Jul 3 2016

Shen Reflexology, Khar (w)- Review


Shen ReflexologyEveryone deserves some pampering, especially when it relaxes not just your body, but also your mind and soul. I am grateful to Shweta, the owner of Shen Reflexology, Khar for having Karan and me over to try two of their therapies. Here’s how it went.

So I had been to Shen on a friend’s (Aditya Kripalani) recommendation more than 5 years ago, when the place had opened in a mall in Bandra. I don’t remember which therapy I had tried there but I remember it was a really good experience and the therapists were very good at their work. It was by chance that Shweta came across my blog and contacted me to come try it just a couple of days ago and with a smile on my face I wrote back saying I’d be very happy to. And there we were… all set to relax and get pampered at Shen.

The massage rooms are dimly lit with soothing music to set the mood and make you feel completely relaxed.

Hand & Foot Reflexology Combo (30 mins Hand and 30 mins Foot- Rs. 950)– I’d been wanting to try the Hot Stone therapy as that’s something I haven’t tried yet but Shweta didn’t recommend it considering the heat and humidity we have in Mumbai currently, breaking between Summer and Monsoon. After looking at the service list, I opted for the Hand & Foot Reflexology Combo while Karan went for the Shiatsu (Japanese style full body reflexology). Both these therapies go on for one hour and 15-20 mins. The room I was led to was specifically for hand, foot, back, head and other dry therapies. As I rested on my recliner chair, the skilled fingers of my therapist worked their magic on my feet, legs, hands and arms. I was totally relaxed and could feel he stiffness in my body reduce drastically with the perfect pressure. A surprise fifteen minutes of head, back, shoulders and knees massage was like icing on the cake. But there was more. A cup of herbal tea was the finishing touch.

Shaitsu Body Massage (90 mins- Rs. 1800)– This is a Japanese healing method to strengthen the body and keep the body’s energy flowing. I was super jealous that Karan was going for this massage because I wanted to go for that too. The masseur used his fingers, elbows, palms, knuckles, knees and feet to work on the body’s acupuncture points and I could just see how relaxed Karan looked when he came out. He said it was painful when the pressure was applied and in a second the body was more at ease and it felt like heaven. Ugghhh so jealous!

All the therapies are more affordable than most of the other spas everywhere. The best thing is that they have packages which offer complimentary sessions which means that you eventually spend atleast 30-40% lesser.

Go try! – You can call them on 022 26055578 or 9930717676 and book your appointment after carefully selecting your therapy on their website- www.shenreflexology.com

Their address- G3, Heera House, Junction of 1st and 12th road, between Citibank and MadhuPark, Khar west, Mumbai 52.

Verdict– Professional, efficient and totally worth your money, Shen Reflexology is a must try! I recommend!

Rating– 4/5


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Aug 18 2013

Aura Thai Spa, Andheri (E) – Review


Aura Thai Spa, AndheriI’ve been watching too many movies lately, working overtime at school and eating out way too much. What I hadn’t done in very long was pamper myself to a spa! I’m not complaining about work or movies or eating out by the way, just saying that I needed some time out to relax, break the monotony and feel at ease. Going to Aura Thai Spa was just what I needed! Here’s my review.

Ambience- I’ve been to Aura on two occasions, both with my best friend Komal (the privileged one if I may add).  I went to the one at Andheri East and at Colaba. Both are gorgeous! Whoever the interior designer is has done a fabulous job and made it look like a Spa Palace! It’s the best looking spa I have ever been to! Hands down! Even the fragrance the moment you enter is lovely! Beautifully designed rooms and beds with minimal lighting (black and red) and lots of Buddha statues adding peace and calm to the place. The music is also soothing and sets the mood for your spa.

