About Me

Roochster.com is my wonderland. It’s been my dream to be a big brand some day. This is just the beginning.

You will find everything from photographs to movie reviews to restaurant reviews, to spa reviews to some fashion fun, troll comics and a lot of other random stuff. I’m a free lance photographer and blogger and I love exploring, discovering and then sharing anything and everything that I find interesting.

You can mail me at about anything related to my work or my site.

I hope you guys enjoy your time on Roochster.com
Thank you 🙂

About Me: Things that make me me (In no particular order):

music. photographs. movies. food. dreams. family. friends. love. chocolates. ice creams. happiness. smiles. Salman Khan. colours. filminess. exploring. singing. accessories. perfumes. randomness. puppies. stay overs. dancing.  travelling. feeling special. spas. rain. hugs. fun. the sea. beaches. pizza. long drives. haircuts. kajal. stories. cuffe parade. babies. shrek. marine drive. home. my cameras…

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