Delhi Belly- Movie Review


I’ve been so looking forward to coming back and writing my review of Delhi Belly only because the movie is simply awesome and no one should miss it!

So what’s it about? Well, Imran Khan, Kunal Roy Kapoor and Vir Das live together in a not-so-clean-and-hygienic apartment in Delhi. They’re ambitionless, lazy and are struggling to pay off their rent. With a mistake in dropping off the right package to the right person, these three land themselves into a crazy mess involving diamonds, a brand new car, gundas and a bad belly through it all.

Delhi Belly according to me was just superb! From the beginning to the end, I was hooked on, in spite of the poor sound quality at Eros theatre, in spite of 4 annoying college kids talking about some stupid chat messages on FB behind me and in spite of not having seen the trailer before. I’d say it’s a movie for the youth of today from the big cities. The language, the setting, the dialogues and everything is very today and unpretentiously cool.

The director Abhinay Deo, the scriptwriter, the editor, the DOP and the entire cast and crew of Delhi Belly have done a brilliant job! For the first time I thought Imran Khan was perfect for the role and he’s done full justice to it. Vir Das and Kunal Roy Kapoor are superb actors and made me laugh like crazy throughout the film. The ‘tatti’ scene was hilarious among other scenes. I didn’t think any actor in the film was added for the heck of it. They all added up to making the movie what it is. Even Shenaz Treasurywala, Vijay Raaz and Poorna Jagannathan are worth a mention for their performances.

I also felt that the music is unique and not something I’d listen to on my playlist but it’s perfect for the film and each song has been placed perfectly such that it doesn’t seem random.

Overall, Delhi Belly is pure adulterated fun, entertainment and awesomeness. This is what movies are all about! You’d be a fool to miss it!

Rating– 4.5/5

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