Daffodils, Andheri (W)- Review


Another new dessert place has been tried. Man I love my life! 😛 Here’s my review of Daffodils, Andheri.

What I had– I had the opportunity of trying samples of their cupcakes, chocolates and the very interesting Brownie Pizza. Here’s what I thought.

Cupcakes (minis): Chocolate (Rs. 40)- Nice, soft and creamy. Strawberry (Rs.42) was my least favourite and didn’t have that awesome strawberry flavour I was looking for. Mint (Rs.42)- Was a little bitter but not bad. Hazelnut (Rs.47)- my favourite! I loved it and totally recommend it! Coffee Walnut (Rs.47)- I like coffee and was expecting more of the coffee flavour but it was good nonetheless. Their cupcakes are really soft and fresh.

Brownie pizza 5” (Rs.225)- A moist brownie pizza topped with chocolate chips, mini marshmallows, nuts, and chopped Snickers, Milky Way, or Twix candy bar, with melted white chocolate for a finishing touch. It looked too good to eat but I ate it anyway because I just couldn’t resist. It was gooey and chocolatey.

Chocolates (Rs. 1300/kg)-Almond, hazel,  coffee, caramel, brittles- Can’t decide which one I liked the most! Loved them all! Yummy and mind blowingly awesome! Must have and perfect for gifting!

Where? Daffodils is located in Andheri West in Shastri Nagar, Lokhandwala. They have a small workshop from where they operate and take orders minimum one day prior. You can find them on Facebook- Daffodils.creations to check out some of their work and contact them to place your order.

Verdict– If you love chocolates, you MUST try theirs! Absolutely, chocoliciously, melt-in-the-mouth-ly awesome! Their products are a bit on the expensive side but they’re good and I definitely want to try one of their cakes!

Rating– 3/5


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