Arthur’s Theme, Juhu- Review


I remember the Arthur’s Theme at Koregaon Park, Pune. I’d been there with my friends about 9 years ago when I was in college. Now since they opened one at Juhu I thought why not try that too and so I did.

Food– They serve European, Italian and French cuisine. If you check out their menu, they have very interesting names for all their dishes- named after European Kings and other popular historical figures.  You can check their menu here. My friend and I wanted to eat a light meal and so we called for a Rosa (Penne pasta served in cheese sauce with spring onions and lemon rind). Now that’d probably be one of the cheesiest pastas I’ve had! It was good and would be enough for one person to finish without starters but taste-wise it could’ve been better. For dessert we called for Crepes stuffed with chocolate cream sauce and topped with honey. We got exactly two small rolls of those. I personally am not a fan of crepes and this didn’t change what I thought of them. I mean to say that they were very ok except for the chocolate cream sauce inside. The second time I went to Arthur’s theme, I tried Bors (Jalepeno & Cheese Poppers). At first they looked like bhajiyas but right having a bite I realized looks can be deceptive! They were yum! For main course we tried Humbert (Cottage cheese shaslik with red gravy served on a bed of rice). That too was delicious! In fact, I was pleasantly surprised with the yumminess of the food the second time I was there!

Ambience– I didn’t get a European feel to the place. When you hear ‘Arthur’s theme’ you’d imagine something more royal-looking or something which has that kind of charm and elegance. I’m not saying the décor is bad but it’s not how I imagined it to be. We saw a sword lying somewhere in a corner. It is located at Juhu above CCD and Tian.

Service– The service was just ok for the first time but they took good care of us the second time I went there.

Prices– The prices are normal just like any other restaurant. I wouldn’t say value for money but just normal. The starters are priced at Rs. 250 and up, my pasta was for Rs. 320 and all the mains are also priced at Rs. 300 and up. The desserts were for Rs. 180 and up. I didn’t think my dessert was worth the cost at all!

Verdict– Arthur’s Theme is good. Don’t miss the Jalepeno Cheese Poppers and Cottage Cheese Shaslik with rice! I changed my verdict after going there for the second time.

Rating– 3.5/5

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