo Rajkumar (Shahid Kapoor) goes to Dhartipur and starts working for a Drug dealer Shivraj (Sonu Sood) and is given the dirty job of getting rid of the drug dealer’s rival dealer Parmar (Ashish Vidyarthi). While he’s meant to destroy Parmar, he falls for Chanda (Sonakshi Sinha). Now he does not know that Parmar is Chanda’s uncle and has joined hands with Shivraj because Shivraj too has his eyes on Chanda for marriage. Will Rajkumar be able to stand up against his own boss for his love?

Prabhu Deva must realise that not all his movies will work in Bollywood. This one falls into the ‘masala film’ catergory, yes but isn’t ‘masaaledaar’ enough. The problem lies in the story and screenplay. To a certain extent, direction too. There’s no substance in the basic story and because of that the screenplay suffers. There’s one dialogue that is overused in the film- “Silent ho jaa varna voilent ho jaaoonga”.  I was quite fed up with all the repetition in terms of content for the film so I definitely think it could have been edited better with more concentration on the script.

Stylingwise, Shahid Kapoor looks ok. There’s nothing great about the way he looks. In fact, Sonu Sood stands out more. Sonakshi Sinha in Indian clothes looks perfect for the role and carries off every piece of clothing with flare. The action scenes have been shot and choreographed very well. I’d say, that’s probably one of the good things in the film.

The cinematography is good. The art direction and choice of locations is lovely. Sandeep Chowta is brilliant when it comes to background score and music in general and R Rajkumar is not exception in terms of superb background score. Pritam’s music is alright in the fim. Except for ‘Gandi baat’ and ‘Saari ke fall se’ I didn’t quite enjoy any songs. The item number is forgettable. The choreography of all the songs is very good though, especially Gandi baat and Saree ke fall se. Shahid Kapoor is just getting better as a dancer!

As an actor I wouldn’t say Shahid Kapoor has gotten better. In fact, I think this film just doesn’t go with his personality even though he has put in all the efforts to be as dramatic as possible. Sonakshi Sinha as an actress is great but this is another one of her films where she’s just there to look good and do a bit of nakhras. Both lack chemistry as the lead pair of the film. Sonu Sood not only looks good in the film but also does a good job with acting. He creates more of an impact as compared to Shahid Kapoor. (So sad!)

So as a film R Rajkumar fails to impress. The acting overall is decent and the action is very good. Apart from that, everything is unimpressive so avoid watching R…Rajkumar.

Rating– 2.5/5

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Nov 29 2013

Bullett Raja- Movie Review


Bullett-Raja posterBullett Raja did not look exciting to me when I saw the trailer and as a movie too, it barely entertained. For some reason, Saif Ali Khan to star in a film like this just does not make sense to me. Also, Tigmanshu Dhulia’s style of film making may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Saheb Biwi aur Gangster and its sequel and  Paan Singh Tomar may have worked but Bullett Raja clearly doesn’t. Here’s why.

What’s the story like? Well, let me try this. Raja (Saif Ali Khan) and Rudra (Jimmy Shergill) turn into gangster best friends in Uttar Pradesh and get into a political trap. Then it’s all about a power struggle, hidden ambitions and revenge. In the middle of it all, Raja finds love in Mitali (Sonakshi Sinha) who encourages him to fight what he’s fighting.

I can’t begin to tell you how bored I was while watching the film. Even the people in the theatre were watching it quietly. Not a sound, not a ‘taali’ from anyone especially when you expect it for a movie with a theme like this. The screenplay and dialogues do not do justice to the story which itself is nothing great. Tigmanshu Dhulia is a skilled director who does his best at directing but doesn’t succeed much because of the weak script. There isn’t much to boast about. The styling is ok. Saif Ali Khan looks too wanna-be-ish with the tikka and bad hair.

The cinematography by P.S. Vinod is good. The action scenes look alright. The background score by Sajid-Wajid is very effective while the music is really bad. I can’t name even one song that I liked.

