Breaking Dawn part 2 (The Twilight Saga) – Movie Review


I’ve read all the books from the Twilight series and obviously was looking forward to watching the final part of the last book.

Edward and Bella have a beautiful baby girl and call her Renesmee. The only problem is she’s half human and half vampire. The volturi are out to kill her because they feel she’s a threat to their kind. Will this be the end of Edward and Bella’s ‘pyaar ki nishaani’?

I thought this was a great end to the epic series. I liked the first movie- Twilight and this one the best from all. I don’t remember the end to the book but the movie’s end was definitely different and unpredictable. Visually also all the actors, the production design and everything looks better. So I can safely say that this one’s a well directed movie with great computer graphics. The background music is very good.

Kristen Stewart for the first time in the entire Twilight series has acted well. She looks happy and it’s actually nice to see her that way. Robert Pattinson is the same and doesn’t do much in this movie except for smiling alot. Taylor Lautner is good. Michael Sheen, the Volturi leader has acted really well and convinces as being the bad guy. The girl who plays Renesmee I thought could have been given more dialogues instead of just touching people’s faces throughout the film.

Breaking Dawn part 2 has not disappointed me even a bit and I was quite entertained throughout without getting bored. If you’re a Twilight series fan, this one you should not miss!

Rating– 3/5

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