Jun 13 2010

L’Oreal Hair Spa at Harsh Salon, Juhu


Last evening I had some time to kill before dinner and I was at Juhu so thought, chal, time to get a good hair spa. I’ve been going to Harsh since the past 2 and a half years now and not once have I left disappointed.

The thing about Harsh is that most people, after hearing the name itself think it might be some weird, small beauty parlour. But it’s a nice place…OK they don’t have super stylish people dressed in the best clothes and the salon may not play the kind of music you’d like to listen to (they play bhajans), but they’re brilliant at their work and will give you great haircuts and whatever you’re going there for.

So as I was saying, I went there for a Hair Spa yesterday. For those who don’t know, a hair spa is basically a protein treatment for  different types of hair. For example, my hair is coloured and has been falling. So they mix the L’oreal hair spa cream with some other cream which is for my hair type, and then apply it.

They first shampoo your hair and then apply the hair spa cream. Massage it for a good 20-25 minutes and then steam it and then wash it again. At the end of it, your hair is smoother, smells awsome and looks healthier.

Verdict: The L’oreal Hair Spa at Harsh is great! A hair spa which will make you feel awsome about your hair! The best part is that when the guy was drying my hair, I thought my fringes needed a trim, so I just asked him how much would it cost for me to trim it a bit. He said, “Arre kuch nahi…aapke liye free”. So the service is excellent too. I definitely recommend this to everyone! Value for money.

Cost & Duration: Rs. 600 for 45 mins

Location: Harsh Salon, near Juhu Gymkhana.

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Jun 8 2010

Fish Spa at Orchid City Centre (Mumbai Central)


Ever since I heard of the Fish Spa, I’ve been tempted to try it. For those who don’t know, you are made to dip your feet into a little tub of water wherein you will find these tiny little fish swimming about. They are called “Garra Rufas or Doctor Fish”. Doctor fish because apparently they eat the dead skin, corns, eczema or any weird looking stuff from your feet and sort of clean your feet.  Not that I had any of those problems… I wanted to simply just try it out.So I went to Orchid City Centre after I heard how awsome it was!

The process– Ok so first they make you dip your feet in a small bucket of water and clean them, before you dip your feet into the tub where the fish are, (so they don’t die :P) just for sanity purposes. Once your feet are in the real thing, the fish rush to your feet as if there’s no tomorrow! The Doctor fish start nibbling at your feet, eating all your dead skin. Well, that’s their job! They make sure your feet feel softer and cleaner. Now the funny part is they don’t have teeth!

The feeling– At first I was very uncomfortable because I’m a vegetarian and I couldn’t imagine fish nibbling at my feet! It felt very very strange, ticklish and funny at the same time. What makes it very weird is looking at the fish eating a part of you! That’s just gross! I think a one time experience is good enough!

Verdict– Definitely worth a try, especially if you fancy trying out new things, especially spas. But I prefer my normal foot reflexology, thank you very much!

Cost & Duration- Rs. 150 for 15 mins and Rs.250 for 30 mins.

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