Saif Ali Khan as Bullett Raja is not convincing at all in terms of his look or the way he acts. In fact, Jimmy Shergill who plays the second lead is better and more realistic. Jimmy Shergill’s role is better too. Saif just looks stupid prancing around like a wanna-be Gunda. Sonakshi Sinha looks beautiful even though her role is pointless as are most characters in the film. There’s no scope for her to show her acting skills. Raj Babbar, Gulshan Grover and Ravi Kissen who are actors of high caliber are reduced to doing roles that barely count. Vidyut Jamwal who was last seen in Commando is not bad at all. As a cop, he does justice and also looks the part. Unfortunately he had a very short role in Bullett Raja. Chunky Pandey too is barely there (Thank God!)

So, yes Bullett Raja is not my idea of a good film and is not entertaining at all. Go ahead and miss it.

Rating– 2/5

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Nov 23 2013

Singh Saab The Great- Movie Review


Singh Saab The Great PosterSunny Deol is by far the laziest action hero because he only uses his hands and eyes! His action scenes in Singh Saab The Great prove it! Now, of course there’s more to say about the movie so read on.

Sunny Deol plays Singh Saab, a collector who fights for people’s rights and isn’t afraid to use his ‘teen kilo ke haath’to break their heads. Everything is hale and hearty until a News reporter (Armita Rao) comes into the scene and reveals that Singh Saab is not Singh Saab after all and has a past where he a jail history of 7 years. Bhoodev (Prakash Raj) is the reason for that. So instead of ‘badla’, Singh Saab chooses the path of ‘badlav’ to settle scores.

The story by Shaktimaan is alright. To make it interesting, the screenplay and direction go hand in hand along with several other factors. Director Anil Sharma has tried to make it as melodramatic as possible with some really well choreographed action scenes. The vibe is right. You can see various emotions swinging through from one character to the other and that is the power of good actors and the director who make it happen with some really corny dialogues that the Sunny fans will love. The cinematography by S.Gopinath is beautiful and all the moments are captured beautifully, especially the last action sequence.

The background score by Monty Sharma is fantastic! It adds drama and goes very well with the pace of the film. I would however wish that there were fewer songs. Except for the title track I didn’t think the music by Sonu Nigam and Anand Raj Anand was that great. The item number was not needed and neither were the other songs.

Sunny Deol was last seen in Yamla Pagla Deewana 2 which was not a typical Sunny Deol film. Singh Saab The Great definitely is and goes well with the kind of intensity and persona Sunny Deol radiates on screen. You can’t deny the screen presence and charm he has and even with that, he comes across as a good human being. Debutant actress Urvashi Rautela who plays his wife is not bad. She’s a decent actress that way. I thought Anjali Abrol was very good though. She looks good and has it in her to be a really good actress. Amrita Rao as a journalist looks like she’s trying too hard. She’s not too convincing. Prakash Raj as the villain is superb, yet again but doesn’t do what he did in Singham. This role isn’t meaty enough like that. Johnny Lever as far as I remember used to do comedy. Well, in Singh Saab he’s just an extra and makes no difference by being there in the film. Ouch! Sad but true!

As a film, Singh Saab The Great is surprisingly not bad at all just that it’s an hour too long so a little work in the edit department would have helped a great deal. This one’s for all the Sunny Deol fans!

Rating– 2.5/5

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Nov 22 2013

Gori Tere Pyaar Mein- Movie Review


Gori-Tere-Pyaar-Mein-posterI can’t believe I thought Gori tere Pyaar mein would be be amazing to watch! From start to finish, this one’s nothing but nonsense and I have plenty of reasons to explain that. Here’s my review.

