Zanjeer- Movie Review


zanjeer-posterZanjeer was a film I was so not excited to watch. From the trailer it looked quite bad and Ram Charan and Priyanka Chopra somehow look extremely odd together. But then it’s a remake of the film that made Amitabh Bachchan a star. I just had to watch it to see if this new one was any good.

Vijay Khanna (Ram Charan) is an ACP and an extremely serious cop who gets transferred time and again because of the way he deals with the bad guys. He’s had a painful past where his parents got murdered when he was eight years old and ever since then he’s been looking for the killer. Mala (Priyanka Chopra), a NRI is in India for a friend’s wedding and she accidently witnesses a murder in a zone where something fishy is going on. Ever since the Oil Mafia Teja (Prakash Raj) finds out about this, he sends his men after her. Vijay comes to the rescue and gives her shelter in his house. He becomes friends with Sher Khan (Sanjay Dutt) who deals in illegal buying and selling of cars. Will they be able to beat Teja and find the killer of his parents?

Director Apoorva Lakhia tried his best to make a 2013 version of the superhit film Zanjeer that people loved. To be honest, after watching this, I want to see Zanjeer even more only to see what made it so good. The screenplay by Suresh Nair and dialogues by Chintan Gandhi leave no impact. For a genre like this I would have expected some really hard hitting dialogues. Also, the entire effort by the cast and crew seems half-hearted or like they were expecting it to be a flop film. The cinematography by Gururaj is excellent. He keeps pace with the various actions scenes and does a good job with his lens. The costumes and make up I felt were a bit over-the-top. It was totally unnecessary for Ram Charan to have such huge biceps and dress up like a stud half the time. I understand he’s the hero but dude! Seriously?!

The background score of the film is excellent! It brings in some energy to the film. The music by Meet Brothers, Chirantan Bhatt and Anand Raj Anand is very very bad. The movie could have been way better without them.

Coming to the performances… Ram Charan as an actor does not do justice to the role at all. Being fit and chiseled does not make one a good actor. He’s got this one expression throughout and looks like a robot. Priyanka Chopra is extra loud and seems more wanna-be-ish in this film than she has ever been in her acting career. This is probably one of her worst performances. Sanjay Dutt is good. I wouldn’t say he’s excellent but he convinces you as Sher Khan and looks intimidating. Prakash Raj with his comic-villain role is perfect. He’s just too good! Mahie Gill as Teja’s mistress is alright; a bit annoying at times. Atul Kulkarni has a small role but does it well.

I can say that Zanjeer 2013 was as per my expectations- quite bad. Looking at the story though I want to watch the old Zanjeer and then I’ll be able to really tell how bad this one is. Watch when it comes on TV.

Rating– 2.5/5


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