Mod- Movie Review


2 reasons I went to watch this movie- Rannvijay and Nagesh Kukunoor. Did they let me down? You’re just about to find out!

Mod is a small town story about a girl named Aranya and a boy named Andy. It all starts when Andy visits Aranya’s little watch-repair store and starts going there everyday just to see her. Aranya slowly gets used to it and finds it cute that someone’s giving her so much attention. Soon they start seeing each other and when love happens, life takes a turn (Mod). There’s more to Andy than Aranya thought and she soon finds out a lot that might change what they had.

As a movie Mod is lovely! The story is powerful and has been directed just as well. I’ve watched quite a few of Nagesh Kukunoor’s films and personally feel there’s a message in all of them. This one has the message of love and faith. Except for maybe in the second half where you might feel that it’s a bit slow, the movie runs at its own pace. The cinematography and setting is brilliant! I wouldn’t say much about the music except for the song ‘Tu hi tu’ which is quite nice.

Coming to the performances… I’ve seen Rannvijay’s Toss and London Dreams and to be honest, I didn’t think he had the chance to show his full potential in them. In Mod, however, he’s got to play a great role that has enough to prove a point- Rannvijay is not just a vj. He can act and he’s very good! Also, I love him even more now! Ayesha Takia is one of those actresses that is effortless in her acting ability and is both subtle and charming. I can’t imagine anyone but her as Aranya. She just fits right in.

To me, Mod was an interesting movie with a big heart. I really liked it!

Rating– 3.5/5

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