Sriram (Imran Khan) is a rich, spoilt brat who’s had many girlfriends in his past. He falls for Dia (Kareena Kapoor Khan) who wants to do good for others and make a difference to society. So basically they’re opposites and opposites attract, right? Well, maybe the Almighty had other plans. After being together for almost two years, they realise their life is going nowhere and so are their careers.  Realising this, they part ways. So Sriram succumbs to parental pressure and goes to see a girl his parents like. As crazy as it may sound, at their first meeting itself, she reveals that she she’s in love with someone else and a small conversation makes her realise that there’s a relationship he’s left behind. In order to get back to his lady love, he follows Dia to the village where she’s staying at and helping people. Will love make it through this time around?

First things first. The story is absolute rubbish! What the hell was the writer thinking?! There is no logic to the entire premise or either of the characters. Imran Khan plays a guy who has no life, no work or ambition. He lives off his father’s money and surprisingly there are families that are ready for their daughter to marry such a loser. Kareena Kapoor’s character on the other hand makes little sense. So she’s a girl who lands up at any social gathering and raises her voice against injustice. Apart from that, she has no life or friends. There is barely anything in the story to keep you hooked on especially with such a weak script and screenplay. Director Punit Malhotra seems to have made the film for the heck of it that too just cause he got two good looking actors. The actors alone aren’t enough. Look-wise, yes, the visuals appear beautiful and rich thanks to the cinematography by Mahesh Limaye and the stylists and make up artists.

There’s nothing to boast about the background score or music but I do like the song ‘Tooh’ and find myself doing a little jig everytime I hear it.

Performance-wise, Kareena Kapoor Khan is good but not as good as she’s been in her earlier films. She actually goes a level down by doing such a film. Imran Khan is doing nothing like he’s never done before. Looks out of place in the film, doesn’t look like the hero even with his chest hair showing in every frame (which by the way was not attractive at all!) He looks more like Kareena’s younger brother. They lack chemistry. Anupam Kher with his small role is good but doesn’t create an impact due to the dull script.

As a film, Gori Tere Pyaar Mein fails to impress and I’m quite disappointed.

Rating– 2/5

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Nov 15 2013

Goliyon ki Raasleela Ram Leela- Movie Review


Ramleela-posterSanjay Leela Bhansali is a fantastic director! Goliyon ki Raas Leela Ram Leela just proves that. Here’s more.

So Ram (Ranveer Singh) and Leela (Deepika Padukone) belong to families that are constantly at war with each other, trying to kill and beat each other up all the time. Yes, you guessed it right. It’s Mr. Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s take on Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

If you’ve seen Ishaqzaade and Issaq in the recent times, you would see a lot of similarities. Ram Leela however, is a classier more passionate film in terms of content among other things. With films like Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, Devdas and Black to his credit, Sanjay Leela Bhansali has created magic yet again. His every idea is romanticized on screen creating visual poetry you would like to continue watching in real life as well. His vision is both dreamy and real and that translates beautifully. Cinematographer S Ravi Varman creates perfection in his every frame adding to the exquisiteness of the gorgeous sets and locations. The Art director has a huge hand in this who brings out the best in every shot with sets that look grand and palace-like. There’s richness in every frame and the culture, traditions and music are depicted beautifully, making India look more beautiful than what it already is. The screenplay may seem stretched in the second half but you wont mind it because there’s this magnetic force pulling you in which has the ability to keep you gripped. There’s a lot of passion with which the film has been made and it shows.

The costumes, hair, make up and overall look of the film have been given a lot of attention. Each character has a defined sense of dressing. The background score is great and the music by Sanjay Leela Bhansali himself is alright. The songs ‘Lahu muh lag gaya’ and ‘Dhol baaje’ have this Gujarati-folk-ish thing to it that makes it nice to listen to and watch. Brilliant choreography in both the songs. The rest are quite blah.

Ok so now when it comes to performances, Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone sizzle on screen. They have this raw, sensual chemistry that is sexy and unpretentious. They look great together and have done a brilliant job acting as well. Ranveer Singh’s accent sometimes slips but Deepika is steady and shines in her performance. Supriya Pathak with her annoying Gujju accent is still powerful and holds your full attention. All the other supporting actors too are exceptional and create the right impact.