The Experience– The first time we went, I chose the Deep Tissue massage which is a full body oil therapy that involves more pressure as compared to the normal Aroma therapy. Komal chose half n hour of Foot and half n hour Back & Shoulders.  Before going for your spa, you are given a glass of yummy apple-cranberry juice and your feet are cleaned with soap and water. All kinds of hygiene factors are kept in mind to make sure you have nothing to complain about. My first time experience at Aura, Andheri was very good. The massage was very relaxing and I didn’t want it to end. However I would like to mention that there was nothing different from the normal full body massage I have tried at other spas. Deep Tissue is just a name given to make it sound fancy so even if you opt for the normal full body massage, you will get the same thing. My friend loved her therapies and she was all praises for it! At the end of the therapy and a nice hot shower, a hot cup of Herbal tea was waiting for me on my bed.

My second visit to Aura Thai Body Spa was at the Colaba branch. This time I wanted to try something I had never tried before and so I went for the Traditional Thai therapy for 30 minutes along with a Foot massage for 30 minutes. Now, I haven’t been to Thailand and neither have I tried the Traditional Thai therapy ever so this was completely new for me. A dry therapy, in which the masseuse bends, stretches, presses your body and kind of beats you up with her hands and elbows. Haha kidding! That’s how it felt though! The foot massage was relaxing too and felt awesome by the end of it.

Cost & Duration– The therapies are priced differently at all their outlets. For instance, the Deep Tissue for 60 minutes massage at Andheri was for Rs. 2600 whereas at Colaba it’s for Rs. 2900. A foot massage costs Rs. 750 for 30 minutes at Andheri whereas in Colaba it costs Rs. 1250. The Traditional Thai massage is for Rs. 1000 for 30 minutes at Andheri and Rs. 1500 at Colaba. So the Andheri people do have an advantage here. Nonetheless, Aura is an experience in itself would be a great gifting option for loved ones.

Verdict– I needed pampering and Aura Thai Spa gave me that. If you want to relax your muscles or give your tired body some love, Aura Thai Spa is the place for you. I highly recommend their Traditional Thai massage.

Rating– 3.5/5

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Apr 19 2013

Vikas Marwah’s Hair & Beauty Salon, Bandra (W) – Review


Vikas Marwah's hair & beauty salon, bandraI’ve made use of some really awesome deals on Timesdeal.com and I thought Vikas Marwah’s Hair & Beauty Salon would be one of them with the amount of services they were offering in the deal. Lekin afsos, galat choice! Read why.

The salon– Located at Hill Road, Bandra, this is Vikas Marwah’s second salon. The first one has been around for a while at Lokhandwala Andheri. So, I went to the Bandra one after taking an appointment and informing them about the ‘deal’. The salon is of a decent size and looks ok.

The Deal– Hair Deep Conditioning, Loreal Hair Spa, Head Steam, Head Massage, Hair Cut, Blow Dry Styling worth Rs. 4500 for just Rs. 500! Sounds amazing, right? Yes, this is why I didn’t think twice before taking it! It’s a steal deal! Now, the catch is that all these things get over in less than 40 minutes when you actually go there! For those of you who get hair spas often would know that the entire process involves 5 mins of hairwash, 5 mins of applying the hair spa, half an hour of massage, 10 mins of steam and 5 mins to rinse. So that’s about an hour when you go to any other salon. Do the math for the remaining offers in the deal!

The Experience– After taking an appointment, I reached the salon and was made to wait for about 15 mins. Vikas Marwah himself was there so I didn’t say anything. Also, they seemed to be understaffed because there was just him and a lady doing all the work. When my turn finally came, I was asked if I’d like a haircut by him (Rs. 500 more) or by the lady. I didn’t care because I wanted a trim so I said I’m ok with the lady cutting my hair. Once the hairwash was over, Mr. Marwah himself started applying the hair spa cream. I was like ‘Waah’! So nice that the owner is down to earth and does these things himeslf. Then the massage started and got over in 5 minutes. I didn’t even relax completely and it was over. But I do know that I felt as if my brain was dented with the amount of pressure he put with a combination of a rush and frustration. I chose not to say anything thinking there’s a lot left. But I was wrong! My hair was then tied and it was time for steam. This went on for about 7 minutes. I was taken next for a hairwash by the lady after which she trimmed my hair. Barely any cutting involved. Luckily, Vikas Marwah decided to do the honours by atleast blow drying my hair properly. And that was that.

