Book Review: It’s Never Too Late- Shilpa Choudapurkar


It's Never too late- Shilpa ChoudapurkarSynopsis– Avantika Mahajan is a fiction editor who loves her job and looks up to fictional characters. She falls in love with and marries Rahul Kalyankar who eventually asks her for a divorce. Just when life is beginning to feel normal, Alex Logan, the dashing CEO of an American multinational comes her way. Will she be able to get over her insecurities and accept the love he offers? Only time will tell.

Review– I’ve read books by many Indian authors. While some are descriptive in every sense and don’t leave even the minutest detail for the reader, there are some who dress their ‘relatable’ characters heavily with emotions that sometimes are too dramatic for words (like you see in Bollywood films). ‘It’s Never too Late’ by Shilpa Choudapurkar clearly falls in the second category.

What I liked– The characters seem quite relatable so people staying in India will relate. I like that the language is simple for anyone to read and it doesn’t take too long to complete the book. I read it in a couple of hours.

What I didn’t like– The story is very predictable. There are no turning points or surprise elements that can make this book memorable or a keepsake. While the language is simple, there are far too many grammatical and language errors and that is a major setback. I did not find myself glued to the book at all, to be honest.

Verdict– I’ve watched far too many Bollywood films and read several books by Indian authors and this was a below average read for me. Avoidable!

Rating– 1.5/5

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