Sanjay Leela Bhansali is definitely back with a bang and Goliyon ki Raasleela Ram Leela is a film you must watch for its richness in every form!

Rating– 4/5

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Nov 15 2013

Rajjo- Movie Review


rajjo-movie-posterRajjo’s tagline is ‘A film for the masses and classes’. Ummmm so yeah, I went to watch that, obviously not expecting much and here’s what I thought.

A young boy Chandu (Paras Arora) falls in love with Rajjo (Kangana Ranaut) a woman whose life has always been a struggle and in order to make a living, she dances and works in the kotha. Things change when she starts developing feelings for him too and they decide to run away and get married. Sadly, Chandu’s parents reject her because of her past. A politician Handa (Prakash Raj) desires Rajjo and tries separating the couple. Will Rajjo be strong enough to withstand all the pressures and troubles to be love and respected by her one and only?

Director Vishwas Patil belongs to another century. Like seriously! What in the world was he thinking?! The story is outdated and with that so is his film making style. The screenplay is also written shabbily not doing much for the weak plot. I wish there was more substance and less sleaziness. I’m sure the half filled theatre was there only to see “those” scenes which don’t exist (so sad!). Also the item numbers don’t do much. Kangana Ranaut doesn’t titillate the audience as much as a Katrina Kaif or Kareena Kapoor would. The styling and look is tacky even with decent camera work by Binod Pradhan. There are no dialogues for impact. In fact, I remember being distracted for about ten minutes with my phone and when I looked at the screen, I was as disinterested as I was before those ten minutes. The editor didn’t do his job properly or maybe it was director Vishwas Patil who felt every scene was important.

It was really sad to see a bunch of talented actors having to act in this movie. Prakash Raj for one who I think is brilliant is a waste in this film. They could have taken any other B grade actor for his role. Kangana Ranaut looks very pretty and all of that but I think she had a better role in Krrish 3 instead! In Rajjo she’s just ok. Mahesh Manjrekar as a eunuch is superb though. He’s effortless in his performance. Newcomer Paras Arora is a decent actor but fails to make a difference to the already drab film. All the other supporting actors are not bad but the weak script and poor direction brings out the worst in them.

On the whole, Rajjo fails miserably and with that Kangana Ranaut must realise that she must choose her films wisely if she wants to stick around in Bollywood. So going against the tagline I’d just like to say that this film is neither for the masses nor classes. Do NOT watch it!

Rating– 1/5


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Nov 8 2013

Satya 2- Movie Review


Satya 2 posterRam Gopal Verma’s films have been going downhill for a long time now and Satya 2 hits a new low in his film career. To be honest, I didn’t expect better.

The story is about this guy called Satya (Puneet Singh Ratn, a ‘ratn’ by no means) who has a plan to start an underworld company called ‘Company’ and change the face of the Mumbai Underworld. Apart from this cold blooded side to his personality, his softer side yearns for love from his girlfriend who’s new to Mumbai, just like him but lives the life of a village girl with all the innocence and naïveté. Can Satya keep up with both his love and company?

I don’t understand why Ram Gopal Verma even makes films anymore! His sense of direction is going to the dogs. Radhika Anand who’s written the film was probably too stoned to write and so the translation we get to see is nothing but a bunch of amateurs trying to act. The screenplay moves at a snail’s pace with the look of a film that is not even half as good as the mafia films Company or Once upon a time in Mumbaai. I hadn’t seen Satya which was supposed to be a damn good film back then with some great performances. For Satya 2, there’s nothing praiseworthy apart from the cinematography by Vikash Saraf that too in parts. The ‘Eagle eye view’ angle is annoying and not smooth at all. In fact, it makes Mumbai only look bad.

The costumes and make up are alright. The village girl look doesn’t really go with the film but then nothing does. The background score by Shkti Krthick is good in parts but otherwise ok. The music is forgettable but I liked the way the first romantic song in the movie was shot. The slow motion shots with the water look beautiful.