Verdict– So I was just thinking…They claim that all these services are worth Rs. 4500. They either think the customers are stupid or are trying to cover up losses by conning people with their so-called deals! Understaffed with bad service and no value for money, Vikas Marwah’s Hair & Beauty salon is the worst salon I have ever been to! Sorry but it’s the truth!

Rating– 1/5


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Feb 28 2013

Sawadee- Thai Body Spa, Bandra- Review


Sawadee spa, bandraI went for a spa after so long! Oh my god! That too ‘cause I’m less kadka now! I must thank Timesdeal.com because of which I could go to Sawadee- Thai Body Spa for a very reasonable foot spa! Here’s my review!

The deal– 60 minutes of Thai Traditional Foot therapy which includes back, shoulders, arms, head and neck massage and a cup of Herbal Tea at the end. The actual cost is Rs.1200 but I got it at Rs. 450 (Inclusive of taxes).

The Ambience– Sawadee Thai Body Spa is located in Bandra and Juhu. I went to the Bandra outlet at Linking road, 3rd left in the KFC lane. The first thing you notice when you walk into Sawadee is the smell. It smells of aromatic oils and lemongrass and I was looking forward to seeing the interiors. The place is dark, like any other spa with dim lighting. They have two recliners for foot massages and a few small rooms for the full body massages divided by curtains. The music they play is nice and calming, perfect to make you feel relaxed. But it didn’t exactly go as I’d wished because the reception area and the first booth (foot therapy room) had just a curtain in the middle so I could hear the receptionist talk to people on the phone and customers there.

The Experience– My feet were first cleaned with a warm wet cloth and I was made to relax on the recliner. The masseur then started with the traditional Thai foot therapy which went on for about half an hour. The next half an hour was a dry back, shoulders, arms, head and neck massage including stretches and that was awesome! I think I enjoyed the second half of my massage more than the first half. At the end of the session, they serve herbal tea with sugared ginger on the side. My masseur’s name was Sang and he did a great job!

Verdict– I’m so glad I got to try Sawadee, thanks to Timesdeal’s superb offer. I paid Rs.450 for an hour of heaven! My experience as a whole was great and I’m definitely going back there soon!

Rating– 3.5/5

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Aug 2 2012

CityBliss- Wellness on Wheels, Mumbai- Review


The first thing that caught my attention about CityBliss was the fact that it’s a spa on wheels! What a great concept that I just had to try it!

Spa on wheels? CityBliss, Wellness on Wheels is based in Bandra, Hill Road but they travel all over Mumbai to serve you. They have a metallic blue van which is fully equipped to offer you a great spa experience while you travel from one place to another. They have various therapies such as Foot Reflexology, Head Massage, Face Massage, Spa Manicure & Pedicure and Facial that can be done in the movable spa. The idea struck Swadeep Patil (the owner) when he was travelling in 2010. One thought led to another and before he knew it, he had a spa on wheels ready by June 2011 which started its blissful journey across Mumbai.

I took my best friend Komal along so we could try CityBliss together and plus I wanted some company to go to Mahim market for shopping so she came along gladly. We started off at Colaba and decided to go for half n hour of foot and half n hour of head massage. A lot of my friends were apprehensive about the whole spa on wheels deal thinking it would be some shady van with shady masseurs and so they asked me to be very careful. Luckily, I didn’t have to worry about any of that because the van was luxurious with polite and efficient staff. Also, we could see where we were going thanks to the camera attached to the front of the van and the screen in front of us.

Haha funny thing happened. Before getting the spa, Komal asks her masseuse, “So are you from Thailand?” The masseuse replies, “No we are from Manipur”. LOL! Popat!

