Vikas Marwah’s Hair & Beauty Salon, Bandra (W) – Review


Vikas Marwah's hair & beauty salon, bandraI’ve made use of some really awesome deals on and I thought Vikas Marwah’s Hair & Beauty Salon would be one of them with the amount of services they were offering in the deal. Lekin afsos, galat choice! Read why.

The salon– Located at Hill Road, Bandra, this is Vikas Marwah’s second salon. The first one has been around for a while at Lokhandwala Andheri. So, I went to the Bandra one after taking an appointment and informing them about the ‘deal’. The salon is of a decent size and looks ok.

The Deal– Hair Deep Conditioning, Loreal Hair Spa, Head Steam, Head Massage, Hair Cut, Blow Dry Styling worth Rs. 4500 for just Rs. 500! Sounds amazing, right? Yes, this is why I didn’t think twice before taking it! It’s a steal deal! Now, the catch is that all these things get over in less than 40 minutes when you actually go there! For those of you who get hair spas often would know that the entire process involves 5 mins of hairwash, 5 mins of applying the hair spa, half an hour of massage, 10 mins of steam and 5 mins to rinse. So that’s about an hour when you go to any other salon. Do the math for the remaining offers in the deal!

The Experience– After taking an appointment, I reached the salon and was made to wait for about 15 mins. Vikas Marwah himself was there so I didn’t say anything. Also, they seemed to be understaffed because there was just him and a lady doing all the work. When my turn finally came, I was asked if I’d like a haircut by him (Rs. 500 more) or by the lady. I didn’t care because I wanted a trim so I said I’m ok with the lady cutting my hair. Once the hairwash was over, Mr. Marwah himself started applying the hair spa cream. I was like ‘Waah’! So nice that the owner is down to earth and does these things himeslf. Then the massage started and got over in 5 minutes. I didn’t even relax completely and it was over. But I do know that I felt as if my brain was dented with the amount of pressure he put with a combination of a rush and frustration. I chose not to say anything thinking there’s a lot left. But I was wrong! My hair was then tied and it was time for steam. This went on for about 7 minutes. I was taken next for a hairwash by the lady after which she trimmed my hair. Barely any cutting involved. Luckily, Vikas Marwah decided to do the honours by atleast blow drying my hair properly. And that was that.

Verdict– So I was just thinking…They claim that all these services are worth Rs. 4500. They either think the customers are stupid or are trying to cover up losses by conning people with their so-called deals! Understaffed with bad service and no value for money, Vikas Marwah’s Hair & Beauty salon is the worst salon I have ever been to! Sorry but it’s the truth!

Rating– 1/5


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9 Responses to “Vikas Marwah’s Hair & Beauty Salon, Bandra (W) – Review”

  • Megha Says:

    U cut ur hair again!?

  • Roochster Says:

    Hehe yeah! 😛 Can’t control! Just a trim though 😛

  • Priti Says:

    I had gone few weeks back with groupon coupon. Cost for brazilian treatment was Rs 4000 on groupon but he charged me and my friend 5000 each. On top of that I had to buy Keratek shampoo for Rs 1700. He came in very late and dint inform anyone that we would be coming. And the treatment was done so badly and so little cream was used that it dint last me even 3 washes. We tried to tell him this and get it redone but he dint. Very bad service and total waste of money.

  • Theertha Says:

    Here’s another one to add to the “catastrophe”….haircut and the treatment….”COMPLETE DISASTER”…

  • Falguni Trivedi Says:

    This is the case with any salon deals on these group buying sites,we feel that we get the services on discount bcoz it must be a promotion or just an advantage of group buying but actually they use very less products,duplicate ones & serve for very less time.When their businesses ain’t doing well,they resort to all such malpractices.I have learnt one thing after many experiences of salon deals on groupon ,mydala or timesdeal,that never give your skin & hair in hands of an unprofessional or you may need to consult a dermatologist.

  • Roochster Says:

    Completely agree with you Falguni.
    This place is a rip off for sure!

  • Wren Says:

    Piece of crap place, the jackass was trying to convince me not to cut my hair…. Are you going to return my money?
    At the end after convincing him he agree to trim my hair…. I paid for a hair cut and not a 2 min trim.
    Bought a groupon coupon. Never again and will never recommend this place to anyone. Terrible experience.

  • DK Says:

    I agree i went to andheri lokhandwala one n it was such a horrible experience. tiny cramped place I had a voucher i had pruchaed for a spa yet he sais you have to pay for the hair wash??? duh but i didnt ardue then he used such a dirty used towel on me after the hairwash i actually ased the staff to chng it which he did not, then the brush they used to apply the cream was full of hair yucks. then he has the audacity to tel me u have such thick hair i wld charge u double. The look i gave him he relented. pathetic dirty plc. Never recommend it

  • Amol Says:

    Worst place ever , dont even think of trying this place, the staff and the owner Vikas are really unprofessional and cheap. dont waste your money over here.

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