We all know that when we judge a film, it has a lot to do with performances. In this one, I can only point out one actor who acted well. He’s not even the lead actor- Puneet Singh Ratn but Mahesh Thakur who we rarely see playing an important role in a film. In Satya 2 he’s brilliant and should be noticed. Lead actor Puneet Singh Ratn with his monotonous voice and expressionless face makes you want to go to sleep. I get that he was supposed to play this serious, man-on-a-mission character but his portrayal is of someone who’s just trying to act smart. The actress who plays his girlfriend (Anaika Soti) looks pretty but has a constant pout (to look like an innocent villager?). Acting-wise very ok. The actress who plays ‘Special’- Aradhna Gupta is not bad. Everyone else is not important to mention also.

Overall, Satya 2 was a waste of time and money. I really wish this is Ram Gopal Verma’s last film as a director!

Rating– 1/5

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Nov 1 2013

Krrish 3- Movie Review


Krrish 3 posterThere’s something about superhero movies that draw the attention of both children and adults alike. I went for Krrish 3 because I enjoyed watching Koi Mil Gaya and Krrish. I’m afraid Krrish 3 just wasn’t as entertaining as its prequels but wasn’t bad either. Here’s my review.

Krrish a.k.a Krishna (Hrithik Roshan) is happily married and stays with his father Rohit and wife (Priyanka Chopra) and protecting the city from day to day crimes. Kaal (Vivek Oberoi), an evil genius is all set to destroy the world by spreading a poisonous gas made by him that can kill and cause permanent damage to people. Krrish along with his scientist father must do everything they can to save the people and destroy Kaal’s powers.

Rakesh Roshan is a great director and we’ve seen that in all this previous films. So with Krrish 3 he’s carrying forward the story of a superhero that actually looks like a superhero unlike the one we saw in Ra.One.  Ahem! The story has its drawbacks in terms of content. There are too many clichés that we’ve seen in numerous films in the past and so Krrish 3 is just another rendition of what we’ve already seen. Having said that, it still is entertaining because of the way the screenplay progresses. There isn’t a dull moment. It has an emotional connect and that’s what makes the difference. From start to finish the story moves at a consistent pace. There’s a lot more action that we see in this film as compared to the previous two. Some of them might not be right for children to see considering it’s a film and a character children relate to and love.  The styling of all the actors is right except for the superhero. Priyanka and Kangana look ultra-glam in their clothes and make up.

When you see the visuals in front of you, sometimes they seem extremely amateurish and in some you get to see real talent where visual effects are concerned. So in a film where computer graphics play a major role this one alternates between good and bad.  The cinematography by S. Tirru is lovely, especially for the song ‘Dil tu hi bata’ with Hrithik and Kangana which also sounds great. It’s good to hear Alisha Chinoy singing after so long. I didn’t enjoy the other songs that much though. So overall the music is strictly ok. The background score by Salim-Sulaiman is good and goes well with the theme.

Hrithik Roshan is in my opinion the best looking superhero Bollywood has had yet. He can totally take your breath away with his gorgeous mysterious eyes behind that mask except for the fact that his costume looks really bad and makes you forget all about his eyes. As an actor, he’s excellent and in Krrish 3 he is very good too. I’d like to quote a little boy sitting behind me in the theatre who said, ‘Actor ho toh Hrithik jaisa’.  Even as an old man, he does a fine job. Priyanka Chopra doesn’t have much to do except for add a little drama but she’s done it well. Kangana Ranaut for once didn’t have to use the word ‘Bastard’ or act drunk. She does full justice to her negative role and looks hot. Vivek Oberoi is brilliant as Kaal and will make you hate him. He’s totally into the character and acts effortlessly. I wish we would get to see him act in more movies.

So, I wouldn’t recommend taking children below the age of 10 for the movie because of all the violence but otherwise Krrish 3 is entertaining and I’d definitely like to see more sequels in the future.