The Experience– As we sat on the recliner chairs, we were given cute jute chappals to switch into which we barely wore for like 10 seconds and a soft sheet to cover ourselves. Our feet were washed with warm water and soap and then dried. Our massage started immediately then with Natures Co.’s lemon grass oil. The masseuses skillfully massaged our feet upto our knees, with perfect pressure. Komal and I were enjoying everyminute of it and before we knew it, our half n hour was over and our feet were wiped off with warm wet napkins. The next half n hour was going to be the head massage and we both knew we’d like that better. Our recliners were further reclined to rest our heads comfortably and their fingers worked their magic on our head, neck, back and arms with Rosemary oil from Nature’s Co. and relaxed us completely. We didn’t even realise where our half n hour went; I was almost asleep because of how blissful it was. Soon, we reached our destination, thanked them and left. The massage was truly amazing.

How much? For a truly luxurious, convenient and blissful experience, CityBliss comes at a price. If you book the van for 2, a foot/head massage for 30 mins (upto 10kms) would cost Rs.675 + taxes per person.  60 minutes (20kms) would cost Rs. 1050 + taxes per person and so on. If you choose to go alone, you’d be paying Rs. 900 + taxes and Rs. 1400 + taxes respectively. This cost is to save your travel money to go from one place to another and to make sure your time is blissfully spent. So I wouldn’t say its very expensive considering the value and quality of service.

Where and when? The van does not travel to Navi Mumbai, Thane, etc. and they operate from 11am to 11pm so make sure you book your appointment accordingly. Also, if your spa gets over in half n hour and you haven’t reached your desired location yet because of traffic, don’t worry, they wont throw you off the van. You can either sleep it off or extend your massage.


Verdict– In between erratic schedules and crazy traffic in Mumbai, take a breather with CityBliss’s Spa on Wheels and just relax. If you know someone who’s getting married or want to gift someone something different and awesome, this is it! I recommend!

Rating– 4/5

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Jan 18 2012

Kerala Ayurveda Centre, Andheri (w)- Review


I got a good deal from Snapdeal which is what made me go to Kerala Ayurveda Centre for  this particular massage package. Here’s more on it.

The package– The package was for Rs. 1650 but I got it for Rs. 400 thanks to Snapdeal. It included a head massage, a full body massage, an Ayurvedic facial, a Nasiyama (nasal Ayurvedic drops) and supposedly steam which I didn’t get ‘cause they expected me to choose – either a bath or steam that too after knowing that a person’s body would be dripping in oil after the massage! So obviously I chose to go for a bath instead. The total time allotted for this was 1 hour 20 mins.

The place– Let me be clear with you. Spa might just make a massage sound better but this was clearly just a massage place and in no way a spa as I thought it would be! Located at Andheri West, Kerala Ayurveda Centre is on the first floor of the building to the right of Star Bazar. It’s quite a shady place and I definitely wouldn’t go there knowingly. There’s no music, no dim lights and no AC! I was actually hunting for hidden cameras because the place looked like one of those, you know? Luckily there weren’t and I with relief went for my massage package.

The experience– The massage was good but the head massage wasn’t. It wasn’t relaxing like it should have been and it all got over in 50 minutes. When I asked the lady she said ‘bas itna hi hai’ and the remaining time was apparently for the bath. I was quite pissed off and even told her that the package is for 1 hr 20 mins after which she gave me a massage for 10 mins more. The Nasiyama was horrible! It didn’t open help clear my nose or throat but instead gave me irritation in my throat. Plus the shadiness of the room was getting to me! For my bath I was given Medimix soap and 2 small sachets of Pantene Shampoo and a towel that didn’t smell clean. Ugh.

Cost and Duration– In spite of what they say, the package is for 1 hr only and 20 mins is allotted for your bath. It costs Rs. 1650 (Snapdeal- Rs. 400)

Verdict– I wouldn’t go there again. Not worth it at all!