Rating– 3/5

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Oct 30 2013

Dubai Diaries: Day 1


Dubai Diaries- Roochster.comDay 1- Goodbye Mumbai, Hello Dubai! Walk at Dubai Marina 

0 copy  After months of planning, Dubai was finally happening. We were super excited!

1 copyLooking at Mumbai from the top only to see it again a week later. 

2 copyWhat a view! Nothing but sand dunes for miles and miles!

3 copy  Yayy! We’ve entered the city of luxuries, dates, shopping, attar and gold! 

4 copy And who would’ve thought to see Salman Khan welcoming you at Dubai airport! 😉 

5 copyThe visa lines didn’t seem to end! Took forever and we were hungry! 

6 copyAfter sorting out sim cards and visa clearance, we made it to our hotel- Star Metro, Deira- Hotel Apartments bang opposite a…mall! Haha!  

7 copyWe took a brief look at our apartment and loved it! The next 8 days would go amazing! 

8 copyLunch was simple- Theplas, Shrikhand, Bateta nu shaak and some kachoris all from Mumbai because the entire week would be outside food! 

9 copyPreparing ourselves for the next few days with important groceries from New Era Supermarket- Milk, juice, bread, butter, etc. 

10 copyAfter a short nap, we get out and get going to walk at Dubai Marina! This one’s at Salah Al Din Metro station which is 2 minutes away from our hotel. 

11 copyOur first view of the tallest tower in the world- The Burj Khalifa and many other gorgeous structures from our metro ride. 

12 copyAnd we’re off, walking on the travellator which saved a lot of time and of course from getting tanned and drained walking in the hot sun! 

13 copyAfter a bit of walking, we make it to Dubai Marina. Great view! 

14 copyThis is Dubai’s Marine Drive! Beautiful and peaceful!

15 copyRomantic, no? 

16 copyWe needed this after walking a lot! Authentic Italian pizzas from Nepoletana at Dubai Marina. Chilled out dinner but too expensive so we had only 2 pizzas. After that we walked some more (Approximately 2 hours) till we reached the metro again and went back home. We could not think further and so just went off to bed and slept with a huge smile on our faces. Here’s to a great first day in Dubai! 


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Oct 29 2013

Chocoholic, Colaba- Review


Chocoholic1I’ve known Rishika Bhatia (the owner) of Chocoholic since many years now and even knew of Chocoholic’s existence. But I hadn’t tried her stuff yet. Brownie yes, but that was about it. So here I am finally after having tried her stuff, giving you my review of Chocoholic- Chocolates and more.

DessertsYou will find most desserts here- brownies, chocolates, muffins, mousse, cookies, tarts and trifles. She specializes in Kid-specific shaped chocolates with fun wrappings and party hampers. She also makes cakes according to order. Now here’s what I had.

Cupcakes (Rs. 50 onwards) Chocolate– Superb!  Bubble gum– Slightly grainy but not bad. Espresso Walnut– If you love coffee, you will love this cupcake! An absolute must have!

Brownies (Rs. 45)Walnut– Dark, rich and delicious!  Oreo– Nice.

Cookies (Rs. 300/250gms) – I loved the cookies! They were slightly salty but tasted awesome even then. The consistency of the dough batter made all the difference. Choco-chip-Hazelnut, Peanut Butter bars, Cinnamon are the ones I loved. Chocolate chip, Lemon and Almond were ok.

Chocolates (Rs. 850/kg) – I tasted many chocolates and out of them, I thought the Raisins one and Almonds one was the best. The Kacha Keri Atom Bombs were superb! A must have!


Where? Chocoholic is located at Colaba and delivers at an extra cost. To place an order you can call them on 098 19 146826. The minimum order for cupcakes and brownies  is 6 piecesof the same flavour and for chocolates the minimum is 250 gms.

Verdict– The packaging is very good so Chocoholic would be the right choice to gift a box of Kacha Keri atom bombs, the Espresso walnut cupcake and Peanut butter cookies!

Rating– 3/5

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