Rating– 2/5

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Oct 28 2010

The Orange Tree Studio, Breach Candy- Review


I’d been wanting to go for a spa since more than 2 months now and was waiting till I thought I could afford to go for one soon. Luck is always by my side *touches wood* and this time, it came in the form of SnapDeal. In short, it’s a site that has some pretty awesome deals for kick ass prices! The deal I chose was to get a Deep Tissue Body Massage at The Orange Tree Studio at Breach Candy.

The Process– Ok first of all, this massage is only for women. You’re given a green tube dress to change into. Once on the bed, the masseuse applies powder all over your body and gives you a dry massage. Once that is done, you get a hot olive oil massage all over your body. The pressure applied was just perfect.  Steam is what comes next. Now I had a problem with that. They had a small steam machine instead of a steam room. If a person is to get steam after a massage, on the whole body, it is but obvious that a small machine which needs to be moved around wont do justice. Also, after the steam, they had hot wet towels to wipe off the oil from the body. I’d have liked a shower room but I guess it was ok.

The Experience–   The Orange Tree Studio is not a dimly lit place exclusively for spas. It is a studio with multiple services. You’ll find clean white walls with olive green salon chairs as you enter. They do everything from haircuts to styling to massages and what not. So it’s a bright happy place and there is a separate massage/ waxing room where I had to go. The room had 2 beds and a curtain in the middle. No dim lights again. For the massage though, they switched off the lights and kept just one white light on. (Thank god!) Also, there was no soothing background music or candles. The massage was great though! Good pressure. Nice and relaxing but too short. I think it was less than 45 mins. I just didn’t get why it was called the “deep tissue massage” because to me it was a regular body massage. So experience-wise it was alright.

Cost & Duration– The Deep Tissue Body Massage actually costs Rs. 1300 for 45 mins, but thanks to Snap Deal it cost me only Rs. 349.

Verdict– The Orange Tree Studio is a nice place and the massage is decent. With a few changes in the ambience for their spas/massages, it would be frequented more often for sure!

Website http://www.theorangetreestudio.in/

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Aug 25 2010

Areopagus-Temple of Healing, Juhu -Review


I’d been wanting to try out Areopagus Spa for a while now! I’d heard the place was expensive and so I decided to go only when I really really needed to pamper myself. Luckily, a friend wanted me to do a review of the spa for the newspaper she’s working for and so I happily went to Areopagus- Temple of Healing. I was super kicked as this was my first full body massage.

The process– I chose a therapy which they call “Areopagus Ritual Massage”. This therapy involves two therapists instead of 1 giving you a massage! On entering, I was given disposable undergarments which I had to change into. To start the massage, I was made to lie on my stomach first. A little bit of stretching and dry massage was followed by hot oil massage. The same was repeated for the front as well. I can’t tell you how awesome it felt, especially the back massage! Then they proceeded with the head massage and foot reflexology. Imagine your head and foot being massaged together by 2 therapists! Heaven right? Well, that’s how I felt! I so didn’t want it to end! The entire massage thing went on for an hour and fifteen minutes. It felt like just 10 minutes though! After the massage I went for steam and a bath. Unfortunately, the day I went, the Jacuzzi room’s lights were not working and so I didn’t get to chill there. But that’s included in the spa too! They have soap and shampoo dispensers in the bathroom but I suggest you carry your own soap and shampoo instead!

The experience– The moment you step foot inside Areopagus, you’ll feel like quickly running into one of their spa rooms to begin your spa! The ambience is lovely; dimmed lights, Buddha statues and very welcoming staff! Right before starting my massage I was a bit nervous considering it was my first full body massage, there were 2 therapists and that I had to change into their disposable bare essentials! But once the therapy started, all my worries were gone! It was extremely relaxing and felt good! Of course now, getting pampered always feels good, doesn’t it? The best part was that both the therapists co-ordinated and it didn’t feel odd at all! They heat sweet almond oil and apply it on your skin to clean away all the dead skin cells and toxins, leaving your skin fresh and clean!  At the end of the spa you have the option of having a cup of tea/coffee/lemon tea/ green tea. I had the lemon tea which was yummehhh!

Cost & Duration– Rs. 7000 + taxes for a Ritual Massage. Massage+ steam+ Jacuzzi + bath = 2 hours.

Verdict– Areopagus is a high-end spa meant for those who don’t mind spending a little extra money for good ambience and service. The massage is good but a little too expensive for my taste.


Psst…! Thank you Gayatri Sahasrabuddhe! 🙂

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Jul 16 2010

Metta Reflexology Spa, Bandra -Review


I’ve been to a couple of spas before but this one was different. Not just because you’ll find visually impaired people giving you the massage, but the aura of the place was just different.

When you enter, you’ll be soaked in a smell that’s not too nice. The place is simple. There are 3 massage beds only and it’s not the kind of spa you’ve been to before. But there’s something about the place. There’s something about the way you’ll get your massage.

The experience– I decided to go for the one hour Foot Reflexology spa in which you get 40 minutes of foot reflexology and then they massage your back, neck, shoulders, hands and head for the remaining 20 minutes. My masseuse was a lady named Nayomi who started first by cleaning my feet with a hot towel and then applying simple coconut oil on my feet after which she got down to pressing the pressure points on my feet. Time and again she kept asking if the pressure was fine. I can’t tell you how relaxing it was! It felt great! The music they play also relaxes you in a certain way. After the 40 minutes of foot reflexology, she started the back, neck, shoulders, hands and head massage. That is the best part about the entire experience!

You also have an option of getting a half hour facial massage or head massage by paying just 100 bucks more. And so I went for the facial massage which was done by a lady named Pallavi. She applied Aloe Vera gel with some ice on my face and neck. It really felt amazing at the end of it and somehow my face felt softer.

Verdict– The best part is that the people working there are so courteous and nice, even amongst themselves that you feel like you’re in a place where the people working truly love their job! There’s warmth attached to the place which you just can’t ignore. I know for sure that I will go back there for many more lovely massages. It’s value for money and great service by the visually impaired.

Cost & Duration– Rs. 300 for 1 hour.

Location– Metta Reflexology Spa, Pali Village, Bandra.


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Jun 26 2010

Head (dead) massage at Hong Kong Beauty Parlour, Colaba


I can’t decide if it was a head massage or if the female was making halwa on my head! I entered the place thinking I’ll get a cheap head massage ‘cause the name itself sounds like the cost won’t be too much. But the lady said its 300 bucks for my length of hair (shoulder length) for an hour’s massage. I thought it was too much for the place but agreed anyway.

The female giving me the head massage must’ve put like 10 drops of oil and was hardly even pressing it. I had to ask her to put some pressure and oil and only then she started putting in some effort. Luckily I was handed a magazine to read otherwise I would’ve lost it! For the first time, I didn’t close my eyes and enjoy it… I was wide awake and reading! That’s not how massages are supposed to be! Anyway, so she tried pressing my head for about 45 minutes and thankfully the pressing was over. The next thing was steam for the hair. Ok. So I imagined a normal steam machine to put on my head for about 10 minutes. What I see instead is a hot towel! Now that’s the last thing I expected from a beauty parlour, that too in Colaba! How can they not have a steam machine!  So after steaming my head 5 times with the hot towel, it was finally over!

The funny part in the end was that the lady who owns the place comes to me and asks me if my hair falls a lot. So I tell her no no not much… so she tells me I should not condition my hair! Can you believe it? This is the first time I heard something so ridiculous from a lady who owns a beauty parlour!

Anyway, I guess she wanted me to come back to her beauty parlour again because she gave me a 50 rupees discount. So I ended up paying 250 which is still 50 bucks more than the other places I go to for a head massage!

Verdict– Ha! I’m so not going there again!

Cost & Duration – Rs. 300 for 1 hour.

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